Isabel Pantoja, at Madrid Pride: “Your pride is my pride.  I am one of you”

Isabel Pantoja, at Madrid Pride: “Your pride is my pride. I am one of you”

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Well, it would be. The public chants: “Oh, oh, oh, Pantoja is what it is”. Once again, it’s Friday: “Oh, oh, oh, Pantoja is what it is”. Well no. Isabel Pantoja Martín ―who was going to be, Maribel in private― has turned Plaza de España in Madrid upside down six months after its reopening. In her own way, of course. Two hours later than expected. Everything has an explanation in this Pride, except for the rainbow flag hanging from the Palacio de Cibeles. “La Pantoja does not come out now”, explains an organizer behind the scenes of the stage at about ten at night, “because she is a lot of trouble because of the sound theme and the Mister Gay parade; the best thing for everyone is that she comes out at the end, and speaks”. What a Friday night. What will happen, what mystery will there be? The public follows a cappella: “My soul falls in love, I fall in love”. A presenter, to continue with the wait, goes with everything. It is not for less. La Pantoja returns to Madrid 1,000 days after it was filled with her at the Wizink. “Come on, sailor of lights.” The public responds:


If you have to encourage the people with the wait, what better than another Eurovision star of this 2022. The one from Romania, with lyrics in English, but with a key Spanish touch: “Hello, my babycall me, call me”. La Pantoja still does not respond. Announcements on stage: “Enjoy responsibly”. The public, finally, is impatient. Elizabeth, Elizabeth! The Mister Gay gala continues. More delay. A violinist appears in a black dress on the stairs.

“Is he leaving now?”

-Yes. They had told us that at one, but we left already.

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More musicians. They are 19 in total. It’s 0:13. The presenter begins to review the history of the singer. She “she climbed for the first time at the age of seven”. The public responds: “Ehhh”. Pantoja still does not leave. She “She is the artist most loved by the LGTBI collective in this country. For that, she is more than deserving of the Mister Gay award.” Suddenly, the singer’s brother, Agustín, appears and places himself at the mixing table. He doesn’t want last minute failures. A video review of his life appears on a pair of pants. In the background: “This is my life…”. And so. A technician yells:

-One minute-.

Photographers flock. She dressed in a black suit, excited, with brilliant white teeth. She takes the floor: “Thank you all very much. Thank you for being here for so many hours. I’ve been watching you from the room. I have been excited. They wanted to give me this award for many years. For many reasons it was not possible. Today it has come true.” The public explodes: “Isabel, Isabel”. She replies: “You don’t know what it feels like. I am one of you. Forever and ever. Take care of you forever.” The presenter says: “Isabel, you have come to collect an award”. She brings out the artist that she carries within her. She turns. She looks at the table with the face of killing someone: “Rever, give me more rever up here.” And she continues: “You make me cry. Your pride is my pride. Without you, he who is here, would not be standing. This collective carried it in my soul since I began to sing. This group is unique LGTBI. Forever and ever”.

Legend has it that in the most famous estate in Spain – now wrapped in poisoned inheritances – there is a television that broadcasts videos of Isabel Pantoja 24 hours a day in a room. It is not Telecinco, which, by the way, is taking time to add a channel like this to Mitele Plus. The fable, say those in the know, is looping YouTube videos. The Cantora plot – which should be declared a National Park, as Boris Izaguirre wrote in this newspaper one day – will sooner or later broadcast her speech on its screens tonight during Pride week. More so, as it has been. In other words: pa’singer today, she

Marta Ramos, 17, and Aidan Romero, 16, in the surroundings of the Plaza de España.

And he goes out to sing. Sounds fell in love ysand my soul falls in love, which the public sings as their own. Good voice. He’s in shape. “Thanks to my brother, my hairdresser, my makeup artist. Thanks to my fan clubs, I send you all my love and affection.” Pantoja, after the two songs, says: “I have to wink at the people who treat me well, those who treat me well. It may not hit, but I dedicate it with all my heart to my genius and my soul brother Juan Gabriel: “Forgive me if I make you cry, forgive me if I make you suffer, but it is not in my hands, I have fallen in love, I I fell in love, I fell in love…”. And so, the Plaza de España was inaugurated six months later.

Two hours before, yes, Marta Ramos, black suspenders, rainbow flag like a superheroine, and Aidan Romero, 16, a nose ring and short hair, say they have come to see Pantoja. The youth of TikTok panting. There’s that. Another story, of course, is when they found out who Pantoja was. “Well, a few days ago and yesterday [por este jueves] we started listening to it until five in the morning”. Romero, smiling, is a little more precise. “We know her from Save me, that my mother sees it every day. Today she has told me that since I was coming to see her, I can be home late”.

“A Pantoja song?”

“The one with that sailboat.”

what is that about sailor of lights. No one doubts that this sailboat loaded with dreams It will be called from July 8, 2022 “the one with the sailboat that”. With your back to the great statue of Miguel de Cervantes, everything is packed. Thousands, thousands of young people, mothers, teenagers, husbands, couples, married couples, grandparents, friends, many gangs surrounding bags of ice with alcohol like the mythical bonfires on the beach, large bottles, many large bottles, the smell of hot beer – one thing is that Pantoja comes out to speak and the other waits for her to speak―rainbow flags, more rainbow flags, pink, yellow, white, green fireworks like shooting stars. Summer night in Madrid with a breeze.

In a corner of the stage and wearing masks – probably the only ones in the entire square – José Cobo, 62, who has an arm like Roberto Carlos’s left leg, and Paloma Pérez, 62, with brilliant blue eyes, They have come from Ponferrada just to see Pantoja. “I love it, I love Pantoja,” she says. Cobo listens, but says with his hands that he is now speaking. Pantoja will have her family divided, but she rarely talks about the ones she keeps together. “He loves it, he loves it,” says Cobo, who now makes one of those nut-cracking neck movements―“the dark-haired one dances and the one with the sailor lights.” I mean, the one on that sailboat.

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