He's back!  Koenigsegg presents the CC850, the successor to the brand's first car (+ photos)

He’s back! Koenigsegg presents the CC850, the successor to the brand’s first car (+ photos)

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Koenigsegg has taken advantage of Pebble Beach week to present its latest release. Is he Koenigsegg CC850and it is the direct successor to the Koenisgegg CC8S, which was the first production vehicle of the small Swedish brand. The CC850 sits below the Koenigsegg Jesko superlatives and could be said to be the brand’s “access” vehicle. But this access car is a true hypercar, it is the brand’s most purist car and, furthermore, it premieres a gearbox that eliminates the boundaries between a manual gearbox and an automatic gearbox.


This acronym stands for “The World’s Most Powerful and Fastest Manual Production Car”, that is, the fastest manual production car in the world. And it is that friends, the Koenigsegg CC850 has three pedals and a very particular gearbox, which we will get to very soon. Before that, take a look at the design of the CC850. It is a much cleaner design than other Koenigsegg, full of curves and edges. It is a tribute to the CC8S, and this is evident in its silhouette, in its headlights or in the shape of its cabin and doors.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CC8S and the 50th birthday of Christian von Koenigsegg.

However, it is not a CC8S and there is not a single panel that is compatible between both cars – it is not a restomod, they do not share a single screw. The absence of large spoilers or very marked aerodynamic additions give the car a purer and more analogical appearance, which is also clearly appreciated as soon as we go into its cabin. A cabin, not surprisingly, built in the center of the carbon fiber monocoque, and with this material very present in the cabin. From the cabin I want to highlight, first of all, the beautiful analog instrumentation.

A work of art worthy of a Swiss watchmaker, with three concentric clocks on the central dial and six additional clocks on the two side dials. Nobody wants a digital instrumentation being able to have this dance of needles in front of them. The bucket seats are made of carbon fiber and have the orange details that the CC8S boasted, but the most striking thing is in the center console. It’s not your screen, it’s the grille of a manual gearbox. A jewel of engineering and technique which is, in truth, much more than a manual transmission.

The roof is a removable hardtop, just like in the old days.

Actually, we are not talking about a manual change, but about the Koenigsegg Light-Speed ​​Transmission gearbox, nine relationships and seven clutches. The gearbox behaves as if it were manual, in the sense that it is possible to change gears as if it were a conventional gearbox, acting the lever – with an excellent and mechanical touch – on the gearbox control system. Nevertheless, we have to use the clutch to change gear and get moving.

The clutch is a simulation, but deep down, it is not. This car does not have a conventional flywheel or clutch, but the pedal acts directly on the pressure to which the gearbox clutches are subjected. If you are rough or let go too quickly, you can stall the car. However, it is possible to handle this gearbox in sequential automatic mode, and since it is a gearbox with nine relationships and we can only act on six, Koenigsegg allows you to choose between six short and six long gearsa group for street marches, another for circuit.

In the same car you have a six-speed manual transmission and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Wonderful!

In a way, it is as if it were the change of a truck, saving the obvious differences. This cool gearbox is joined by a 5.0 V8 engine supercharged by two turbos. This engine is the same engine as the Jesko, but with smaller turbos and less lag. The propellant develops 1,385 hp burning bioethanol E85, in addition to 1,385 Nm of torque. The weight of the car is 1,385 kg, therefore, it has a 1kg/hp power-to-weight ratio. Only 50 units of the Koenisegg CC850 will be produced, at a price that has not been announced.

If you have to ask the price, by the way, you can’t afford it.

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