Logistics, data, cybersecurity and automation startups will create new solutions together with Correos

Logistics, data, cybersecurity and automation startups will create new solutions together with Correos

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MADRID, June 30. (Portaltic/EP) –

Eight startups who work in fields such as logistics, data, cybersecurity or automation will collaborate with Correos for six months to create “innovative and useful solutions for the company, its customers and society”.

This has been indicated by Correos when announcing the winners of the fourth edition of the Lehnica Changer Challenge, your program startup accelerationin an event held at CorreosLabs, the innovation and coworking center of the public company, located in Madrid.

Aldoratech, Eos Connectivity, Esus Ecomobility, Expai, eSignus, Deliverty, Ubyko and Sunnerbox have been the selected ‘startups’. They will be able to develop a pilot of their solution together with a Correos team and will receive 15,000 euros, personalized mentoring and access to the CorreosLabs ecosystem and space.


The company chaired by Juan Manuel Serrano has stated that it will make all its resources available to the winners, thus reaffirming its “commitment to innovation and support for entrepreneurship”.

More than 150 projects –mostly logistics– took part in the Lehnica Changer Challenge, which in this edition was aimed at newly created companies with a maximum age of five years, since Correos’ intention was to choose mature startups capable of developing the pilot of their solution within a period of six months.

The winners have presented their business ideas at this Thursday’s event. In logistics, projects were sought that would allow improve logistics experience both globally and in the aspects that make it up, such as traceability, new delivery models, urban logistics, circular economy, energy efficiency, new logistics models, dynamic deliveries, ‘drones’ or autonomous vehicles.


In this area, one of the winners is Aldoratech, which has proposed a comprehensive autonomous last-mile air transport service through ‘drones’ created with 3D printers, to complement conventional terrestrial services.

According to Aldoratech, this would allow Correos to deliver a greater number of packages and could even be used to the distribution of urgent packages and to make deliveries in areas of high logistical complexity.

Eos Connectivity has also been awarded, in its case for a project of sensing of electric vehicles that would facilitate the connection of these with managers and users and would allow services of greater added value to be carried out. With the help of Correos, a connected vehicle platform would be validated for the distribution and specific distribution in areas of low population density.

The other ‘startup’ in the logistics section is Esus Ecomobility, which is committed to vehicles with a remote driving system that incorporate an innovative postman follow mode, so that they are capable of developing more agile and efficient delivery routes, even through pedestrian areas.

In the ‘data driven’ area, the winning ‘startup’ was Expai, whose solution enhances the value of artificial intelligence (AI) by increasing efficiency in the development of new data models. Identifies possible biases thanks to the creation of a transparent and explainable AI, which could be used by Correos as support in decision making, thus increasing productivity.

As a cybersecurity solution, the one proposed by eSignus has been recognized, which complements Correos’ value proposition by giving easy and secure access to crypto assets for all its customers. Its solution covers purchases through SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and the Correos prepaid card, with the potential to turn this company into a facilitating and democratizing agent for access to crypto assets.


In the field of automation, the selected ‘startup’ has been Deliberty, which develops a smart mailbox software that would solve the problems of delivery and return of parcels without the need for attendance, creating a shared network between institutions, businesses and individuals.

The devices could be integrated with the different platforms that Correos already has, adapting to the needs of any environment or situation.

Linked to the automation and improvement of the user experience, Ubyko’s proposal, another of the winners, suggests transforming the offices for the automation and storage of the so-called ‘quickcommerce’.

It is based on the development of the first intelligent warehouse system connected to the street through an ATM operating 24 hours a daywithout personnel and with absolute control of the products in real time, to make ultra-fast deliveries, in between 10 and 30 minutes.

Lastly, in the social sphere, the winning startup was Sunnerbox, which has devised a multi-platform powered solely by renewable energy sources.

The ‘micro hubs’ geographically distributed in urban and rural environments would act as collection points and as a Post Office multi-platform with different services associated with urban mobility. This, according to Sunnerbox, would broaden the brand experience and promote economic and social development that is compatible with respect for and preservation of the environment.

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