Evans, Bertans, Pasecniks and Wiley, registered by Coosur Betis in the right of first refusal

Evans, Bertans, Pasecniks and Wiley, registered by Coosur Betis in the right of first refusal

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The Coosur Betiswhich has been fully involved in planning for next season for weeks and has already closed up to three renewals with the aim of retaining as many players as its economy and sporting aspirations allow, has just announced this Friday that it has included in the right of first refusal to four players: Shannon Evans, Dairis Bertans, Anzejs Pasecniks, and Jacob Wiley.

It must be remembered that the right of first refusal is a mechanism that allows clubs to keep players who are out of contract, including non-community nationals, since these are also integrated into the collective contracting agreement. Of course, the fact that the Verdiblanco club has taken this step with this poker of players does not mean in any way that they will continue defending the shirt of the thirteen bars next season.

What Coosur Betis has done is submit a qualified offer to the ACB for the four that will take effect, materializing the renewal of the player staying in the Endesa League, if in the next fifteen days (from July 2 to 14 at 11:59 p.m.) the player does not present an offer from any other club in the ACB. If he presented it, Coosur Betis would have five days to take numbers and assess if he can match it, counteroffering to retain him, or consider the player lost.

The right of first refusal only affects the scope of the ACB and it does not expire, so that if these players went abroad (Wiley, who is in Japan, has already done so), the club of origin would keep their rights for when they returned, if they did, to the Endesa League. In such a way that this right, which opens tomorrow with the publication of the list of free players and those subject to offersstands as a kind of defense mechanism for his clubs.

Evans, Bertans, Pasecniks and Wiley finished their contract with Coosur Betis and the prospects of the heliopolitan club regarding the future of the four have already been more or less defined, if not completely, with the statements made in recent days by both the director sports, Berdi Perezas by the president, Ferdinand Moralesor the team coach, Louis Casimir.

Wiley signed for a Japanese team as soon as the season ended, Pasecniks hinted at his desire to compete next season in the top echelon of a team that will play European competition, Evans is “the priority” although the club is aware of the difficulty of renew it if better offers arrive from the economic and sporting point of view; and as for Bertans, with the Latvian there is more hope of retaining him, as Casimiro explained in the presentation of the third Solidarity Basket last Tuesday: «He is giving us options that he can continue. We’re doing everything we can to get Dairis here. Taxation penalizes us a lot. Important players earning the same money would be impossible to maintain due to taxation, as they are residents. We are doing the impossible so that Bertans can continue with us.”

other movements

To date, Coosur Betis has closed the renewals of Cvetkovic, Baez and BJ Johnson. Burjanadze does not continue, he has the signing of point guard Jeremiah Hill on track and is working on the renewal of Pablo Almazán, whom he will not include in the right of first refusal.

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