The best Bluetooth speakers

The best Bluetooth speakers

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There are songs that are written for the summer. But going to the beach or the mountains and not being able to enjoy your favorite ‘playlist’ because sand or water has leaked into the speaker, or it has run out of battery, can spoil your excursion. For this reason, the design of Bluetooth speakers increasingly takes into account the autonomy of the battery and its resistance to water and other external agents.

Here is a selection of the best speakers so you can enjoy your favorite music outdoors without worrying about the speaker battery, getting wet, or even that the sound quality is not the best.

For outdoor events

From SCIJOY comes this powerful Bluetooth Speaker with radio. Provides high-definition stereo surround sound, clearly distinguishable bass and treble. Includes integrated color LED lights when playing that creates a good party atmosphere. It also has FM function, to listen to the radio. Its high-capacity battery (4000 mAh) allows autonomy of more than 30 hours. Also, it can be used as a power bank. You can charge your mobile phone in an emergency, and it comes with an AUX cable. It is waterproof, suitable for outdoor plans.

The best sound

The MIFA SoundBox’s dual drivers deliver high-definition stereo sound and powerful bass. It includes True Wireless Stereo coupling technology, which allows you to pair two A20 speakers of the same Bluetooth type to emulate a ‘surround’ system. The 4000 mAh battery can play up to 70% volume for up to 12 hours of continuous playback and takes 200 minutes to recharge. Its built-in microphone enables hands-free calls with clear voice transmission, and it offers additional audio options via Micro-SD support and 3.5mm audio input. Its Bluetooth technology easily connects to all compatible devices at a distance of up to 20 meters.

Take control

TOMPROAD includes a remote control in its speaker and it is the first that stands out as being especially aimed at parties and outdoor events. It has 3 speakers to deliver powerful stereo sound and amazing bass. Its integrated Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission reaches 10 meters. You can also play audio from laptops, computers, MP3 players via auxiliary input. It has a smart remote control and digital display. It has colored flashing LED lights that sync with the music and is controlled from the remote. Its built-in FM radio function, you can automatically search and save all available stations or manually enter a radio station via remote control.

Prepared for the excursion

The AY speaker combines two 15W speakers with two passive bass radiator diaphragms on the sides with stereo DSP audio technology to achieve 360° stereo sound with deep bass. Its noise reduction technology provides superior sound quality, balanced and crystal clear bass. Its Bluetooth 5.0 with instant pairing maintains a stable connection at a distance of up to 15 meters. Its 5000 mAh rechargeable battery allows you to listen to up to 24 hours of music. With the 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack, play on a non-Bluetooth device. Built-in microphone with built-in noise reduction technology for clearer calls. It is drop and water resistant, including total immersion, so you can use it fearlessly in the shower, hiking, camping, at the beach, during extreme activities, or in the garden.

This selection attempts to encapsulate the benefits of a Bluetooth speaker. Increasingly, Bluetooth technology is chosen when making outdoor plans, due to the autonomy they guarantee and the absence of connection cables, which gives greater mobility to devices. Therefore, if you plan to go on an excursion this summer, make sure you choose the amplifier that best suits your needs.

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