Real Madrid-Juventus |  Result, summary and goals of the friendly football match

Real Madrid-Juventus | Result, summary and goals of the friendly football match

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06:02A match with very few difficulties and which Real Madrid has controlled perfectly. Carlo Ancelotti bet in this last friendly on the team that took out in the Champions League final, giving a clue as to what the European Super Cup could be on the 10th. The goals were from Benzema, from a penalty on Vinicius, and from Marco Asensio.


Min 89Lucas gives way to Courtois in a dangerous action but it goes well

Min 89Vallejo reaches his pair and stops the Juventus against

Min 88Intelligent Tchouameni putting the body to protect and taking the free kick in his own field

Min 86Cudrig fails to hit the ball well after the lateral cross. He narrowly escaped

Min 85The pass does not reach Cuadrado, who was waiting for assistance to shoot

Min 84Excellent defensive action by Gatti when it seemed that Rodrygo had already left and was facing the Juventus goal

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Min 83Yellow card for Marco Asensio for a mowing on Cuadrado

Min 81Good defensive help from Ceballos, who is as hard-working as in recent games

Min 80Hazard wants to cut again in the front but this time they read his intentions

Min 79Camavinga tries to shoot with his right foot from outside the area but runs into a Bianconeri footballer

Min 78It costs Juventus horrors to make any kind of plays

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Min 76Three more changes at Juventus: Da Graca, Cudrig and Barbieri come in for Locatelli, Danilo and Kean

Min 75Vallejo is not complicated and starts again with Courtois

Min 73Locatelli shot with little angle that goes to the side of the net

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Min 71More changes in Juventus. Pellegrini, Souklé, Rovella and Pisoglio enter for Akñe, Alex Sandro, Perin and Bremer

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Min 69 GOOOOOOOOOL!!! SECOND FROM MADRID!!! Half as much is from Hazard. The Belgian had a pause in the front, cut back and opened in the area for Vallejo. He controlled and assisted Marco Asensio, who defined at will

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Min 66The assists enter to see how Aké is doing, who is still lying in the Vecchia Signora area. The kid has now entered just for Vlahovic, although Bonucci and Fagioli have also withdrawn, leaving the place to Gatti and Rovella

Min 65Courtois comes out and takes her out with his fists

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Min 63Carousel of changes in Madrid: Kroos, Benzema, Carvajal, Valverde, Mendy, Alaba, Casemiro, Vinicus and Modric and Lucas, Vallejo, Nacho, Tchouameni, Ceballos, Hazaard, Rodrygo and Marco Asensio enter

Min 63Vlahovic’s forward position

Min 61OFTEN PARADON!!! Perin is avoiding the ridicule of Juventus. This time Benzema adjusted it to the post and the Italian goalkeeper flew in to put up a brilliant hand

Min 61Rehearsed corner kick from Real Madrid that does not go well. Get Juve back

Min 60Long shot from Kroos that doesn’t go that wide

Min 59ANOTHER FROM PERIN!! And this time on the other side, Carvajal, who had gotten up wonderfully

Min 57Kean’s forced center at the hands of Courtois

Min 56Vinicius is encouraged from outside, but his shot is very bad

Min 56PERIN! Hand under Juve’s goal to avoid Mendy’s goal

Min 55The referee calls Casemiro and warns him. He was late about Danilo

Min 54Promising approach from Mendy but Vinicius fatally distanced himself and the Frenchman was left without a pass, who luckily took a corner

Min 52Fagioi crosses looking for Kean’s shot, which narrowly misses

Min 51Alaba’s shot that does not take a goal

Min 51Bonucci and Perin do not understand each other and it will be a corner kick again for Madrid

Min 50Shot from the front of Alaba who does not take a door. Juve’s defense deflected it

Min 48Vinicius wants to get into the Italian defense by force but he can’t with Bonucci

Min 47Courtois leaves the area to get ahead of Vlahovic’s control

Min 47Great pass to Carvajal’s back but Kean hits the ball badly. It could be offside…

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Min 46There is one change per team. In Madrid Rüdiger enters for Militao and in Juventus it is Di María who stays, to be succeeded by Cuadrado

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05:12The protagonists of the second half are already out. We will see if there are changes in Real Madrid and Juventus of Turin

05:02The first half with little rhythm in which Madrid went ahead on the scoreboard thanks to a penalty from Benzema. Ancelotti’s team has been somewhat better than Juventus, who seem ineffective with the ball at their feet and do not finish connecting with their attackers. Apart from a shot to the crossbar by Bonucci, the ‘vecchia signora’ has not been a threat to Madrid, who must also improve somewhat in the last meters of the field.

