This folding electric bike includes a suspension system in its aluminum frame

This folding electric bike includes a suspension system in its aluminum frame

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The new one Morfuns Eole X electric bike has been designed for urban commuting of origin and last mile, thus being able to resort to intermodality to be able to use other means of transport. But in this case there is a distinguishing feature. The two versions in which it is available include a rear suspension system using a rubbery shock absorber which, in the case of the Eole X Pro is completed with a hydraulic front suspension.

Urban trips in traditional means of transport are being replaced by other alternative means such as scooters and electric bicycles. In the latter case, it is often necessary to resort to other transport to complete the journey, so it is necessary to be able to reduce the size of the bicycle. The folding mechanism usually adds weight to the system, so in many cases all possible comfort elements for this type of bicycle are dispensed with. This is, for example, the case of damping systems which are rarely implemented on a folding bike.

The new Eole X is not the first model that Morfuns puts on the market in its attempt to achieve a versatile and reliable folding electric bike. The manufacturer was presented in 2020 with two models, the Eole C, cheaper and the Eole S, more sporty. In both cases the intention of the Morfun was to offer two light and agile bicycles, whose main characteristic was its frame made entirely of carbon.

The Morfuns Eole X electric bike is available in a standard and Pro version. In this case, it includes rear hydraulic suspension, a nine-speed gearbox and wider wheels.

Now, the two new models, Morfun Eole X and Eole X Pro they represent an update of the previous models in which the carbon frame is replaced with an aluminum alloy, which could be interpreted precisely as the opposite of an improvement. But that Morfuns makes up for it in other areas by trying to lighten the package. The Eole X has a weight of 19 kilograms while in the premium variant it goes up to 23 kilograms.

The most notable improvement in this update is the suspension system which has been included in both models. In the standard model it is only applied to the rear wheel, by means of a rubbery damper that absorbs the irregularities of the terrain. In the case of the Eole X Pro, a system of hydraulic damping on the front wheel. Thanks to this system, these bicycles are not limited to urban use, but can also withstand unpaved areas.

Another difference between the Eole X and the Pro version is that the former has an 8-speed gearbox, while the latter has one more sprocket. The width of the wheels is also different; both mount 20-inch wheels but in the case of the standard model the pitch is 2.2 inches while in the pro it is 2.4 inches. In both cases, a characteristic such as the automatic headlightsthe disc brakes with hydraulic drive and color TFT screen to receive bike and ride status information.

Morfuns eole x-interior1 folding electric bike
With the largest battery of the two available, you can reach 115 kilometers of autonomy.

As for the electric cyclist assistance system, it is made up of a motor located in the hub of the rear wheel that offers 250 W of power in the European version (350 W in other markets) that ensures 65Nm torque output. It feeds on a drums that works at 36 V and 10 Ah (360 Wh) that offers an autonomy of 75 kilometers with each charge. There is also a second battery option that works at 15 Ah (540 Wh) with which 115 kilometers of autonomy.

The two Morfuns Eole and Eole X bikes are available through the microfinance platform Indiegogo at a price of 1,232 euros and 1,423 euros respectively. If the financing campaign comes to an end, the first units should be in the hands of their owners in September, in the case of the Eole X, and in October in the case of the Eole X Pro.

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