Antena 3 (13.7%) is confirmed as a 'survivor' and leads for the eighth consecutive month in June

Antena 3 (13.7%) is confirmed as a ‘survivor’ and leads for the eighth consecutive month in June

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It is confirmed that not even the force of Survivors 2022 can reverse the change in trend that has raised Antenna 3 until leading the television season for the first time in history.

The notes of the television season: successes, approved and failed

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In the month of Junekey at the television level precisely for closing the season and giving way to the summer grill, the chain of Atresmedia is once again the most watched in Spain with an average of 13.7% of fee. It improves one tenth compared to the previous month, and is three tenths above June 2021. It already leads eight consecutive monthsextending its best historical streak, and is now close to completing the year of dominance, since it has commanded in ten of the last eleven months -since August 2021 and with the sole exception of October in which it was surpassed by Telecinco-.

Antena 3 once again asserts the success of its so-called “Golden Mile” with Pass word, Antenna 3 News 2 Y the anthill; in addition to the strength of the Arguiñano-The roulette and the key leadership of bitter land in the afternoon, in addition to its news. In prime time, their great support has been The voice Kids, Unfaithful and innocentand has had the hopeful premiere of his new Turkish series Brothers.

Telecinco improves one tenth and registers a 13.2% share, but does not cut the difference. It is its all-time low in June, worsening the 14.4% it scored in 2017. And where the new trend is most noticeable is when compared to June 2021, when the chain of Mediaset closed a triumphant season leading the month with 16.8%. In any case, you can congratulate yourself on the success of survivorskeep the type with The AR programand the partial recovery of Save me. However, it shows having to make changes with the drop in it’s already eight o’clock and of Live life.

The 1 of TVE falls back to a 8.4% quota, after seeing the mirage that was the month of May (9.5%) pass thanks mainly to Eurovision and the Champions League final. The public network, which trusts everything to events, returns to its harsh reality in a month without any of them. It matches its second worst data of the season, only better than the 8.3% of April. Compared to the previous year, it is at least three tenths above the 8.1% that was its monthly historical minimum in June 2021. Master Chef 10 is his great joy, followed from afar by the good performance of here the earth. This Friday says goodbye to Spain Direct to welcome your new bet Has touched youwith which he hopes to reinforce an afternoon slot in which he continues putting one patch after another.

As always attached to the present, the Andalusian elections and the NATO summit in Madrid benefit laSexta (6.3%)which grows three tenths compared to the previous month, and is two tenths below June 2021. The strength of its mornings with users Y Red Hottogether with the contribution of The intermediateallow you to stay one more month above Four (5%), which remains stagnant although it improves one tenth when compared to May. The hard part is remembering the 6.7% he scored in June 2021, when he favored the “transversality” of Mediaset’s realities.


  • Antenna 3: 13.7%
  • Telecinco: 13.2%
  • Payment themes: 8.8%
  • Autonomous (FORTA): 8.6%
  • The 1: 8.4%
  • the sixth: 6.3%
  • Four: 5%


Below we collect the analysis of the audiences for the month of June 2022 prepared by the consulting firm Barlovento Comunicación.

1. Ranking of chains and leaders

  • Antenna 3 (13.7%) leads for the eighth consecutive month with its best June in the last 13 years.
  • Telecinco (13.2%) is in second position with the lowest month of June in its history.
  • In third place in the ranking are placed regional chains (8.6%) with its best month of June in the last nine years.
  • the 1 (8.4%), in fourth position.
  • The set of 73 paid thematic channels (8.8%) achieved the best June in its history.
  • The top 10 chains remains in the following order: Antena 3 (13.7%), Telecinco (13.2%), Payment themes (8.8%), Autonomous (8.6%), La 1 (8.4%), laSexta (6.3%), Cuatro (5% ), La 2 (3%), FDF (2.7%) and Energy (2.6%).
  • Leadership by targets they are distributed as follows: Antena 3 is the most watched channel among men, as well as among those over 64 years of age. Telecinco leads in women and in individuals between 25 and 64 years old and the set of Paid Themes is the leading option in those under 24 years of age.
  • As for the regional breakdown: Antena 3 is the leader in Galicia, Valencia, Castilla la Mancha, Aragón, the Balearic Islands, Murcia and Castilla y León. Telecinco is the leader in Andalusia, the Basque Country, and Madrid. Canary Islands and Rest. Payment Themes lead in Asturias. TV3 leads in Catalonia.
  • By time slots lead: Antena 3 leads after-dinner, afternoon and prime time, Telecinco is leader in the morning and late night. Payment Themes are the most viewed option at dawn.
  • By days of the week: Antena 3 leads Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, while Telecinco is the most watched network on Thursdays and weekends.

2. Television consumption

  • The total consumption for this month is 3 hours and 02 minutes daily per person, -19 minutes less (-9%) than in the month of June last year.
  • Month of June with the lowest consumption in history.
  • consumption in linear is 175 minutes (96% TTV) and the deferred adds 6 minutes (3% TTV), a total of 182 minutes per person per day (3 hours and 02 minutes).
  • By targetsthose who spend the most time a day watching television are, by sex, the women (3 hours and 18 minutes of daily average) and by age groups, the older than 64 years (with 5 hours and 25 minutes on average per person per day).
  • The daily consumption time of viewers who watch television every day is 4 hours and 49 minutes per day, -15 minutes than the same month last year.
  • As for daily television coverage, 28.8 million Spaniards contacts daily with the television medium, which represents 62.9% of the population.
  • The coverage accumulated in the month is 43.1 millionthat is, 94.2% of the population has seen at least one minute of television this month .
  • Of the 45.7 million potential viewers as a universe of consumption, 2,658,000 people have not tuned in for a single minute with the medium in the month, these ‘telephobics’ account for 5.8% of the total.
  • In March 2022, 3 hours and 34 minutes (214′) were spent “using” television per person per day, which is 13 minutes less than last year.
  • The time of “other uses of the television” is 32 minutes per person per day.

