New ridicule of Echenique: denounces a conspiracy to stop the windmills

New ridicule of Echenique: denounces a conspiracy to stop the windmills

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The spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, returns to star in a ridiculous on social networks. Specifically, the politician has insinuated that the electricity companies would be stopping the wind turbines in order to increase the electricity bill.

The controversy has arisen after an alleged operator of a wind farm published a video on the internet showing how a windmill is deactivated despite the fact that it is windy. The protagonist assures that these breaks are executed by Red Eléctrica in order to favor the generation of energy by burning gashelping to raise the electricity bill.

It is then that the Podemos deputy has rushed to share the video, assuring that the mills stop to make the bill more expensive and “increase the benefits of electricity companies”“because wind power is very cheap”.

However, both Echenique’s claims and the video testimony are baseless. This has been revealed by many users on Twitter. For example, the engineer Marcial González has explained in a thread in the social network that renewable energy produced more than 50% of the energy at the time the video was recorded, which may cause Some high voltage lines may become congested in a timely manner.

This fact, which has nothing to do with a conspiracy by the electricity companies, could explain the pause in some wind turbines. But in addition, the expert points out another possible cause: a calculation error by the wind farm operatorwhich could have estimated and offered a lower production capacity than it was actually capable of, forcing some mills to be paused.

Likewise, as this engineer emphasizes, the punctual stoppage of some wind turbines does not affect the total generation in Spain at all.

The answer has also come from Red Eléctrica, who manages the remote pause of the mills. On Twitter and before the video was broadcast, he has published several comments that would explain the stoppage of the wind turbines: they attribute it to the repair of a fault that forced production in the area to be limited.

The company, controlled by the State, majority owned by SEPI and chaired by former socialist minister Beatriz Corredor, would have no interest in raising the price of electricity.

So the conspiracy theorist Echenique should, in any case, blame the mill pause on the company controlled by the Executive of which his party is a part and not to the electric companies that have nothing to do with these events.

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