We tested the new Realme Watch3: a simple and functional smartwatch, with a very welcome novelty

We tested the new Realme Watch3: a simple and functional smartwatch, with a very welcome novelty

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Realme is once again updated in the field of smartphones with a simple but effective proposal. The Realme Watch3 does not aspire to be more than it can handle and offers you a surprisingly wide range of functions with an autonomy of almost a week. It is a smartwatch designed for the daily usesince it works as a control center with which to manage all your daily activityboth physical and social.

I have tested the smartwatch for a few days and first impressions have been very positive. It is a device that works perfectly as a personal smartwatch and is also a luxury to accompany you in your sports sessions. It has been released on the market for 69 euros and, frankly, it has positioned itself in very good position in the ranking of best smartwatches in relation quality price.

Realme Watch3
Dimensions 45 x 37 x 11.5mm
40 grams of weight
Screen 1.8-inch LCD touch
240 x 286 pixel resolution
5 brightness levels up to a maximum of 500 nits
sensors Continuous heart rate, Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), Stress monitoring, Sleep quality analysis, Accelerometer
connectivity Bluetooth 5.3
sport modes 110 sports modes with indoor and outdoor activities
health features Automatic heart rate measurement, 24-hour real-time heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) measurement, sleep detection, monitor steps, calories, distance, activity records
Other additions IP68 sweat and water resistance
Drums 340 mAh: 7 days of battery life with normal use of functions
Price €69.99

we have made a parallel analysis on the UrbanTecno YouTube channel, and I’ll tell you in advance that Pedro and I reached very similar conclusions. If you want to see the watch in operation beyond the photos that I insert in the article, you can watch the video and get a rough idea of ​​how this new Realme Watch3 behaves.

Easy-to-navigate display and menus

In my opinion I think this smartwatch has the perfect screen size. The 1.8-inch LCD-panel It is ideal to be able to locate all the information at a glance. The style of the dial is up to you, and you have dozens of different models to test through the app Realme Link. I personally don’t like too much the sporty design that comes by default, since the time occupies 90% of the information on the screen. Taking into account that the screen is quite generous, it is worth choosing a sphere where you can easily access information about your steps, calories burned or heart ratefor instance.

The bezel design is narrow, making the most of space. I haven’t had any problems navigating the menus, and the interface is quite intuitive. You can activate it simply by raising your forearm, tapping on the screen or tapping on the side button. From there you can navigate through the menus dragging your finger left to right, and each screen will show you the data from one of the categories (health, sport, music), as is usual in most smartwatches. If you press the side button again it will open an additional menu with which you can access the configuration and the complete breakdown of sports modes.

Sports and health functions

If what you like is playing sports, you’re in luck, because the Realme Watch3 has a measurement system for (almost) any sport. There are over 100 sport modes availablebut the smartwacth is limited to a selection of ten. To select the sports modalities that you like the most the most efficient is to do it from the Realme Link app. There you can select a kind of “favorites”, and when you synchronize the phone with the smartwatch, they will be the first ones you see on the screen.

The Realme Watch3 has IP68 certification for water resistance

The interface and measurement modes of most sports activities are very similar, but nothing else is needed. In most sports you will have a timer on top accompanied by a breakdown of calories burned and heart rate tracking. There are activities (especially those that take place outdoors) in which the smartwatch will synchronize with the mobile’s GPS to offer you more accurate distance data, but it is not the most common either. The activities that benefit most from this function are cycling, running and derivatives.

Notifications and call control

This section is where, in my opinion, the Realme Watch3 shines above the competition. this smart watch allows you to make, receive and listen to calls thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone system. Once you synchronize it with the phone you will be able to access the specific widget to make calls, where you have a numeric keypad and different options to modify the volume and speaker gain. Don’t expect the best audio quality in the world, but from what I’ve tested, the watch is quite capable of transmitting voice more or less clearly. It is ideal for answering a quick call, an “I’m coming”, without using the mobile.

receive calls

With the Realme Watch3 you will be able to make and receive calls with great ease, being able to listen and speak directly with the watch

In the field of notifications I would have liked a little more customization. It is true that the smartwatch offers you a screen solely intended for notifications, but as long as you have multiple apps in sync… welcome to chaos. When I was testing this function I found a vertical scroll full of small boxes where in my case messages from WhatsApp, Telegram and Microsoft Teams were piled up without order. Particularly would have preferred messages to be grouped by sender and app, and once clicked the conversation will be displayed. The smartwatch shows you each message independently, and it can be confusing if several conversations accumulate.

Performance and comfort

Another aspect with which I am satisfied after using this watch is the battery performance. I have been using the device daily and using the sports tracking features whenever I could when I went for a walk, setting alarms and making an effort to always check notifications on the watch first. After a few days, the battery was barely down 20%so Realme is not lying when it says that the Watch3 supports more than a week of use at full capacity.


The Realme Watch3 has a design with the perfect screen size, which favors comfort and usability

At the comfort level, the truth is that I have no complaints either. I find the screen just the right size to not be “too big”, and the feel on the wrist is as natural as it gets. Obviously the silicone strap It doesn’t have a smooth feel like leather might, but most of the time it didn’t even feel like I had it on. The relief on the back with the sensors for the health functions does not bother you, and you can adjust the strap with many different settings depending on the thickness of your wrist.

My conclusions: good, nice and cheap

In general terms, the Realme Watch3 has seemed to me to be a very interesting gadget and I think it is a good option taking into account the relation quality price. It does not have the design or functionalities of a high-end smartwatch but he defends himself well on his fieldwith fairly complete health and exercise functions and the option to make and receive calls.

This smartwatch is a very good option if you are not used to wearables of this style, or if you want make the leap from a smartband to something more forceful. The menus are navigated intuitively, and the customization options offered by the Realme Link app are quite complete. In short, a very worthy smartwatch that for 69.99 euros is a pretty safe bet

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