Nocioni speaks clearly about Campazzo's future: "He owes Madrid money and it's taking too long"

Nocioni speaks clearly about Campazzo’s future: “He owes Madrid money and it’s taking too long”

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The real Madrid has closed its template with the signing of Petr Cornelie in the absence of what happens in the base position. The whites are still waiting for a kind of miracle to close the arrival of a great player who will take charge of the team and distribute efforts with Sergio Rodriguezanother ‘newcomer’ in this market.

However, that missing gap has a clear name and surname. Is about Facundo Campazzo. Real Madrid is waiting for the decision of the Argentine player, who continues like crazy to continue in the NBA. After two gray seasons in the Denver Nuggetsdoes not lose hope of finding a new contract that satisfies him and that allows him to continue fulfilling his dream of shining in the best league in the world.

That offer that he has in mind seems not to finish arriving and for the moment, the future of the Argentine remains totally stopped. As for him, Real Madrid awaits him, but it won’t do so forever. The risk that he finally decides to return to Europe and that the whites have grown tired of putting up with it is real. Although ‘Facu’ doesn’t believe it, that situation could happen.

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He left in November 2020 and after not having the expected success in USA, has been left wanting on occasion. The last months of Real Madrid, although progress has been made in the signings of the ‘chacho’, Muse Y Hezonja, have been marked by the situation of a Campazzo that does not strip the daisy. The last move has been Cornelie’s to shore up the inside game.

Facundo Campazzo giving directions at a Denver Nuggets game


At the moment he continues to rush the deadlines, but there is a circumstance that, in addition to sports, is also marking his decision. ‘Facu’ still owes Real Madrid a good part of the payment of his clause. An amount close to six million euros and it was agreed to pay in installments. Campazzo now needs that big contract that allows him to continue paying that kind of loan without his earnings from playing being diminished. And for this he needs a very important offer.

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Nocioni’s analysis

A person who knows you very well Andres Nocioni He has spoken about the point guard’s situation, which is not easy, but in which he recommends making a decision quickly: “Campazzo will surely be listening to several offers from the NBA, what happens is that no offer is the one that can reach him.” convince for what he has to do with Real Madrid, which is to pay a clause that is important”.

“Then the economic part also comes on the sports part and it seems to me that it is taking too long and delaying, because the doors are closing in the NBA, because that offer that he wants does not fall, and Europe is closing too. “

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Andrés Nocioni and Facundo Campazzo, with the Argentina shirt

Andrés Nocioni and Facundo Campazzo, with the Argentina shirt

In case of returning to Real Madrid, the club would forgive the amount that remained to be paid and Campazzo could recover his previous contract, above three gross kilos. At his departure, he still had three years left on his contract. However the ‘Chapu’ He warns that if Campazzo delays his decision, perhaps Real Madrid could get angry, changing their offer or not forgiving the pending payment of the clause. In any case, tighten the rope and turn a good relationship into a much colder negotiation.

“I am not saying that he will not have a team, because Facundo has a place in Europe in the team he wants, but it is true that he will enter in another way. Madrid has strengthened itself and surely made a very good offer so that he can arrive and Facu denies it to try to stay and see if he can go to the NBA. Madrid, if it happens that Facu doesn’t get something in the NBA, he will say now you come to us, like… The negotiation is different. Facu owes money to Madrid, I don’t know how much.” Nocioni, who knows what he is talking about, very correctly points out how the situation is at the moment.

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