Pablo Seque, the talent of an excellent multi-instrumentalist and composer at the service of the Gospel

Pablo Seque, the talent of an excellent multi-instrumentalist and composer at the service of the Gospel

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It is difficult to classify Pablo Seque in a specific musical field but rather in different fields. He makes a wide variety of music, ranging from the composition of neoclassical instrumental works or soundtracksto the composition of songs as a singer-songwriter or pop music.

That is why it is easy to see Pablo playing in an auditorium, in a theater, a monastery, in a Eucharist, in worship, spiritual exercises or playing on radio tunes, soundtracks or even collaborating in production companies with other pop rock artists. But what is clear is that he is an authentic musician, with a personal style that makes music that is sincere, minimalist, inspired, transcendent, music that shoots straight into your interior, and that It has the clear intention of inviting you to recollection, to prayer, to admire creation, to find yourself and to praise the Lord.


Pablo Seque has a vocation received from a very young age to give his music to others and to the service of the Lord. He started composing music when he was 12 years old and he has always been writing music, so the most important moments of his life have always had their own soundtrack, a melody, a song.… For Pablo, music is the most universal language with which all human beings from any part of the world understand each other.

Sometimes, there are moments when it is difficult to communicate with words, that is where music can suddenly sneak into the heart and turn it into something new. That is why Pablo Seque says that such a powerful language that reaches so deep can only be a language of God. Paul’s favorite psalm is the one that says “Sing to the Lord a new song because he has done wonders.”

He produces his music with keyboards, synthesizers, or libraries of virtual instruments, but the instrument where he expresses himself best is with the piano, which he studied from a very young age at the Professional Conservatory of Music, he also plays other instruments in his productions that range from guitar, the violin, flutes, ocarina, saxophone…Pablo Seque currently performs piano concerts in auditoriums and theaters in his project “The Piano Charmer- (Solo Piano)” in which he presents all his compositions in a version with a single instrument, the piano, in a very close and intimate concert.

Own projects:

Pablo Seque has released several albums and singles that can be found on the main digital platforms (Youtube, spotify, iTunes, etc):

Single “Si Tú te vas” – Cover Nico Montero by Pablo Seque (2021)

Single “The Forest. Instrumental” (2022)

Album “Life” (2019)

Discovering Inside Album – 2021

Singles “Tribute” (COVID) – 2020

Single The Truth – 2020

Single Give me a Blanket – Dec-2017.

Collaborations in other projects

Rod Nosti single “spanish breakfast” (2016)

Single from “Speed ​​Of Light” (2020).

Single Psalm 50, Create in me a Pure Heart. Pablo Seque with Rubén de Lis with Rubén de Lis & Pablo Seque (2020).

Collaboration on the solidarity compilation album “You make my dream come true” with the Don Bosco Foundation of Granada (Pablo Martínez, P.Damián, Rogelio Cabado, Carmen Murillo, Matina, Migueli, Juan Carlos Prieto, Ixcis, Emilia Arija, La Voz del Desierto , Álvaro Fraile, Nico Montero, Jesús Cabello or Unai Quirós, María Vasán, Manu Escudero, Paco Fernández Del Amor, Beatriz Elamado, Olga Martínez, among others.).

Collaboration on the Christmas album “Sing With Santa” (Santa Marta) in which Hugo Salazar, Alvaro Fraile, Migueli, Pedro Sosa, Hakuna Group participate:

Single “Christmas Carol of Peace”.

Participation in the single “Canta Con Santa” recorded at Iglú Producciones.

Tunes of the Radio Program “So that they have life” and “Family Called to Holiness” on Radio Maria.

OST (Original Soundtrack) in stories of saints from the program “Family called to Holiness from Radio Maria.

Soundtracks for the Radio Maria program “Family Called to Holiness”: “Aquila and Priscilla”, “Franz Jägerstätter”, “Saint Helena”, “Pope Saint Pius X”, “Saint Teresa of Calcutta”, “Saint Dominic de Guzman”, “Saint Silvia”, “Saint Monica”, “Saint John Bosco”, “Saint John Paul II”, “Saint Basil the Great”, “Saint John of the Cross”, “Saint Augustine”, “Luis and María Beltrame-Quatrocci”, “Saint Augustine”, “The marriage Ulma, Louis and Zelie Martín”, “Saint Mary and Saint Joseph of Nazareth”…. and many more…

Composer in the adaptation of the music of the play Auto Sacramental of “The Holy Children” (written in old Castilian by Francisco de las Cuevas in 1568), a play performed by thirty actors.

In addition, he has collaborated with the Choir of the Holy Children (Alcalá de Henares) as a pianist at the Alcalá de Henares Cathedral and at the Paco de Lucía Theater (sharing the bill with the “Chicos del Coro”).

To listen

Hail Regina


If You Leave – Cover Nico Montero by Pablo Seque

Psalm 50, Create in me a Pure Heart. Pablo Seque with Ruben de Lis

The Truth- Pablo Seque

Give me a blanket. I know that

Playlist of instrumental music by Pablo Seque.

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