Ion Azpiroz and Patricia Bullido prevail in the Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto-Posets

Ion Azpiroz and Patricia Bullido prevail in the Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto-Posets

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The heat did not melt the spectacle of the mountain races on a Saturday in which Ion Azpiroz and Patricia Bullido were crowned in the Gran Trail Aneto-PosetsMarta Molist and Alberto Torres in the Vuelta al Aneto, and Anna Comet and Borja Gallardo in the Las Tucas Marathon.

The ninth edition of the Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto-Posets lived its big day this Saturday with the celebration of its three longest distances. More than 1,700 runners have faced the high temperatures and some high mountain routes in the wildest massifs of the Pyrenees: Aneto and Posets.

At 00:00 hours the queen test began from Benasque. Hundreds of people accompanied the 260 participants who took the start. Ahead, nothing less than 105 km and 6,760 m of positive elevation gain.

In the male category, soon a quartet formed by Antonio Dávila, José Luis Calvo, Urko Valdivielso and Ion Azpiroz took command. They formed a team throughout the night to overcome together the wildest part of the route, with the Salenques pass (2,820 m) as the ceiling. The descent of Estiba Freda was key to the development of the competition. Dávila, Calvo and Valdivielso pressed the accelerator while Azpiroz, more experienced, decided to let them go.

Thus they passed through Benasque (km 55), with the first loop around Aneto completed, but the overexertion soon took its toll on the leaders until then. José Luis Calvo, with stomach problems, had to withdraw on the first climb to Cerler, a section in which Ion Azpiroz reconnected with the leading group. The climb to the Forqueta pass (2,860 m) put everyone in their place, Azpiroz in the first and Urko Valdivielso and Antonio Dávila competing for the second.

Finally, it was veteran Ion Azpiroz who took the victory with a time of 16 hours, 35 minutes and 16 seconds at the finish line. “It has been impressive, I was very surprised by the number of people cheering for the route. It’s my fourth or fifth time here, I had been on the podium, but I had never won, so I’m very happy”, shared the Gipuzkoan, who culminated with this victory a complex ankle injury that has kept him out for almost 3 years . Behind him, Urko Valdivielso (17:20:33) climbed to the second position of the podium and Antonio Dávila (18:42:04) in the third.

among the girls, Leticia Bullido dominoes with an iron hand from the first kilometers and was opening the distance with the rest of the runners as she overcame the numerous obstacles of the track. If his margin after the Aneto ring was almost 30 minutes, after the Posets ring it amounted to more than 2 hours.

“It is my first time here. I didn’t know the route, what I was going to find, but I was surprised by a wonderful race. The last kilometers have been hard due to the heat, but it was something that we were already warned about. I would like to repeat in another of the distances to see during the day some of the beautiful places that we have passed at night”, explained the Madrid runner, who stopped the stopwatch at 19 hours, 57 minutes and 36 seconds.

The following positions were also stable for much of the route, being Pilar Montesinos (22:00:33) and Esther Fernández (22:50:02) the other two runners on the podium.

In the morning, at 07:00 hours, the Vuelta al Aneto, 55 km and 3,630 m, started with 627 participants in the starting arc. Marta Molist and Alberto Torres were the clear winners of a test that they led from the beginning.

The Catalan, current Spanish Ultras champion, left a great mark of 8 hours, 40 minutes and 26 seconds. “It has been harder than I expected due to the large number of stones and the heat. I’ve even had to drink water directly from the river, something I don’t usually do because it can make you feel bad, but I had no other choice, ”acknowledged the 40-year-old runner, who was waiting for her family at her finish line. Eli Ríos (9:07:50) was second and Nuria Orta (9:35:19), third, while the first Aragonese was Julia Pérez (9:51:39), who won the regional title.

In the men’s category, one of the moments to remember was experienced in this ninth edition of the GTAP. The winner Alberto Torres, who was also proclaimed champion of Aragón de Ultras, took advantage of his triumphant entry to the finish line to ask his partner to marry him, which he accepted before the curious gaze of the public. “It has been a perfect day. My girl is also an athlete and she is going through a difficult season due to injuries, so I thought that this victory had to be to celebrate with her”, explains the runner from Vinaroz (Castellón), based in Biescas (Huesca), who stopped the clock in 7 hours, 19 minutes and 48 seconds. Second place went to Cristian Callau (7:24:19) and third place to Etor Etxeandia (7:34:11).

At 08:00 am, an hour early to avoid the high temperatures as much as possible, the 728 participants of the Las Tucas Marathon set off, with its 42 km and 2,500 positive meters through the Estós Valley. in the competitive, Anna Comet has been the great protagonist of the test, taking the victory and the women’s record with 5 hours, 16 minutes and 24 seconds. In addition, Scarpa’s has won meritorious with very technical sections in which you have to be careful not to get hurt. This is high mountains and for those of us who love it, it is a pleasure to go through these places”, recognized the Catalan athlete, international with Spain and winner of such prestigious events as the Marathon des Sables. Second was Ángels Llobera from the Balearic Islands (5:48:03), while Laura Labarta from Huesca (5:51:38) was third.

among the boys, the Valencian Borja Gallardo won with a time of 4 hours, 34 minutes and 10 seconds, remaining approximately 3 minutes from the record held by Marcos Ramos since 2021. “I was fourth here in 2019 and since then I thought about coming to try to improve it. This year, since I am training better, I have been able to achieve it by lowering my own time by 13 minutes, so I am very happy”, explained the 24-year-old runner, who barely competes. Behind him, Alberto Lasobras from Aragon (4:44:24) and David López from Segovia (5:03:41) completed the podium.

Today the two fastest tests will be heldthe Vuelta al Pico Cerler, which will start at 08:00 a.m. with 25.5 km and 1,250 m+ ahead, and the Vuelta al Molino, 12.5 km and 460 m, which will take place from 09:00 a.m. 00 hours.

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