Live: big door for the three bullfighters and the foreman in the fourth bullfight of the Fair

Live: big door for the three bullfighters and the foreman in the fourth bullfight of the Fair

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Rafael Rubio ‘Rafaelillo’, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valadez They have gone out through the front door this Sunday after achieving seven ears to six magnificent bulls of the La Palmosilla cattle ranch in Cadiz. The foreman has also come out on the shoulders.


21:11 The three bullfighters and the mayoral come out on the shoulders. Rafaelillo, with three ears; Escribano and Valadez, with two each.

21:09 The performance of the six copies of La Palmosilla is remarkable. With all certainty, the livestock have earned the opportunity to return next year.

  • Sixth bull: silence for Leo Valadez.

21:08 On the third he hits with the pithing. The end has tarnished the task and has snatched the awards from Valadez.

21:06 Half lunge that can be enough.

21:04 Ask for the Valadez rapier. If he guesses right, he should take an ear or maybe more.

21:01 Applause for the Mexican right-hander after signing a long series of muletazos.

9:00 pm Valadez fights naturally and the band plays a pasodoble. Faena with a lot of bullfighting flavor.

20:59 Valadez exudes temper with the capote, although in his first bull he has not finished connecting with the public.

20:57 Offers the bull to the laying from the center of the square.

20:56 Fantastic third pair, one handed and letting the bull pass into the middle.

20:54 Leo Valadez fails with the first pair of flags.

20:51 Very good punch from Óscar Bernal.

20:47 Beautiful bull, this sixth. ‘Sombrerito’, black burraco of 530 kilos.

  • Fifth bull: ovation and return to the ring for Escribano.

20:41 The president does not attend to the request of the lines and does not grant the ear -deserved- to Escribano. The Murcian right-hander has to settle for an ovation and return to the ring.

20:39 Estoconazo until the ball to the second.

20:38 Puncture on the first try.

20:36 Notable series of natives of Escribano.

20:34 YoThe Sevillian insists with round series, but the bull is running out of steam.

20:31 Magnificent passes of Escribano in the media.

20:28 Escribano rounds off the third with another good pair.

20:27 And now in the entire center of the square. Escribano is demonstrating that he has more than enough faculties for this luck.

20:25 Pair of very neat banderillas of Escribano.

20:24 Leo Valadez repeats with the cape. Many resources, very varied, those of the Mexican.

20:22 Very good charges of the bull in front of Escribano’s cape.

20:19 Receive Escribano on his knees at fifth in the afternoon.

  • Fourth bull: ear for ‘Rafaelillo’.

20:12 There is no more prize this time. Ovation for the bull.

20:11 An ear for ‘Rafaelillo’. And the scarves continue on the lines.

20:10 Withering thrust of ‘Rafaelillo’, which can achieve one or two more ears.

20:09 Another good series from Murcia.

20:07 Very good passes from ‘Rafaelillo’, who wants to round off the Puerta Grande that he has already won.

20:06 He’s going to keep fighting! He has taken off his satchel and stands again in front of the bull.

20:05 The bull has caught him with the left python and then lifted him off the ground with the right.

20:04 Fuck ‘Rafaelillo’!

20:00 The right-handed Murcian toasts the bull from the center of the bullring.

19:57 ‘Rafaelillo’ receives with the cape. Good passes, long, well received by the bull.

19:55 ‘Vinatero’, weighing 525 kilos, was the fourth bull in the bullfight. He is a black specimen and he has a chipped right python.

  • Third bull: two ears for Valadez.

19:48 The same a little excessive this second ear, but the work has not been out of tune with the previous ones. And the three La Palmosilla bulls that have appeared so far have given an exceptional performance.

19:47 Two ears for Valadez!

19:46 The lying ask for the ear. He’s not going to get away from Valadez.

19:45 Valadez’s sword at the top that should give him a prize.

19:43 The bull is fouling up some passes. Valadez asks for the rapier.

19:40 What mobility this bull has! And Valadez has been able to understand him, chaining series of muletazos.

19:38 Nice passes from Valadez with the crutch. The bull accompanies

19:36 Valadez has only been able to put the flags somewhat down, far from the brilliance of this luck in the previous bull.

19:35 Great pair of banderillas de Escribano. What mastery is he capturing in Pamplona!

19:33 Remove for ‘capotinas’ of Valadez. A lot of plasticity in his handling of the cape.