3. TV groups

  • Mediasetwith seven channels in broadcast, it is the group with the highest share with 27.3% (+0.8).
  • Atresmediawith six broadcast channels, occupies the second position in the ranking of business groups with 27% (+0.1).
  • The RTVE Groupwith five channels in broadcast, gets 14% (-1.2), Unidad Editorial registers 2.6% (-0.2) and Grupo Squirrel Media (former Grupo Vocento, which now also includes BOM Cine) 2.7% (+0.1).
  • The two main communication groups (Mediaset and Atresmedia) concentrate 54.3% of the audience market (+0.9).
  • The sum of the three great chains, La 1, Telecinco and Antena 3record the 35.3% quota (-0.9 points than last month).
  • The private tv adds 69.6% screen share (-0.1), while public TV signs 22.6% (-0.8).

4. Regional chains

  • The set of autonomic ones averages the 8.7% share of screen (+0.4), the best data of the last six months and its best month of June of the last nine years
  • The ranking of regional by screen share is headed by TV3 (14.6%), ARAGÓN TV (10.7%), TVG (10.1%), ETB2 (9.5%), Canal Sur (8.9%), TPA (8.2%), CMM (6.9%), IB3 (6.1%), TVCAN (6%), Telemadrid (5.3%), C.EXT.TV (5.3%), LA 7TV (4.1%), and À Punt (3.2%).
  • Canal Sur: best month of June since 2017.
  • TPA (Asturias): best month of May since 2011.
  • Telemadrid: best month of June in its history.
  • ATV (Aragón): best month of June since 2013.
  • CMM (Castilla-La Mancha): best month of June since 2011
  • TV3 (Catalonia): best month of June since 2007.
  • Telemadrid: best month of June since 2011.
  • The private regional companies sign 0.4%: La 7 de Castilla y León (1.3%) continues as the channel with the highest share of this group, followed by La 8 (CyL) (1%) and 8TV (CAT) (0.8%). ).

5. Payment themes

  • The pay themes sign the best month of June in its history, with an 8.8% screen share (-0.7 vs. previous month). Kantar registers audience of 73 chains within this modality.
  • The ranking of channels in this group is made up of #VAMOS (0.3%), EUROSPORT (0.3%), FOX (0.3%), AXN (0.3%), TNT (0.2%), CANAL HOLLYWOOD (0.2%), CALLE 13 (0.2%), COMEDY CENTRAL (0.2%), SOMOS (0.1%), XTRM (0.1%) and AMC (0.1%).
  • Of all television consumption in the pay mode, 37% corresponds to TV’s that broadcast only on pay TV and the remaining 63% to open networks.

6. Distribution systems

  • consumption through the pay TV signs 26.3% of the total (-1.1).
  • Television consumption by Distribution Systems has been distributed as follows:
  • DTT: 73.7% (+1.1).
  • IPTV: 17% (-0.7).
  • Cable: 6.9% (-0.2).
  • Digital Satellite: 0.9% (-0.1).
  • “Others”: 1.5% (-0.1).

7. Most viewed broadcasts

  • The most viewed broadcast of the month corresponds to ‘Football. UEFA Nations League: Spain-Czech Republic’ (6/12/2022): 4,175,000 and 32.7% (La 1).
  • Movie: ‘The movie of the week: Django Unchained’ (La 1, June 12): 1,516,000 and 14.9%.
  • Series: ‘Hermanos’ (Antena 3, June 26): 1,801,000 and 14%.
  • Informative: ‘Antena 3 Noticias 2’ (Antena 3, June 6): 2,492,000 and 22.1%.
  • Cultural: ‘Antena 3 presents: ACI’ (Antena 3, June 26): 1,547,000 and 12.7%.
  • Entertainment: ‘The Anthill: Susanna Griso(The 1, June 22): 2,376,000 and 18.8%.
  • Sports: ”Football. UEFA Nations League: Spain-Czech Republic’ (The 1, June 12): 4,175,000 and 32.7%.
  • Animation: ‘The Simpsons’ (Neox, June 6): 395,000 and 3.5%.

8. Daily news

  • The news of Antenna 3 (2,041,000 and 19.6%) are the most viewed for 30 months.
  • Second option for Telecinco (1,337,000 and 12.8%) and third for the 1 (1,034,000 and 9.8%).
  • All of them weighted in the average of the average audience concept of the two informative editions, noon and night, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Antenna 3 It is a leader with its desktop and evening news from Monday to Sunday.
  • Telecinco It is the second option with its desktop and evening news from Monday to Sunday.
  • the 1 It is the third option with its desktop and evening news from Monday to Sunday.
  • In the “simulcast” concept (La 1+24 hora) it is also a leader Antenna 3followed by Telecinco.

9. Social Audience

  • 5.8 million tweets about TV shows.
  • The ranking of channels by number of tweets is headed by Telecinco (56.2% of the total), La 1 (12.7%) and Mega (8.2%).
  • In this last month, the television programs that have had the most presence on the Twitter social network are Save me (T5), survivors (T5) and The Play Bar (Mega).
  • The programs of the Entertainment genre group 60.6% of the “tweets”, followed by the Information genre with 19.5% of the total analyzed.

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