Nadal: 'I have never been afraid of the day of my retirement'

Nadal: ‘I have never been afraid of the day of my retirement’

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Rafael Nadal is already in the third round of Wimbledon 2022 after overcoming a new challenge. Ricardas Berankis snatched a set from him, but the man from Manaco showed an improved version after the rain suspension, uncovering a much more aggressive tennis with the roof closed. However, the Manacorí went through Press conference and was asked about several questions that go beyond today’s game, among which are names like Emma Raducanu either Iga Swiatek and a topic that he has always spoken about with total frankness: the day of his retirement, a day feared by many but that Rafa promises to embrace naturally. In this regard, he left some very revealing statements: two weeks ago, according to him, found “near” to consider stopping.

Feelings of victory today

“Honestly, it wasn’t my best start, but it was the best ending. I played well at the end of the match, the level of the fourth set was a major improvement for me. In the rest of things I still have a lot of room for improvement. One win in four sleeves, today I spent three hours on the court again on the court, which helps a lot. As for the break, it’s part of tennis, I couldn’t complain. Maybe at first they thought it would be a short drizzle and they didn’t want to close the roof immediately, that’s the information I have. I respect that and I understand, we are in an outdoor tournament, but the situation can change, as it did. I think it was the right process.”

Is there greater caution after positive cases of COVID?

“There is a reality. There is no more. A good friend of mine, like Roberto Bautista, has had to retire today with another case. When this type of thing happens it is because there are surely enough cases around. I am not doing too many things, I am simply for here and I stay at home, I don’t go out at all. It’s part of the very demanding world we’ve found ourselves in over the last two years. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do things as usual, because at some point we have to open everything again, we need to be free and live a normal life, and it seems that COVID is now less dangerous. At the same time, when you open everything, this kind of thing can happen. I can’t add more.”

The recurring question about withdrawal

“My philosophy is that a couple of weeks ago I was close to retirement. Now I don’t feel that way (laughs). I’ve never been afraid for that day to come. I’m happy to have lived a very happy life outside of tennis, more beyond that tennis is a very important part of my life in the last 30 years. I have been happy outside of it, without a doubt. There are many things that I like to do beyond tennis, it does not worry me, but it is clear that when When that day comes, I will live a change. In this life, every change requires time to adapt. It is normal for people to talk about the retirement of great athletes, since they have been in the elite for a long time, especially in very popular sports that form part of people’s lives.

For example, I love watching Tiger Woods. Now I can’t see him play that often. In a way that is a change in my life too. I imagine that people will think the same of me, or they will think the same as fans of Roger or Novak when they are not playing: they become a fundamental part of a person’s daily life, since they are an inspiration.

Any advice for Emma Raducanu? (She was wearing Rafa’s polo shirt at a press conference a couple of days ago)

“I’m not a big fan of giving advice, really. I think people close to her usually have the best advice because they know her personal situation. I’ve never had much interaction with her, but her triumph at the last US Open was impressive. I watched the final and he played in a way that was hard to believe. From there, it’s hard to deal with all that success at that point in your life, but I wish him all the best. I think he’s a great personality for our sport. he’s having a tough year, but on the other hand he’s already won a Grand Slam at a very early stage in his career, which I think will give him peace of mind to keep improving over time. I hope he gets opportunities soon.”

They also asked about Iga Swiatek

“I’ve messaged her a couple of times because what she’s playing is crazy. The way she’s able to keep her focus and winning spirit for so long is unbelievable. It’s hard to make everything that she’s making come true. , if I’m not mistaken she hasn’t lost a match since Indian Wells, that’s amazing. Also, when she plays well, it’s very difficult to stop her because her shots are a little different. They have a lot of power and she is able to move very well. When she is with confidence it’s going to be very hard to stop her. I quite like her, she has a very positive attitude and is a breath of fresh air in the world of tennis. I’m quite happy that a girl like her is so successful.”

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