Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 possible?  The second part tends to infinity 6 years later

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 possible? The second part tends to infinity 6 years later

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Almost six years have passed since dragon ball xenoverse 2 went on sale. The title, published just a year and a half after the first installment, maintained the base of the original (including secondary missions) and expanded in content and proposal what we had seen in 2015. Everything seemed to indicate that we were going to an almost annuity of the saga , but the path was not that, quite the opposite. More than eight million copies sold – the most successful Dragon Ball game – and a fortnight of DLC later, Xenoverse 3 seems more distant and unlikely than ever. And with reason.

At the beginning of this 2022 it occurred to us to return to the title of bandai namco. During these years we have done what a large part of the public does: play the first few months of 2016 a lot and then leave it behind for other news until some DLC arrived with new characters, attacks and missions that made us return for a few hours. An irregular and punctual return, but that the game has tried to make it much more than that. Xenoverse 2 has adopted the game-service formula (and here we can put as examples like Destiny 2 even a Lost Ark) and has managed to persist over time.

What it costs to get this Goku suit. But it’s worth it, huh.

Play, get daily rewards, come back the next day

We are before a action-rpg with a large amount of content in the form of secondary missions, temporary events and rewards of all kinds that invite you to replay: from costumes to accessories, through special attacks. Even if we do hit combos and throw Kame Hame Ha, the reality is that the format is the same as many of the long-term games we have today: we enter daily or weekly, we repeat our missions, we get daily rewards, we improve our team, we make a new build and start again. A site to return to on a recurring basis: that’s what you’ve achieved Xenoverse 2.

On the one hand, the plot has been growing little by little with new missions and cinematics (and paid DLC). On the other hand, the temporary events have invited us to participate in tournaments, to fight in raids against great enemies or to meet new trainers so that they can give us their skills, all with a certain catch: we have had free updates -and some of them quite important- but The expansion of the Xenoverse 2 world has been fed with paid DLC.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 possible?  The second part goes to infinity 6 years later

Future Gohan with Goku SSB against hundreds of Janemba. Anything is possible in the Xenoverse 2 story.

New characters, DLC and community votes

This has caused new attacks, new characters (the template is spectacular and the most modern we can find) and an investment every several months that, individually, does not seem like much (although if you add the total amount…) and that also increased the number of side quests (there are already 150) that are the backbone of multiplayer and rewards.

All this has been giving life to a community that has also felt part of all this. The voting system established by Dimps allows players from time to time to vote on what new characters they want to see via DLC, what new clothes, abilities and pets they want and other elements that on the one hand give power to the player and on the other stretch the game much more than we could have ever imagined.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 possible?  The second part goes to infinity 6 years later

Democracy to choose future DLC.

Is that you Xur?

As with the legendary vendor in the Destiny saga, Xenoverse 2 has adopted rotating elements that invite (or force) you to return to the game on a regular basis. We have spent weeks entering the store of TP medals to see if they put Goku Ultra Instinct’s most devastating attack on sale. One day came and we were able to complete that build we were doing to compete in the RRPBecause yes, because when you go back to Xenoverse 2, comb everything to the level of getting platinum six years later and there are still dozens of things to do, you think that fighting other players can also be fun (and it is).

Do you want the grandmaster suit with which Goku said goodbye to Dragon Ball Z after leaving with Uub? No problem, you can get it. That was one of our obsessions in the return to the game, and said costume (almost everything you can imagine from Dragon Ball is already in Xenoverse 2) was achieved with a quest of its own. Talk to Uub, buy a gift for him -so we had to do missions to earn TP medals, because they are not cheap- and then give it to him to first unlock a fight and then another very difficult one against him and against Goku. If you win, you get the full set that boosts all of our stats.

And this example is valid for many other things. Xenoverse 2 plays with our desire to collect clothes and skills, with the power to make powerful characters in different facets that we will later use for PVE or PVP, and with that extreme customization experience that RPGs have but in Dragon Ball format. Today, we see no difference with our companions who enter the Lost Ark daily to perform tasks and quests that bring them new rewards. That has been his hook.

xenoverse 2

The Coliseum of heroeswhich allows you to collect figures and play on the board against the CPU or against players, the possibility of fighting as a great villain against six players in expert missions and the tokipedia with all its variants in history are some of the contents that have expanded our Conton City with success It will be said that the formula can be repetitive, and it is true, but despite the fact that it maintains certain playable flaws that we already saw in 2016 (anticlimactic moments when fighting with blows that do not connect, attacks that are cut because a cinematic appears, etc.) , the formula has proven to be balanced and efficient in the long term.

What’s to Come: Awakened Warrior Pack

And to all this, during this summer the new Awakened Warrior Pack DLC. It is a new content that brings with it a new story mission with Darbra as the protagonist, new secondary missions with Dyspo Y Goku Ultra Instinct signal as claims, new loading screens and of course, the two characters mentioned to expand the playable template. To all this is added that the Legend Patrol Pack, something that allows you to play the story of the first Xenoverse and was on Switch, will also arrive (for a fee) on the other platforms. Not forgetting new costumes and pets from what people voted for in previous elections.

Is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 possible?  The second part goes to infinity 6 years later

Another brilliant idea was creating art for the loading screens (everlasting on PS4 and Xbox One). And collecting them is part of the game. Some are brutal, like this one.

And then? We’ll see. We have not been told that it is the last DLC available nor does it seem to be, considering that the time of announcements of games has already passed, that the next one to come is The Breakers (although he is missing in action) and that both Dragon Ball Super and the new movie superhero are giving a number of ideas, characters and transformations that can feed xenoverse 2 for much longer. Xenoverse 2 is on sale on Steam and also on PS4/Ps5. Many think that Xenoverse 3 can wait. Reasons they have.

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