Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak kicks off hunting season on Nintendo Switch and PC

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak kicks off hunting season on Nintendo Switch and PC

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Great news for the entire Nintendo Switch and PC Gaming community is that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the long-awaited monstrous expansion to Capcom’s acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise, is now available worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PC. via Steam.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that this expansion expands all aspects of Monster Hunter Rise, transporting players to the distant Kingdom where they will travel through a new story, fight new monsters, master new combat options, explore new places , they will conquer the difficulty of Master Rank missions and experience other exciting features.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak takes place after the heroic defense of Kamura Village in Monster Hunter Rise. News of the village’s survival inspires the gallant knight Dame Fiorayne to travel from the distant Kingdom in search of help. Hunters brave enough to answer the call head to the Elgado Outpost.

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This research center and command post is responsible for stopping the threat that hangs over the Kingdom. The target list includes powerful creatures inspired by the staples of Western horror, known as the Three Lords. This group includes the mighty elemental Garangolm, the chilling Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, and the vampiric Elder Dragon Malzeno.

In addition to these nightmarish foes, other new monster variants and fan favorites such as Humbled Magnamalo, Thorns, and Shagaru Magala appear to challenge hunters on Master Rank quest difficulty.

To meet these dire forces, hunters arriving at Elgado Outpost will need to find new ways to approach combat. While Kamura Village is known for its unique Cordoptera techniques, including Choplash Attacks and the Wyvern Mount, hunters summoned to the Realm will learn new Tradable Skills and the new Change Tradable Skills technique.

This technique allows hunters to assign interchangeable Skills to two different loadouts, which can be switched on the fly during hunts. The added flexibility of choosing which abilities are best for any given situation allows an experienced hunter to overcome almost any obstacle.

Hunters under attack while swapping can also Swap Evade in any direction to avoid danger or reposition to continue the assault.

Investigating the behavior of the Three Lords takes hunters across the Realm to exciting new and reimagined locations, including the newly released Bastion and the returning Jungle. The Bastion features snow-capped peaks that slope down to lush forests teeming with new forms of local wildlife.

At the center of this vast region sits a long-abandoned fortress that serves as a stronghold for the very monsters it was built for. For its part, the Jungle returns from the second generation of Monster Hunter titles and enjoys a warm climate with abundant rainfall, making it a paradise for the monsters and plant life that live there.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also introduces new ways for players to bond with the game’s charming cast of characters through new Support Missions. These single player hunts allow players to accept and complete missions accompanied by their favorite characters from the story.

Each Follower has their own specialization, and will even help players by restoring their health, setting traps, and even riding monsters to turn the tide of battle. Members of the Elgado Outpost, such as Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Admiral Galleus, and Master Arlow, will be accessible as Followers, in addition to members of the Kamura Village, such as Hinoa and Minoto.

Players will unlock Followers as they progress through the story, and can even earn exclusive rewards for completing Support Missions. Hunters eager to find the next content update can anticipate Lunar Nargacuga, the Swift Wyvern of the Moon, and Bazelgeuse Magma returning in August with the iconic Forgotten Arena. Beyond that, there’s more content planned for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in Q4 and well into next year.

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