It is the adult version of Stranger Things and one of the most addictive science fiction series on HBO Max

It is the adult version of Stranger Things and one of the most addictive science fiction series on HBO Max

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If you are willing to put aside the prejudices of your mind, you are going to enjoy the beauty of this production.

Undoubtedly, at the date of writing these lines, stranger things going to occupy covers and comments in the media and social networks, due to the premiere of the final part of its fourth season. We, as we know that the last two chapters will not last too long, we wanted to bring you a series that will hook you with similar ingredients: mysteries, science fiction and plot twists unexpected.

Science meets fiction at the underrated Fringe

One of the responsible of the success of lostJJ Abrams, embarked on this particular project, without realizing that he was facing a really different production to everything we had seen to date. Fringe could be described in many ways, some see details of X Filesothers consider it to be a science fiction series with the police touch as a filler for the plot, but most affirm that its argument will not leave you indifferent when you know what is hidden behind the curtain. By the way, the revelation to the season one finale is considered one of the most impressive in history TV recent.

Without wanting to reveal too much of its history, which changes as the protagonists discover new secrets, this Serie of TV, premiered in 2011proposes us to enter a FBI faction where the science has touched fibers of the universe that should not be discovered and where impossible it becomes too real. A new team is formed for solve these puzzles and its members are an agent looking for a way to know what happened to your partnerin coma, a man trained by MITbut who uses his talent for profit, and a scientist interned in a psychiatric hospitalwhich could be the key to finding solutions to out-of-this-world mysteries.

During 5 seasons and exactly 100 chapterswe will witness how the events, which begin with the landing of a plane and the discovery that all its passengers have died under strange circumstances, will end up as part of a strange universe. The limits of reality will mix with police work more classic. Mind you, I don’t think you’ve ever faced the riddles that are yet to be revealed in the plot of the series, especially from the second season of it.

Fringe is one of the most addictive science fiction series on HBO Max. Wallhere

A separate mention should be made of the leading trio of the series, since much of the success of it is based on the chemistry demonstrated on screen. The fbi agent Olivia Dunham is played by anna torve, who you may also know from the fantastic Mindhunter, and represents the more procedural side of the team. With respect to talent and sleeping geniuswe could talk about the character of Peter Bishop, played by Joshua Jackson, whom you will remember by Dawson’s Creek. Finally, and surely the most lovable and endearing characterwe have Walter Bishop, father of Peter and played by the Australian actor John Noblewho will be the one who proposes the most extravagant science to solve a broken reality.

If you’re looking for one New serie that fill the void who has left stranger thingsat least until the final season arrives, and you want epic adventures, unexpected surprises and science fiction like you’ve never seen it before, we are convinced that fringe won’t let you down.

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