Impressions Cult of the Lamb: In the end you could be at mass and ringing

Impressions Cult of the Lamb: In the end you could be at mass and ringing

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We have been very pleasantly surprised at how well it blends Cult of the Lamb management genres and roguelite in a single experience with own soul. He is not the first to do it, and it remains to be seen if he is one of the best or not, but in the hours that we have been able to test the preliminary version of him, it has become clear to us that knows how to balance the two main facets that make up its game structure without one being carried away by the other. We have been waiting for this proposal for some time, attracted by the peculiar satanic-adorable style that the independent studio brings to the table Massive Monsterand after testing it in depth (with a preliminary version longer than the Steam demo) we can only reaffirm our desire to see it released on August 11 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

Manage your own satanic sect!

Undoubtedly what is most striking Cult of the Lamb is that, since he drops us on his own behalf, much of his experience is based on allowing us create and manage our own sect. The curious thing is that we are adorable little animals with a childish design, so the contrast between the satanic and the cute inevitably attracts us. It must be recognized that it is a good hook, and although it maintains that Flash game touch in some details, the truth is that Massive Monster has managed to carry with very good taste the aesthetic they have chosen for their project.

In the dungeons we will find little animals that will join our sect if we save them from the sacrifice. Each one will have their personalities, but we can edit appearance and name.

Although it is the main premise of the game, the management of the sect will not begin until a good few minutes have passed: the first thing we are going to do in Cult of the Lamb is related to its other facet, that of real time action. It all starts when the established religion wants to sacrifice us to the ancient gods; not us, but the protagonist of the game, the last lamb on the face of the earth. When the ax falls on our neck, we are teleported to a completely empty space in which a chained deity picks us up and orders us to lead her cult, giving us the mission of creating a religious organization around her.

Conquer faith with sword strikes

As you can imagine, our sect is not going to be exactly pacifist. This deity charges us with founding her church, but also ending the enemy religion. It is a task with which we can more or less agree, since after all its four leaders were the ones who they tried to sacrifice us. That’s how cleverly the premise of Cult of the Lamb: In just a couple of scenes we already have a reason to found a sect, an adequate number of enemies to be able to face them alone and a divine power that we will use both in combat and in the management of the cult.

At the beginning of each dungeon we will receive a weapon and a special power randomly, although we can change them if we find others.
At the beginning of each dungeon we will receive a weapon and a special power randomly, although we can change them if we find others.

Now that we have the premise, it’s time to establish the game cycle. It’s simple, really: the action part is based on a format roguelite which takes us to several scenarios (four, the same number of enemy religious leaders) in the form of randomly arranged dungeons. In each level there will be a series of base enemies, others something more special and a final boss. Each crusade (which is what dungeon raids are called here) will give us several useful resources for different aspects of the game, from the traditional experience to level up to materials to improve the base camp of our sect, going through new followers whom we can convert.

More than a fusion between two genres

Being a hybrid between roguelite Y tycoonthe resources that we will find in the dungeons they are much more varied than they could be in a pure action game. In fact sometimes we will have to make decisions, choose one path or another depending on what we want to achieve. Once we complete the crusade, we will return to the sect to take care of that: give sermons, build new buildingsmake food for the faithful There is a wide range of options to manage the church, practically the same ones that we could expect from a management title and nothing more.

The combat system is made m
The combat system becomes more varied and fun thanks to special powers.

As we said at the beginning, this good mix between both genres It is what we liked the most of what we have been able to try Cult of the Lamb in this preview version. The game is full of details that demonstrate know-how in both facets, but there are also good ideas that arise in the convergence between the two styles: a detail that may be insignificant but that we liked a lot is that the faithful of the sect lose faith when we die in a dungeon, because no matter how much the deity resurrects us, our image as tables has been deteriorated.

With more desire than ever for August 11 to arrive

We still have much to discover Cult of the Lambespecially considering the depth that characterizes the two genres that it combines, but the truth is that this first approach has left us with very good feelings: It has an interesting variety of content, the combat system promises to be a lot of fun, the gameplay flows consistently, and the tone is charismatic without being carried away by the grotesque. We have undoubtedly reaffirmed our interest in the project, although we still have to see how it behaves in the long terma fundamental aspect of this type of proposal.

We have written these impressions with an access code to the preview version of the PC game provided by Cosmocover.

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