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Min 45Great detail of Vinicius in the corner of the field with a brutal hat from the ground

Min 44Bremer headed the corner kick, but luckily for Madrid the shot hit Kean and went wide

thousand 44Militao corrects her poor positioning and prevents Vlahovic from impaling her in front of Courtois

My 43Carvajal apologizes to Kean if the tackle had been too harsh

Min 43Vinicius shot with little angle that goes to the side of the net

Min 42Danilo gets breaded on his front and Juve almost paid for it

Min 42Possessions don’t last long for Juventus…

Min 40Bremer is more powerful than Benzema and wins the race

Min 39Pass back to the front of Valverde, who did not notice and gave it to Locatelli

Min 38Offside that they point out to Di María

Min 37Benzema fills up with the ball and doesn’t leave Bonucci behind, who ends up giving the ball to Perin. The play promised…

Min 36Very fast withdrawal from Madrid so that Juve does not run the counterattack. The white box did it

Min 35Madrid has been pressing since Perin’s departure and Juventus have problems keeping the ball and making plays

Min 34Corner after leaving the center of Carvajal clear

Min 34Danilo anticipates Benzema, who is playing a lot of the ball and that is good news for Madrid

Min 32Vlahovic leaves the ball behind in the fight with Casemiro

Min 30Does not connect Juventus midfield with Vlahovic

04:38The break is over for Real Madrid and Juventus de Turin to drink water and cool off

Min 27Juventus asks for a penalty on Di María after an error in Mendy’s ball exit. The referee does not signal anything

Min 26Mendy makes an assignment to Courtois at least complicated, but it works out well

Min 26Danilo puts it past and that ball does not find a finisher

Min 25Alaba puts her foot to avoid the center of Zakaria

Min 23Militao is needed when jumping over Vlahovic. The aerial duel promises

Min 21Neither Fagioli nor Kean reach Zakaria’s pass between the lines

Min 21Juventus is lacking ideas and speed of movement. Madrid is very comfortable in defense at the moment

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Min 19 GOOOOOOOOL!!! MADRID COMES AHEAD!!! Perin gets it right but Karim Benzema adjusts it a lot

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Min 17PENALTY ON VINICIUS!!! There is no doubt. It was blocked from behind by Danilo, who lost the ball at the start of the play

Min 16Great mowing of Kroos to prevent the advance of Juventus

Min 15Valverde crosses directly outside with his left foot

Min 14Zakaria arrives from behind and slices the ball off Benzema, who was looking for a shot from the edge of the box

Min 14Madrid is fought after a carom between Alaba and Militao. He could not define despite being against Courtois

Min 13TO THE SQUARE!!! Bonucci hits him wonderfully and the wood avoids the first goal of the match. Not even Courtois would have arrived there

Min 11Clear foul by Casemiro on Fagioli. could have been card

Min 10Mendy clears after Vlahovic’s header extension

Min 8Locatelli reads Kroos’ intentions and cuts his pass to Modric

Min 7Now the Brazilian gets involved when he faces Danilo and ends up losing the ball in the area

Min 6Vinicius did not expect Benzema to let her pass and his control was very bad

Min 6Valverde does not take the shot well, which goes directly outside

Min 5Kean commits the first foul of the match

Min 4The option against Juventus dies after overcoming Madrid’s pressure at the first touch. Kean played for no one

Min 3Courtois catches Di María’s corner kick

min 2Bad pass from Mendy on Vinicius. Throw-in for Juventus

min 1 GOAL CANCELED AGAINST MADRID!!! He takes a center kick, puts in a pass into space and Valverde assists for Benzema to score. The Uruguayan was offside, but what a way to start warning

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04:06Both teams enter the field of play. This will start in a few moments

03:56Real Madrid have to show today that there is a goal beyond Karim Benzema. This preseason the team is having serious problems, as it did last year, to find any alternative guarantees within the squad. If things don’t work out, Florentino Pérez still has to go to the market to fish for a goal…

03:47The rehearsal makes it clear that he is direct with his mind set on the European Super Cup. It seems that Valverde is ahead of Rodrygo in said match, because Ancelotti has put on the pitch what will surely be the starting team against Eintracht Frankfurt.

03:35The Real Madrid and Juventus Turin players are already warming up on the pitch at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena.

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03:31This is how Massimiliano Allegri’s team comes out:

Perin; Danilo, Bonucci, Bremer, Alex Sandro; Zakaria, Locatelli, Fagioli; Di Maria, Vlahovic and Moise Kean

03:29We also have the Juventus eleven!

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03:13This is the eleven of Madrid:

Courtois; Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy; Modric, Casemiro, Kroos; Valverde, Benzema and Vinicius,

03:12As Ancelotti warned, Madrid comes out with the same ones that won the Champions League final in Paris.

03:11We already have eleven from Real Madrid!

03:11Carlo Ancelotti’s team closes the pre-season tour in the United States with a friendly against Juventus, the last stop before facing the European Super Cup against Eintracht.

03:10Goodnight! Welcome to the Real Madrid-Juventus direct

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