The 33 best quotes from "The Neverending Story"

The 33 best quotes from “The Neverending Story”

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“The Neverending Story” is today a classic of children’s literature. We collect below the most popular phrases of the novel.

The 33 best phrases of

Last update: 04 July, 2022

The endless story is a fantasy novel by Michael Ende, published in 1979. It was originally published in German under the title Die unendliche Geschichte and it was a great success. Given its popularity, it was translated into English and other languages, at which point it achieved worldwide fame. Today we gather the best phrases of The endless story to pay tribute.

Many know the novel from its 1984 film adaptation.. It has since had dozens of adaptations for the big screen, not to mention audiobooks, plays, animated series, comics, and even authorized and unauthorized novels.

The best quotes from “The Neverending Story”

Michael Ende published a dozen works, although none of them achieved as much international popularity as The endless story. He has been one of the most popular children’s science fiction and fantasy authors of the 20th century, so its titles have been published in dozens of languages ​​and have sold millions of copies.

We leave you with the best phrases of The endless story accompanied by curiosities.

1. “There are many kinds of joy, but they all lead to one: the joy of being loved.”

The first English translation was made in 1983. This was not done for free, as the work had been at the top of the best-selling book list for 113 days. Der Spiegel.

2. “Oddly enough, horror loses its power to scare when repeated too often.”

The original edition was published in red and green. In red the arguments that alluded to the human world were collected, in green the arguments that took place in the fantasy land. The illustrations also followed this dynamic.

3. “Without a past you cannot have a future”.

The work has been published in some 40 languages ​​and has sold nearly 10 million copies.

4. “Like all true transformations it was as slow and smooth as the growth of a plant.”

It has had several film adaptations. The most popular has been the trilogy first released in 1984. The first installment was a commercial success.Not to mention the most expensive production in history made outside of the United States and the Soviet Union.

5. “There are men who risk their lives to climb a mountain. No one, not even themselves, can explain why.”

This adaptation, the trilogy, further promoted the success of the novel among non-German audiences. The last installment of the trilogy was released in 1994 and differs in the argument from the original work.

6. “Human passions are a mystery, the same thing happens to children as it does to adults. Those who are carried away by them cannot explain them. And those who have not experienced them cannot understand them.”

Despite applause from the public and critics, the author did not show a slight sympathy for the adaptation. In fact, refused to have his name shown in the opening credits.

7. “And joy filled him from head to toe, joy of living and joy of being himself.”

In the scene of the Ivory Tower, in the film adaptation, several cameos of fantasy characters appear. Among them you can see Yoda, C-3PO, Mickey Mouse, ET and Gumby.

8. “I would like to know what really happens in a book when it is closed. Naturally, there are only letters printed on the paper inside, but nevertheless something must happen, because when I open it, a whole story suddenly appears”.

Given the technological limitations of the time, many of the mythical scenes of the novel are not included in the film adaptation.

9. “Wishes cannot be summoned or withheld at will. They come from a deeper interior than good or bad intentions. And they pop up without warning.

The German version is seven minutes longer compared to the US version. This also varies in terms of the musical score.

10. “Some think that their only hope of happiness lies in being someone else, and they spend their whole lives traveling from one place to another.”

The tape took a whole year to record, contrary to the three months that were planned. The production also far exceeded the initial budget.

11. “When it comes to controlling humans, there is no better instrument than lies.”

Nowadays, most of the people who approach the novel are adults. In fact, the average age of its readers ranges between 18 and 34 years.

12. “It matters a lot when and how something is done for someone.”

The album Wooden Heart by the American band Listener is partially inspired by the novel, both in its characters and in its plot.

13. “He’s a good guy. If only he weren’t completely insane!”

Between 2003 and 2004 several sequels inspired by the characters and plots, but with a different plot, were released. There were six novels in all. which were published through the editorial AVA Internacional.

14. “What he had hoped for turned out to be his downfall and what he had hated, his salvation.”

