Italy - Spain: summary, result and goals |  Friendly prior to the Women's Euro 2022

Italy – Spain: summary, result and goals | Friendly prior to the Women’s Euro 2022

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We say goodbye for today and invite you to visit the Mundo Deportivo website to be up to date with sports information. until next time!

And now, the Euro
Spain’s next game will already be in the European Championship. Jorge Vilda’s team will play against Finland on July 8 and will have no margin for error. Let’s hope to celebrate great feats of the selection.

match summary
Spain must take good note of this meeting. He has jumped onto the field with his gala eleven and has dominated in the first half, but in a set piece Italy has advanced and has put the Spanish team on the ropes. The reaction has come from the hand of Alexia, who in his centenary as an international has put the final tie.

Full Time! 1-1
Italy and Spain sign tables a few days before the European Championship.

90+2the 13th A corner kick for Spain does not carry any danger either. An aspect to improve, without a doubt.

Min 90
We will go up to 93 by adding three minutes of play.

min 88
Athenea lowers it into the area and tries a shot on goal that stays between the legs of a defender.

min 85
Corner kick for Spain.

min 83
It is difficult for Spain to have long possessions in the opposite field.

min 80
Another counterattack from Italy. Spain falls back well and manages to regain possession of the ball.

min 79
Offside for Italy, who jumped back on the counterattack.

Min 76
Laia fails to finish off a corner kick taken by Alexia.

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min 75

Double change in Spain. Mariona and Aitana leave the field for Athenea and Irene to enter.

Min 74
Spain hesitates in defense from set pieces. Italy has not managed to finish off, but little has been missing.

min 72

Spain restarts play after a few minutes where Italy had managed to settle in the rival field.

min 70
He was trying to unbalance Alexia but he loses the ball and allows Italy to go on the counterattack again.

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min 67 Goooooooooooooal from Spain! 1-1

Now Spain and Alexia do find their objective. Center to the first post that the Barcelona player attacks to head and tie the game. At last the prize for the Red game arrived.

Min 64Alexiiiiaaaa!

Another great opportunity gone to waste. He received the Ballon d’Or inside the area, cut alongside him and shot on goal, but Giuliani couldn’t hit the goal.

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Min 63
Triple change in Spain: Marta Cardona, Olga and Laia Aleixandri enter for Patri, Leila and Esther.

min 61
Spain ask for hands, but it seems that the ball came from a rebound.

Min 60
Spain does not find spaces, which does not stop insisting.

Min 57
Against Italy. Cloths have to come out of their frame to clear a long shipment. Spain is not comfortable.

min 56To the post Spain!

Patri’s distant shot that crashes into the wood. What a pity!

min 55
Patri wanted to place a ball on Aitana, who was entering the area.

Min 53
Italy has taken a step forward and makes Spain back down.

min 50Alexia’s chance!

As soon as the goal was conceded, the best opportunity of the match for Spain arrived. Alexia gets rid of two rivals to test Giuliani, who takes control of the ball.

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min 48Italy goal! 1-0

Misdirection of the Spanish defense, which allows Bergamaschi’s shot from the far post. It will be necessary to come back if Spain wants to leave with the victory.

min 48
Italy is encouraged to attack and gets a corner.

Min 46
Alexia’s shot that ends up in the hands of the Italian goalkeeper.

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The second part begins! 0-0
The game resumes between
Italy Y

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Change in Spain
Ivana enters Mapi León’s place.

Spanish rule
The Spanish team controlled the match as they pleased, but was unable to dislodge Italy’s defence, which barely got past midfield. The goal that reflects the superiority of Spain in this preparatory duel for the European Championship is missing.

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We continue with the initial 0-0 despite the total dominance of the Spanish team.

Min 45+2
Ninth corner for Spain… Italy also clears it.

min 45
Spain continues to look for the goal with insistence. Italy defends itself with many troops.

Alexia’s personal move, which evades several defenses. You can ultimately take Italy back.

min 41
I send Lucía to the area that can’t find an auctioneer.

min 39
Alexia wanted to connect with Aitana inside the area, but an Italian defense came forward to cut off the danger.

min 36
Good incursion down the left wing of Spain. Vilda’s team gets a new corner. Esther shoots high from the near post.

min 34
Italy comes up, but Spain is firm when it comes to defending.

Min 33
Lucia charges the shot but does not find a goal.

min 30
Mariona loses the ball but stops the Italian counterattack with a foul.

Min 27
Already at stake again with the harassment of Spain on Italy. Corner kick for the Spanish team.

hydration breakThe game is stopped so that the players can cool off. It is very hot in Castel di Sangro.

Min 23
Esther presses, recovers and doesn’t think twice about taking a shot on goal. She is blocked by an Italian defense.

min 19
Italy has barely managed to get past midfield.

min 16
With patience the Spanish team. Look for the best option to try to generate danger.

min 13
Another attempt by Alexia. His shot crashes into an Italy defense.

min 11Whoops!

Another chance for Spain with a run by Ona down the right wing. The winger found Alexia inside the area, but her first shot went off just touching the post.

Min 10
Corner for Spain. She couldn’t make Esther a shot, but the Italian goalkeeper didn’t get complicated and she gave up a corner kick.

Min 9
Aitana’s shot that goes out. The ball reached Lucía and she connected with the Barcelona player. No luck.

min 8
Good retreat from Spain to stop Italy’s counterattack. The ‘azzurra’ is very closed and thus it is difficult to find spaces.

Min 5
Good pressure from the Spanish team to make it difficult for Italy to leave and try to recover the ball.

Min 3
Mapi cuts a center to the Italy area.

Min 2
Spain’s first attack with an incursion by Aitana Bonmatí.

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The match begins!
The ball is already rolling at Teofilo Patini.

100 matches
Alexia today celebrates the hundred games with the Spanish team.

All ready
About to start this set-up match for the European Championship in England that will start next Wednesday.

With all Vilda
Jorge Vilda will use this last friendly before the European Championship to do the last tests. For the ‘eleven’ that the coach takes out, it seems that this will be the starting team in the tournament, with all the gunpowder on the field.

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‘Eleven’ from Spain
Sandra Cloths; Ona Batlle, Irene Paredes, Mapi León, Leila; Patri Guijarro, Aitana Bonmatí, Alexia Putellas, Lucía; Mariona Caldentey and Esther.

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‘Eleven’ from Italy
The ‘azzurra’ jumps onto the field with Giuliani; Di Guglielmo, Linari, Bartoli, Boattin; Giugliano, Caruso, Cernoia, Bergamaschi; Bonansea and Girelli

Confirmed lineups

Buenas tardes
We start with this Spain-Italy preparatory for the Women’s European Championship.

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