19:31 The picador Alberto Sandoval is in charge of the punches. The bull has a lot of energy.

19:29 Voluntary Valadez in his reception of the bull.

19:27 ‘Memorable’, a 505 kilo black bull, is the third in the afternoon.

  • Second bull: two ears for Manuel Escribano.

19:22 The first two bulls of La Palmosilla have done their part so that the afternoon is triumphant for now.

19:21 Two ears for a Scribe!

19:19 Oops! Escribano has put three quarters of the rapier, but the bull has grazed his belly with the tip of the horn. By millimeters…

19:17 Good job of the Sevillian bullfighter, with very aesthetic passes.

19:14 Very bullfighter Escribano, who is taking elegant passes to ‘Squeamish’.

19:12 He starts very well with the Escribano crutch, fighting with his left hand.

19:10 Fantastic pair of Escribano! And then Escribano and Valadez themselves have spun a kind of feints as if it were a show of cutters to put the climax to a great third.

19:09 And Leo Valadez, at the request of Escribano, also takes the banderillas. Excellent pair of Mexican.

19:08 Escribano is going to put the banderillas. Great pair, the first.

19:06 Good passes also from Leo Valadez. The bull seems very fightable, nothing to do with those of yesterday’s bullfight.

19:03 Spectacular passes with the layer before the third of picadores.

19:01 The second bull, ‘Primy’, goes out to the ring.

  • First bull: two ears for ‘Rafaelillo’.

18:55 And the president, Ana Elizalde, grants the second.

18:54 First ear for ‘Rafaelillo’.

18:53 Hit ‘Rafaelillo’ with the sword, although he has fallen quite crossed. Majority ear request.

18:52 ‘Rafaelillo’ asks for the rapier, because the bull has lost his nerve.

18:50 ‘Rafaelillo’ tries to fight with natives, but out there the bull has had less rhythm.

18:49 The bull obeys the tricks and ‘Rafaelillo’ can be seen enjoying himself.

18:47 Very good series of muletazos from ‘Rafaelillo’ to a bull with a lot of motor.

18:46 Very motivated ‘Rafaelillo’ with the crutch. The bull has mobility and nobility.

18:44 ‘Rafaelillo’ dedicates the job to the plaza’s doctor, Ángel Hidalgo.

18:43 Complications continue to put the banderillas.

18:42 The bull stops mid-race in the third of banderillas.

18:39 The picador Juan José Esquibel receives the bull with certain difficulties. Manuel Escribano shines with a ‘Navarra’ in the remove.

18:36 ‘Arrubadito’ comes out, a 500 kilo red bull.

18:30 The stroll begins. ‘Rafaelillo’, Escribano and Valadez, followed by their respective crews.


Birth. July 16, 1979 in Murcia.

Alternative. September 14, 1996 in Murcia.

Debut as a matador in Pamplona. 2007.

Performances. 11. Ears. Four.

Previous Bull Fair. 2019. He did not cut the trophy and was seriously injured after being hammered.

Birth. August 21, 1984 in Gerena (Seville).

Alternative. June 19, 2004 in Aranjuez.

Debut as a matador in Pamplona. 2013.

Performances. Four.

Ears. two.

Previous Bull Fair. 2017. Did not cut trophy.

Birth. February 19, 1997 in Aguascalientes (Mexico).

Alternative. October 10, 2017 in Zaragoza.

Debut as a matador in Pamplona. This afternoon.

At the Bull Fair. first presence.

Current provenance. Osborne via Joaquín Núñez del Cuvillo.

Badge. Light blue and red.

Sign. Notch in the right ear and orejisana in the left.

Estate. La China, in Tarifa (Cádiz).

Antiquity. May 13, 2013.

Debut in Pamplona. 2019.

Previous years in Pamplona. 1.

Bull Fair Awards. None.

Previous Bull Fair. 2019. Right-hander Luis David only cut one ear.

Last lockdown. 2019. It was the fastest race of the festivities (2′ 12”) and without goring.

Nº 7 Burraco black. 530kg

No. 20 Black. 530kg

No. 32 Black. 525kg.

Nº 59 Black strip bragado meano axiblanco. 505kg

No. 74 Colorado. 505kg

Nº 76 Colorado somewhat dripped in piss executioner. 500kg

Councilor of the Pamplona City Council for Navarra Suma (NA+).

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