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Scientists describe the genetic basis of the most serious covid that affects men over 60 years of age

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A Spanish research team has managed to identify a series of genetic mutations that are associated with greater severity of covid-19 among those over 60 years of age.

New genes that explain the severity of Covid-19

Researchers have shown the existence of a number of genetic variants that influence the evolution of Covid-19 in men and women. They have also identified a series of mutations associated with greater severity of the disease in malesespecially in those over 60 years of age, whose study can facilitate the understanding of possible complications associated with Covid-19.

The authors of this work have studied the genome of 11,939 cases of Covid-19 from all over Spain for two years and after carrying out association studies of genomic markers in sex function in people hospitalized for Covid-19, the authors have identified variants in the genes TLR7 and IFN, among others, confirming its role in the evolution of the disease. Certain mutations linked to the X chromosome in the TLR7 gene are the cause of a type of Covid-19 associated with high mortality that only affects men.

The results of this study will contribute to determine the risk of severe Covid-19to identify possible associated complications and to advance in the discovery of targets for new treatments, including the repositioning of drugs previously used in other diseases.

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Personalize corticosteroid treatment in patients diagnosed with Covid-19

The scientists in charge of this study have identified variants in several genes that confirm their role in the evolution of the disease. Certain mutations linked to the X chromosome are the cause of a type of covid-19 associated with a high mortality that only affects the mens.

Scientists have sought in this case, variables that can better guide a personalized treatment with these medications, and have found that corticosteroids they are effective in improving survival, but should be managed based on age, severity, baseline inflammation, and invasive mechanical ventilation. Of special relevance is the finding in which researchers have shown that the early use of steroids, 7 days or less from the onset of symptoms, can be harmful to patients.

These results are based on the analysis, among February 2020 and October 2021, of 4226 patients admitted to 55 Spanish ICUs, most of whom were treated with systemic corticosteroids during hospitalization. The results, published in the journal Intensive Care Medicine, point out that corticosteroids were, globally, effective for reduce mortality at 90 days and in-hospital mortality. In addition, they have found that the level of effectiveness of steroid use varied depending on the factors studied, suggesting the need to personalize the use of this type of drug.

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