Hitman 3 Preview: Ambrose Island

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About a month ago, we had the great opportunity to visit in person the new offices of IO Interactive, the development studio of the latest Hitman trilogy, in Barcelona. Becoming one of the most important studios currently in Barcelona, ​​in addition to opening a wide range of opportunities for many young developers to enter the industry.

But not only did we go to see the spectacular offices inside, but we were also able to attend a presentation of the next free content that will come to Hitman 3, presented mainly by Eduard López Plans, director of IO Interactive Barcelona, ​​together with several key members of the development of this trilogy, who came from Denmark and Sweden to show us this «Ambrose Island». And today it is our turn to guide you through this Hitman 3: Ambrose Island trailer.

A tropical island ready to be explored

As they have accustomed us from the first installment, IO Interactive has created a tropical island for us toagain as Agent 47, we have to deal with the two main objectives that await us there, along with the different secondary missions that will help us make our mission much easier (or so we hope).

From what we could see, the map will have many hidden nooks and crannies for us to discover and take advantage of, something that is already a “house brand” and that, going through urban areas, fashion shows and luxury parties, now we will have to stain ourselves with mud and immerse ourselves in the criminal underworld that has been established on Ambrose Island.

As Agent 47, we will have to be as silent as possible

In this mission, we will have to take care of the two leaders who run the show on this remote island: Akka, the most unsavory woman 47 has ever seen, and Noel, a lieutenant who is not very smart, but who can set things right for us. very difficult. In the demo, they showed us several mini-games that we can play, the sea of ​​fun, and will make our stay in Ambrose Island something much more peaceful. But, as always, there will be more than one method to take care of both objectives, and IO Interactive showed us one of many.

On this route, we had to do a few assignments sent to us by a native of the island, who gave us a lot of information about Akka and Noel, which we used to get closer to them. Later, having stolen the suit (of course) from a personal guard, we were able to follow Akka to his base, where we witnessed how the two leaders started an argument (47 may have been a little to blame… Or not, that’s up to you to find out). himself), which ends with the leader getting rid of her lieutenant in a way… Very unexpected, this being one of several ways to get rid of targets.

Hitman 3 Preview: Ambrose Island 2

Hitman is in very good hands…

When we saw Square Enix get rid of many of its biggest franchises and studios, many of us freaked out as we didn’t know where they were going. But, after seeing the passion that IO Interactive Barcelona (and the two remaining studios) have put into creating this excellent content totally free… It would be lying if we said that the Agent 47 franchise was in bad hands.

It shows that the work created by IO Interactive exudes love everywhere, and that is something that must be valued much more than what is currently done. In addition, the policy that the study has been following regarding free content is praiseworthy, and something that other companies should look to replicate. Fans of the saga should be in luck because a studio like IO Interactive is in charge of this classic franchise, and don’t despair… Agent 47 remains for a long, long time.

Hitman 3 Preview: Ambrose Island 3

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