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Discover which foods improve the health of your bladder

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Good nutrition is essential to our overall health and may also play a role in reducing symptoms associated with common bladder disorders. In this article we focus on the options of foods for urine infection and how we can actively manage our lifestyle to maintain and improve our bladder health.

bladder health

cystitis is the bladder inflammation which is often caused by an infection in it. This problem can be recurrent for many people but it can also occur in a timely manner, as in the case of interstitial cystitis.

Those who suffer from both recurrent or recurring cystitis and interstitial cystitis seek natural methods or lifestyle adjustments that may help reduce your chances of developing cystitis and relieve symptoms, and diet is one of the most important factors to consider. We are what we eat!

Our diets are often not as balanced as they should be and this can cause urine infection, inflammation or lower our immune system and allow infection to take hold. Keep a healthy and balanced diet It will help keep your body strong and more efficient at protecting you from infection.

Foods that help keep your bladder healthy

Nutrients in food help strengthen the immune system, heal wounds, stimulate nerve transmission, maintain normal blood flow, and promote general health. A balance diet With a wide variety of elements from all food groups, it is the best diet for both interstitial cystitis (IC) and chronic cystitis.

The drawback of carrying out a very restrictive diet is that it can end up negatively affecting your well-being. Therefore, if certain foods are eliminated from your daily life, it is important to look for healthy alternatives to help control bladder symptoms. The help of a nutritionist who prescribes a balanced diet with all the nutrients we need is the most recommended.

People who live with cystitis may find it to be a painful and uncomfortable problem to deal with, as currently there is no single treatment or cure.

In these cases, it is usual to resort to alternative treatments to relieve symptoms of cystitis, including following a cystitis diet. In this article we will explain what foods help keep your bladder healthy.


It is one of the most effective and essential ways to prevent cystitis. Drinking more water helps dilute urine making it less concentrated and acidic and therefore less likely to cause irritation. Nasty bacteria love stagnant urine, so drinking more water means you’ll empty your bladder more often. In this way the bacteria do not have time to multiply and generate that annoying irritation.

Staying hydrated also helps keep your body in better condition overall by aiding in the metabolism of energy from food and the transport of nutrients throughout your body.

complex carbohydrates

This includes whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat flour, quinoa, beans, and starchy tubers like potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Get more fiber will help a better intestinal transit, facilitating the expulsion of bacteria. In addition, it is advisable to consume some nuts and seeds, since the latter can be easily added to smoothies, cereals, yogurt and homemade (healthy) pastries.


The cranberry is very effective to prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. 1-2 cups of cranberry juice per day is recommended for the treatment and prevention of its inflammation. Another very common and convenient alternative is to resort to food supplements that include blueberries in their composition.

Fresh green leafy vegetables

Spinach, kale, and broccoli are particularly good choices. These are good for the whole body, contain vital nutrients and support the immune systemwhich obviously the latter is vital when it comes to dealing with harmful bacteria.

Fresh fruit

The fruit provides vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that support the entire body and improve immune function. Make sure you consume your 5 portions a day and try to buy fresh fruit, not canned and if possible organic.

Natural yogurts

Natural yogurt is full of good bacteria to help keep bad bacteria in check, which should help reduce the chances of an infection starting in the bladder.


Alternatively, why not try some probiotic supplements? Thanks to their microorganisms (bacteria and yeasts) with clinically proven ability to reach your intimate area alive, they are excellent for prevent infections caused by bacteria moving up the urethra.

Daily use probiotics help keep gut bacteria happywhich supports the immune system and helps you get the most nutrients possible from your food.

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