A sweeter than sour tie to open the preseason

A sweeter than sour tie to open the preseason

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Obolskii, in the image, scored, from a penalty, the first goal of the Cultural preseason. / Racing

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La Cultural equalizes in its preparation debut against Racing after a good first half and a second in which it suffered more against a higher category rival | Obolskii scored the first goal of the 2022/23 season

Dani Gonzalez

Nuances that invite the optimist and a huge room for improvement. Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa ended its first pre-season game with a draw (1-1) against a Second Division rival, Racing. The Leonese managed to get ahead and sign a good first half but, in the second, they were diluted and gave the Santanderians more options.


Crossbow; Saúl, Trigueros, Jon Ander, Castañeda; Kevin Presa, Tarsi Aguado, Jesus Alvarez; Inigo, Nestor, Obolskii. They also played: Salvi, Marcos González, Nahuel, Gaztañaga, Rodri, Abel, Marcos Fernández, Javi Fernández, Júnior, Fran Cruz, David López, Chagas, Dorian, Percan, Álvarez


Ezkieta; Dani Fernández, Bobadilla, Pol Moreno, Satrústegui; Tienza, Juergen, Dalisson; Aldasoro, Camus, Cedric. They also played: Parera, Íñigo, Alfon, Íñigo Vicente, Borja, Alves, Unai Medina, Matheus, Arturo, Juan, Peque, Jorrin, Martín

  • goals
    1-0, min. 29, Obolskii penalty. 1-1 min. 71, Little.

  • Incidents
    The Camareta (I keep). Preseason game. Various events were held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of football in the city of Palencia.

The first test of this Cultural took Docampo to La Camareta de Guardo where the only superior category rival of the Leonese preseason, Racing, awaited the culturalists, who came without Matthäi, without Aarón due to inconvenience and without Claudio for personal reasons, in addition to a Solís who has not yet trained with the first team.

Docampo left some of his first intentions clear in his first eleven, with Pol Ballesté in goal, Trigueros in the rear and a powerful midfield with a trivote made up of Kevin Presa, Jesús Álvarez and Tarsi Aguado, accompanied by two wingers clear as Íñigo Muñoz and Néstor to give Obolskii the spearhead.

first nuances

The clash started at a slow pace, as is normal in the preseason, where the physical load and the few training sessions of the players together are noticeable. But a Cultural was seen where the center of the field took center stage, where the bands wanted to be the driver of danger and where the Leonese showed personality.

In addition, another of Docampo’s main lines was the intensity and the forward lines in search of that pressure that would prevent Racing from coming out comfortable with the ball from behind.

The first goal, by Obolskii

Racing had a bit more possession of the ball, however, they failed to generate chances that Cultural, more pungent, did suggest. Íñigo Muñoz, after a drop by Obolskii, had the first one before the quarter hour of play.

The Cultural arrived less but better and managed to generate a penalty after half an hour of the game caused by Obolskii that the Russian, with great calm, transformed into 1-0 for the Leonese. The goal was a spur for Docampo’s men who, before the break, had it again in a corner that Castañeda, after sending Querol, finished off wide.

Tarsi Aguado, in the image, started in the first pre-season friendly.


Tarsi Aguado, in the image, started in the first pre-season friendly. /


The game came to rest with this minimal culturalist advantage before the traditional carousel of changes in the intermission, which led to a revolution in the eleven from Leon, with Salvi in ​​goal, Dorian at the top and homegrown players like David López, Júnior, Javi Fernández, Rodri, Marcos or Álvarez on the pitch, in addition to midfielder Antonio das Chagas, who is on trial.

With a team with a lot of people from home, from the base, Cultural suffered more against a racinguista team that gave a pass after the break and had several options that Salvi Carrasco frustrated.

Improve Racing and draw

Abel, Gaztañaga, Percan and Marcos Fernández also had their minutes in the last half of the second half, in which Cultural tried to stretch a bit more to get Racing away from their area.

The goal from Santander, which Fernández Romo’s men were looking for so much, came after 70 minutes, when Peque, who arrived from Barça’s reserve team for the Cantabrian team, leveled the match. A center from the right wing ended in the area and the Racinguista striker did not forgive.

Racing had found weaknesses in a more blurred Cultural, against a rival of a higher category and with more training time, and the second half was being totally from Santander.

Dorian was the one who tried the most on the Leonese side in a clash that, finally, ended with a tie and sensations that invite optimism in a Cultural that obviously still has a lot of filming to do.

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