Real Zaragoza's commendable draw against First Division Betis after coming back from a 2-0 loss in the final stretch

Real Zaragoza’s commendable draw against First Division Betis after coming back from a 2-0 loss in the final stretch

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From 2-0 in the 80th minute in favor of Betis, it was overthanks to a great last reaction of Real Zaragoza, to the final 2-2. It is a new show of claw of the zaragocistas in the last minutes of the matches that are serving him to repair adverse markers and show himself as a warrior block, with pride and drops of charisma. And Carcedo’s team did not win because the referee annulled Jair’s goal in minute 92 for an offside that did not seem such after a corner.

Interesting and even was the first half, with a clear first sensation: from the first minute the team from Zaragoza managed not to notice the difference in category with respect to the Betis, who finished the last league in 5th place, just behind the four large. The start of Carcedo’s men was hopeful, with control in the square and control of the ball from midfield onwards. They took advantage of the weakness of the Sevillian defense on the right side, the adapted Ruibal (he is a winger), which turned out to be a hole through which Narváez, Azón and Chavarría always hit with intention, although nobody knew how to end promising actions in a goal. It was a pity that this new sample of little poison that this Real Zaragoza has in recent years, because otherwise the matches could be faced with many tricks to come out the winner.

The first chance to score, however, was given to Betis, at the boots of international Canales, who in the 7th minute finished off a great pass from ex-zaragocista Willian José in the area and the ball grazed the post on the outside. From then on, after half an hour, Zaragoza was superiorwith Grau and Molina doing well in the cut and short distribution, although with more problems taking deep passes. Azón made three counterattacks that were lost in limbo, yes. In the 30th minute the first great goal option arose for the -again, for the third time in this concentration- wasps. The French center-back, after a rehearsed short corner, finished off a cross from Bermejo alone at the far post and his shot with the right hit the Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Silva, touched the post and went for a corner.

This episode served as a spur to a shutdown Betis, which does not start in its gray preseason (without wins up to this point). The Verdiblancos had a final quarter of an hour of the first section full of penetrations into the Aragonese area and shots with a goal mark. Canales, in minute 35, took advantage of a big mistake by Molina, who fell asleep in the area at the back exit, lost possession and left Betis’ ’10’ alone hand in hand. His shot went over Cristian Álvarez, who slowed down the ball and gave France time, desperately, to serve, on the same line? From the stands and well placed, it seemed like a goal, which had gone over the line, but the linesman did not get to his place in time and did not hit it. There was no VAR this Wednesday, of course. So wonderful for Real Zaragoza.

In minute 38, twice, the team from Zaragoza was saved from losing at halftime. Ruibal, with effect in the area, beat everyone and crashed the ball into the right post from above, with Cristian already sold. The play came from a rejection by the Argentine to a powerful shot by Juanmi on the side of the large area. Carcedo’s rear suffered a lot there, so the intermission was an ideal balm to stop the Andalusians.

Zaragoza started the second half without substitutions and Betis only changed Bartra, giving way to one of his signings, the Brazilian Luiz Felipe. Continuity was the motto of Carcedo and Pellegrini. The Sevillians resumed the game much more plugged in than they started an hour before. Their coach must have asked them for a different attitude, because they were falling short in intensity and success. The zaragocistas had to throw the lines several meters further back to counteract this change in the green and white position.

In minute 55, the Zaragoza fans let off steam for the first time with an advance by Bermejo down the right wing that Azón finished off with a heel, in luxury. The ball hit his marker, Luiz Felipe, and did not reach the goal in an applauded action. It was a trick to the eye, because the Betis were better and took advantage of a serious mistake by Francés in the 60th minute to make it 1-0. willian joseph he cheated on a deep pass from Guardado, the youth squad ate the ball and it was at will for the Andalusian striker’s counterattack, hand in hand, who overcame Cristian Álvarez at the start. It was seen coming and it happened.

Between minutes 64 and 71 Carcedo changed the team completely. Betis had also changed up to six positions in minute 63. It was a break in the rhythm of the game and it was noticeable. The most novel thing, that Larrazabal was used as a right-handed winger and that Jair and Cristian Álvarez played the 90 minutes. And, in front, the hubbub when he left the mythical Joaquín, a little god at Betis at 40 years old. The final sprint of the duel developed with a more disjointed script on both sides. In that hodgepodge of a certain lack of control, Simeone left at the speed of Luiz Henrique in the 79th minute but goalkeeper Dani Martín quickly anticipated him.

Photo of the Real Zaragoza-Betis match, sixth pre-season match 2022
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But it was Betis, due to the weight of quality, who scored the 2-0 in a spectacular goal by Loren, a striker who is Real Zaragoza’s aspiration to be their ‘9’ this year. From 30 meters, he saw Cristian Álvarez, he prepared the ball and launched a brutal right hand that slipped over the top. The forward did not celebrate it, who knows that he has to leave Betis. It was the 80th minute and the game seemed doomed. No such thing happened because this Zaragoza of Carcedo already has a new gene: he never gives up and he is a specialist in last comebacks this summer.

Petrovic and Simeone scored two goals from the same spot, low and close to Martín’s right post, in minutes 82 and 84. Tremendous offensive jump from the wasps when no one expected it anymore. The Serbian scored from outside the area, with power. The new striker from Zaragoza did it in the area, in a dead ball at the far post. One more day, the team fixed and made up at the last minute a very adverse score and, other times, definitive to lose. The caste is to be praised in this group. And it could be a total comeback, well in 92 a goal against Jair was annulled after a corner for an offside that did not seem so.

Interesting final concentration of Real Zaragoza in Malaga, with three disparate games, settled with the three possible results: a victory, a defeat and this draw.

Photo of the Real Zaragoza-Betis match, sixth pre-season match 2022
Photo of the Real Zaragoza-Betis match, sixth pre-season match 2022
LOF Agency

Data sheet

Real Betis: Rui Silva (Dani Martin, 63); Ruibal (Álex Martínez, 63), Bartra (Luiz Felipe, 46), Edgar, Miranda; Paul, Saved (Joaquin, 63); Rodri (Luiz Henrique, 63), Channels, Juanmi; and Willian José (Loren, 63).

Royal Saragossa: Christian Alvarez; Gámez (Larrazabal, 71), French (Lluís López, 71), Jair, Chavarría (Nieto, 71); Grau (Eugeni, 64), Molina (Petrovic, 71), Vada (Francho, 64); Bermejo (Puche, 71), Narváez (Mollejo, 64); and Azon (Simeone, 64).

Referee: Quintero González (Andalusian). He admonished Grau (57).

Goals: 1-0, min. 60: Juanmi. 2-0, min. 80.Loren. 2-1, min. 82: Petrovic. 2-2 min. 84: Simeon.

Incidents: Match played at the Ciudad de Málaga stadium (regular for athletics), which was attended by around 3,500 spectators, the vast majority from Betis. Very hot afternoon, with 32 degrees and a lot of humidity. The lawn presented an irregular state, with some areas of little grass. Real Zaragoza dressed as a wasp. Raúl Sanllehí and Miguel Torrecilla, general manager and sports director, were on stage.

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