Actress, Argentine and equally in love with Madrid: this is Micaela Breque, the wife of James Rhodes

Actress, Argentine and equally in love with Madrid: this is Micaela Breque, the wife of James Rhodes

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As simple, as everyday, as anticlimactic as a comment on Instagram. It doesn’t seem, per se, the best story to tell when friends ask ‘Well, how did you meet?’ And yet, several years later, no one can say that that comment was simple, everyday or anticlimactic, but the germ of a love story that, even with a pandemic involved and neither of them being in their countries of origin, has ended with James Rhodes and Micaela Breque passing through the altar in 2021, although celebrating it at the end of May of this same 2022.

It is well known that part of the fame of the Spanish-British pianist is due not only to his musical quality (and his activism on Twitter highlighting the virtues of our country) but also to Instrumental: Memories of Music, Medicine and Madness, his autobiographical book in which he narrates the sexual abuse of which he was a victim when he was a child and that led to five suicide attempts and a whole world of addictions. Such was the success that one of the copies fell into the hands of Micaela.

“He is a love. I read his book and I was very moved. So I put a comment on Instagram without any interest. Just to thank him for the courage to tell that. It seemed heroic to me. He answered me and over time we started talking more and one day he went to Madrid to a concert and that’s how we started”, revealed this 33-year-old Argentine, 14 years younger than him, who is 47, in a newspaper report Clarion. If you add to that the natural romanticism of the musician, as he has dropped in an interview, the spark was just right.

It was 2017. Both also came with a love prehistory that had given them a lot of experience but the same amount of disappointment. In the case of Rhodes, two failed marriages: the second of them, with whom he married in 2014, was Hattie Chamberlin, with whom he spent about 24 months as husband and wife; little is known about the first, beyond the fact that she is the mother of her only son (who is already of legal age) and with which he had a long trial since he refused to publish the musician’s book because of the damage it could cause to his offspring.

For her part, Micaela, or Mica, as those who know her best affectionately call her, was not well known in Spain, but she was in her native Argentina, where after studying theater at the school of the prestigious Juan Carlos Corazza, he participated in several independent films (Palm, Bohemia, Resentful or his best-known performance, on the tape fishermenby Marcos Quintana, thanks to which she won the award for best actress at the Paraná International Films Festival).

However, he had a more or less noticeable presence on paper couché. The reason? His relationship with another musician, in this case from his country, but also settled in ours: Andrés Calamaro. Breque and the singer of Los Rodríguez, whose age difference was 28 years (much more than her age when they started dating, 21, to his 49), were together for 7 years, with secret wedding in Las Vegas included, and with the transfer of the actress to Madrid, the city with which she fell in love.

“Human relationships, calm or not, are complex. With Andrés everything is fine, it is a story that has ended and he knows, I also told him, that I wish him the best with all my heart. He’s a great guy and a great artist. We shared so many years and I couldn’t hold grudges. In the end I always go where I feel nurtured, in all aspects of life,” she assured about her breakup to Clarion.

However, having been with the author of hits like Skinny either Without documents It has given her the occasional headache, especially due to a certain sexist culture of not taking into account that she is someone beyond who she loves or who she has been with. Hence, it exploded when several Argentine portals, due to her wedding with Rhodes, referred to her as “Andrés Calamaro’s ex”, something that pissed him off when he was most enjoying his recent union with the pianist.

“I have to confess that for years I believed that being mentioned as an accessory was harmless. I think they repeated it to me so much that I ended up believing it. Time passed and luckily, better late than never, I realized that no one should accept it anymore that we all come to this world with a proper name that our parents give us to go through the adventure of being alive and live the experiences that touch us. With this type of mentions, the lack of evolution, in my opinion, of many of you is evident. If my own name is not enough to be mentioned in a publication, then simply do not mention me because I am not asking for it and there is no agreement that I have accepted to be mentioned in these terms, “he argued on his Instagram.

“I rehearsed and grew tirelessly between dramatic texts and actors. I decided to move towards the direction I wanted so much. I got it. I trained entirely in dramatic art and it was one of the best decisions I made. Life went on and today I am newly married next to the man of my life.The idea of ​​avoiding confrontation with the illusion that these types of matters do not escalate was what kept me silent throughout the last years, but that’s it. Let’s see if things are put in place once and for all and we all live in peace being more aware of these things”, finished.

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