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Xbox, the first console to reduce its carbon footprint with a feature to take advantage of renewable electricity production

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  • Xbox Insiders will see how their consoles will automatically update to Off, a smart mode that minimizes consumption when the console is not in use and automatically wakes it up for updates and downloads when power production is coming from more power sources. renewable energy.
  • The use of the Off mode instead of the traditional Standby means reducing power consumption by up to 20 times.

Microsoft has announced that Xbox Insiders will see their Xbox Series X|S consoles automatically update to the Off (power saving) option. This setting change will reduce power consumption while the console is turned off, without affecting performance, gameplay, or the ability to receive nightly system, game, or application updates. It’s the most sustainable power option for Xbox, consuming up to 20 times less electricity than the Sleep setting.

This update is part of Xbox’s ongoing efforts to achieve Microsoft’s sustainability goals: to be a carbon-negative, water-positive, and zero-waste company by 2030. That’s why Xbox is rethinking how it designs , manufactures, distributes and uses its products, while exploring how to create opportunities for its global gaming community to make choices that can reduce their environmental impact while gaming.

Xbox Insiders who use Off (power saving) as the setting and have their Xbox Series X|S consoles set to allow automatic updates will also receive an update that will make their console emission-friendly. This means reducing the console’s carbon footprint by optimizing updates and download times at times when energy production comes mostly from renewable energy sources.

For every two Xbox consoles that switch to Off (energy saving), you will stop emitting the same amount of carbon that planting and caring for a tree would take away for a decade. (This data is based on an average of Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles being turned Off (power saving) for 20 hours per day for one year; actual power savings vary by console and other factors using the power calculator the EPA).

Xbox thus becomes the first video game console that manages game downloads and updates taking carbon emissions into account at all times. Although only available to Xbox Insiders for now, all Xbox users will soon have the opportunity to update their consoles with this environmentally friendly update.

additional functionalities

  • Improved sustainability with Active Hours and Sleep. Another update to power settings that has already started rolling out to Xbox Insiders is the new Active Hours settings. For those who select the Sleep power option, you can now indicate active hours for your console, so your console will boot quickly and be available for remote wake-up during selected hours.
  • Xbox continues to explore options for all gamers to reduce their environmental footprint. Starting yesterday, Xbox One consoles have new power mode options, including Off (power saving). Xbox One consoles will test various messaging options to determine the best way to notify players of the change. This initiative is intended to offer Xbox One console gamers the opportunity to give feedback on their experience.

Xbox encourages all gamers to become more aware of the power setting options available to them. Players who are not part of the Xbox Insider Program and want to select the best power saving option before the automatic update can do so at Settings > General > Power Options.

For more information, please visit the Xbox Wire post. To learn more about Xbox’s actions in the field of sustainability, click here.

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