End of the blind auditions of 'La Voz Kids': tears and closure of dream teams

End of the blind auditions of ‘La Voz Kids’: tears and closure of dream teams

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The ‘La Voz Kids’ Blind Auditions have ended! Therefore, the four coaches already have their fifteen talents on their teams. David Bisbal, Pablo López, Aitana and Sebastián Yatra already have everything ready for the next phase: the Battles.


David Bisbal He was the first coach to close the team. A group of 15 children in which the great flamenco voices stand out, but where there is no lack of female voices or rock.

In the last Blind Auditions, he has obtained the last two voices that were missing: Pablo Hernández and Irene Prieto.

the elegance of Paul Hernandez he conquered the coaches with a swing and a very personal voice singing ‘Come fly with me’ by Billy May. In addition, we were also able to listen to him alongside Sebastián Yatra with a most impressive duet performing ‘Fly me to the moon’. Two showman on stage!

Irene Prieto He turned the stage of ‘La Voz Kids’ into a real theater by perfectly interpreting the theme ‘Maybe’ from Annie’s musical. A voice for which the coaches fought with their best weapons, but finally the talent from Madrid decided to join ‘Team Bisbal’.


A Paul Lopez he only had one voice left to close his team. At the last gala she felt something special when listening to Anna Palomino, a Sevillian who considered herself the biggest fan of the coach from Malaga and, finally, was the talent with which she closed her team. The young Sevillian showed her talent with a beautiful version of the song ‘Vivir’ by Rozalén.

The big moment came when Pablo López, very happy to complete his fifteen voices, dedicated an improvised song to Ana Palomino, introducing her to the names of each of the members of ‘Team Pablo’: “You’re with fourteen tiny, giant souls, with whom you will share an experience that you will remember all your life”.

The coach from Malaga put an end to a team full of a wide variety of styles with a lot of personality.


Aitana She was the third coach to close her team with the selection of her last three voices in the sixth Blind Auditions. The Barcelona coach chose to get very diverse talents in this gala, thus joining a group with a lot of feminine power and the self-confidence of the little ones: Carlos Higes, Luna Contador and Carmen Ranea, were the last members.

Carlos Higes He surprised a lot when he showed his great voice with the song ‘This is me’ by Keala Settle from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. The little boy, only 9 years old, showed that inside him he has a lot of potential for music.

The second voice that Aitana selected was that of counter moon another little 10-year-old talent who showed her sweet voice with the song ‘Mañana’ from Annie’s musical.

To get the third and last talent of her team, Aitana used a strategy and used her last block against Sebastián Yatra. The Barcelona coach did not hesitate to make use of her power to automatically add to carmen ranea who performed a version full of art of the song ‘Volver’ by Estrella Morente. Ole!


Sebastian Yatra He has been the last coach to close his team and collect the last four talents that were missing to add fifteen in total. In the last Blind Auditions he has obtained Venice Franco, Paula Cañaveras, Guillermo Moreno and Lucía Aliaño, four new voices within a fantastic team and with many interesting polar opposites.

frank venice, the interpreter of the Nala character in the Lion King musical, surprised a lot with a very original version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. For her part, Paula Canaveras She performed the song ‘Algo especial en ti’ by Sarayma with great emotion and showed her talent with this flamenco-style ballad.

The third boy to join ‘Team Yatra’ was William Moreno, who showed off her sweet voice singing Charlie Puth’s ‘See you again’. Although the Colombian coach thought about hitting the button, he finally added the voice of the talent from Madrid and revealed that the tension of experiencing the end of the Blind Auditions was taking over the moment.

Such was Sebastián Yatra’s emotion, that he burst into a sea of ​​tears very grateful to have been part of the ‘La Voz Kids’ family: “Here in Spain they have given me a second home,” he stated while being sheltered by his companions.

After this exciting moment, Lucia Aliaño he set out to sing ending the Blind Auditions. The young talent from Cádiz filled the Colombian coach with happiness by wonderfully interpreting the song ‘Pena, penita, pena’ by Lola Flores. A musical genre that Yatra had searched for during all the programs. How much art!

Equipment Summary

  • Pablo López (15 talents): Alberto Guzmán, Aroa Salaño, Rodrigo Cuesta, María Arilla, Fran García, Rocío Domínguez, Carmen Alcalá, David Gil, Pol Calvo, Idaira Campaña, Antonio Cortés, Chloe Casugo, Daniela de los Ángelez, Marcella Mrvaljevich and Ana Palomino.
  • David Bisbal (15 talents): Enrique Gabarre, Irene Molina, Naia Castro, Triana Jiménez, Anaïs Mardivirin, José David Giménez, Mara Ugalde, Blanca Miralles, Mario Argüello, Rubén Gómez, Gio García, Nayeli Ruiz, Christian Losada, Pablo Hernández and Irene Prieto.
  • Aitana (15 talents): Marina Oliván, Sandra Valero, Claudia Santamaría, Emilio Díaz, Francheska Cruz, Naibeth Sánchez, Carla Pintor, Elia Camí, Marta Porris, Roberta Fauteck, Oihan Aristizabal, Sasha Matsiavina, Carlos Higes, Luna Contador and Carmen Ranea .
  • Sebastián Yatra (15 talents): Macarena Estévez, Leonor Villalba, Mario Falero, Shariff Ardá, Paula Paredes, María Borja, Diego Pulido, Joel Tena, Zoe Medina, Lena Ilievska, Jesús López, Venecia Franco, Paula Cañaveras, Guillermo Moreno and Lucía Aliaño.

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