Four summer sports that keep you healthy while taking care of your heart

Four summer sports that keep you healthy while taking care of your heart

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The summer heat can make us not feel like practicing some sports that we were used to. However, the long hours of light offer us endless other possibilities, which each one can adapt to himself.

In order to curb the risk of heart disease, it is essential practice physical exercise. In addition, the practice of sport must be accompanied by a good diet, proper rest and favorable hydration.

As explained by María Dolores Masiá, cardiologist member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) and specialist in Sports Cardiology, unlike winter, in the summer we can choose to introduce our routine other not so common sports but very beneficial for the heart.

In this case, summer sports, and especially aquaticare “a great option” for our heart, as well as those that are made in the seashore.

Among the most recommended sports, the expert highlights the walks by the shore of the sea, careers along the promenades, the exits in bike and play at Pallas.

“Any activity that involves movement and is minimally controlled to avoid injuries is advisable,” explains Masiá, who assures that the sports that allow us to enjoy nature they are even better.

Why is sport good for the heart?

The benefits of physical exercise in relation to cardiovascular health are widely known and are related to control of cardiovascular risk factors, “such as being overweight, hypertension, and high levels of sugar and cholesterol.”

In addition, practicing sports “produces changes at other levels that are undoubtedly positive, such as, for example, allowing our heart to develop new arterial vessels that favor the supply of blood and nutrients to our heart,” says Masiá.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy adults should perform, at a minimum, 150 minutes weekly of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. For their part, children and adolescents between 5 and 17 years of age should practice at least 60 minutes of physical activity of moderate to vigorous intensity, mainly aerobic, every day.

However, the experts from the Spanish Heart Foundation (SEC) agree that if we do not reach the goal of 150 minutes a week, it is Better to do something than nothing.

Tips for practicing sport in summer

To practice sports in the middle of the summer season, you have to take into account a series of precautions to prevent high temperatures or humidity from harming us.

In that case, you have to prioritize doing sports in the less hot hours. For example, in the case of sports that are carried out in the water, such as surfing or swimming, it is possible to do them practically all day, but the rest of the sports disciplines need hours in which the sun is not so hot.

In order to avoid suffering from heat stroke, it is advisable not to practice sports during the central hours of the day, between 12 and 18 hours.

In addition, in summer it is important be more hydrated, since we lose more sweat due to high temperatures. In that case, you have to drink more fluids than usual, and keep hydration levels controlled.

Lastly, it is recommended choose the right clothes, opting for light and breathable garments. Likewise, we must take into account the footwear and look at the terrain on which we will practice physical exercise.

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