The play has been adapted around the world for stage, opera, ballet and musical productions. The main ones have been made in Canada, the United States and Germany.

15. “Without memory, how are you going to find your way back to where you came from?”

Several adaptations for television series have also been made in Canada. The first and most important dates from 1995, and had a total of 26 episodes.

16. “Up until that moment I had always wanted to be someone different from him, but I didn’t want to change.”

Several adaptations have also been published. The endless story for video games. The first of these was released in 1985 for the Atari 800, the Commodore 64, and the Spectrum, among others.

17. “Humans live by beliefs, and beliefs can be manipulated.”

Michael Ende was already an established writer before publishing The endless story. His success came with his first novel, Jim Button and Luke the Machinist (1960).

18. “Nothing can happen more than once, but all things must happen one day.”

In total, Ende published 5 novels and a dozen children’s stories. She also published stories for adult audiences, plays, poems, and essays.

19. “Maybe all the people who say ghosts don’t exist are just afraid to admit they do.”

The endless story is very popular in Japan, in part because the author himself was fascinated by the country. Many of his works, including this one, feature direct allusions to his culture.

20. “My will can control anything that is empty.”

The work has been analyzed from different points of view. Religious, Jungian and even prophetic symbols have been sought.

21. “A person’s reason for doing a good deed is as important as the deed itself.”

The novel has not lost interest despite the passing of the years. In part this is due to his adaptations, which serve as an introduction to the 400-plus-page book. Just to name a recent example, it was adapted in 2019 to the Stratford Festival by David S. Craig.

22. “He felt very lonely, but there was a kind of pride in his loneliness.”

Today it is considered a classic of children’s and youth literature. The phrases of The endless story show why.

23. “He had never been willing to believe that life had to be as gray and boring as people said.”

In its beginnings it was thought as a work that would not exceed 100 pages and would be written in a couple of months. In the end it took more than two years to write and exceeded 400 pages.

24. “Once someone dreams a dream, they cannot simply cease to exist. But if the dreamer cannot remember it, what about him?

As expected, the aesthetic details increased the production costs. These details remained in almost all translations, something that did not hinder the sales of the book at all.

25. “What I have started I must finish. I’ve gone too far to turn back. Regardless of what may happen, I have to keep going.”

Very few publishers choose to publish the novel in black and white. This to preserve the essence of the original edition.

26. “I longed to be loved just the way I was. Good or bad, handsome or ugly, smart or stupid, with all his faults, or possibly because of them”.

The first edition had 20,000 copies, although these sold out in the first few weeks. A total of 15 editions were published during the first 3 years, which accumulated more than a million copies.

27. “A story can be new and yet speak of the past. The past comes into existence with history.

Ende never confirmed or denied the interpretations they made of his work. He didn’t give any more opinions about it either.

28. “Some are so intent on winning a game of chance that they lose everything they own.”

When the film adaptation had already started, Ende tried to cancel the rights contract. This because he did not like that the script was so far from the original story. Because he was facing a million-dollar lawsuit, he opted to withdraw from the project.

29. “Only the correct name gives beings and things their reality. A wrong name makes everything unreal.”

Special versions of the work have been published for Germany, Japan and the United States. Some of these with unpublished chapters that have not been translated into other languages.

30. “You want something, you’ve wanted it for years, and you’re sure you want it, as long as you know you can’t have it.”

The book launch received both positive and negative reviews. Some considered it a piece of art in itself, others as very colorful and in poor taste.

31. “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”

The original edition of the work was published in hardcover and not in paperback. According to the author, his intention was for the book to be as similar as possible to the book that Bastian steals from Mr. Coreander.

32. “The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.”

Michael Ende died in 1995 of stomach cancer. The disease had been diagnosed only a year before.

33. “You must live your story.”

We finish our best phrases of The neverending story suggesting that you relive the characters, the plot and the plot of this incredible work that today is already a classic among children and adults. Don’t be afraid to approach all of their adaptations, especially the ones that aren’t that popular. This story is endless…

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