SWEETIE.  From Madrid to Mexico, passing through Coachella and Bilbao BBK Live

SWEETIE. From Madrid to Mexico, passing through Coachella and Bilbao BBK Live

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With its somewhat electric eighties/nineties rhythms and comparisons as precise in its lyrics as that of “Tamagotchi”, we can say without fail that Paola, María and Alicia are the voices with which an entire generation identifies. And it is that, who has not found in his lyrics that girl who, despite having just met in line at the bathroom of a nightclub, becomes the best support to vent about your ex?

In their few years of joint career (and with a global pandemic in between), Cariño can boast of having shared a poster with giants like Harry Styles or Billie Eilish, in addition to having won over the Latin American public with his recent tour. Keep reading to discover everything that is girl band has lived… and all they have left to live!

María, Paola, Alicia, surely you have been asked a thousand times, but: what is the best and the worst of being a band?

The best thing is that in the end we are three people adding our talent and thus, things are born that could not be born otherwise. The worst thing is having to continually agree (laughs).

How do you combine the group with your personal projects?

In our free time we can still choose between partying more or less, or working on other things… but if there’s one thing we’re all clear about today, it’s that Cariño is our priority.

Now that you already have a certain journey, what differences have you noticed between this debut album and your first LP?

Now we know what we want and what we don’t and this experience, of course, is reflected in our work. Every day you spend on this you learn new things and all this adds up to end up defining your sound.

How do you notice that your evolution has been, both at a sound level and at an image level?

We believe that it has become more complex because we have put more care, care, dedication and, above all, time into it.

Has it been in line with your personal evolution?

Personally, we’ve also learned a lot, sometimes with a bang (laughs)… but of course, without wanting to romanticize it, it has made us better in many aspects. Now we are more proud of who we are and why we are.

The presentation of your first album was accompanied by a trilogy of video clips that narrate the theft of some tapes. Is this intended to be a reflection of reality, wanting to send a message about the industry? Is it a coincidence that the one who robs you is a group of boys?

Actually this was more an idea of ​​the director, Diego Disco Rosa. It’s a group of guys because we wanted it to be the antithesis of Cariño, that’s why they’re called Asco. It could be understood as a reflection of reality, yes, although really that comparison may be fortuitous, but we like it.

You took advantage of the recording of those videos to throw a party with some of the funniest cameos. How were those days of recording? How was that guest list set up?

They are our friends. We said, “hey, do you want to come to a party in a mansion with a pool?” And everyone wanted. The days of recording were quite intense, a huge team and super dedicated. It was three days non-stop to record the 3 video clips and the rest of visualizers of the album, but as always, Diego made it super fun.

There are cameos, but no collaboration. Is there any intention to introduce you to the world behind this decision? However, will we soon have an explosive alliance like that ‘Airplane Mode’ with Natalia Lacunza?

Since we’ve put a lot more time and care into it this time around, we think the album is a bit of a real debut of our sound. Also, what we had previously was an 8-song mini LP, but we had never put out a real full-length.

As for collaborations, we’re working on it… At the moment we can’t say more <3.

How has the experience of crossing the pond been? What has been your favorite concert in Latin America?

Incredible! A dream. All the concerts have been quite special, but, without a doubt, we stayed with the one from the first time in Mexico, which was at Indie Rocks for two days in a row. Meeting our audience there was exciting and seeing that they knew each other ALL the songs, even more.

Can you tell us any anecdote from Coachella?

Long story short, we almost burned down the house where Ed Maverick was staying in a barbecue accident…

Do you think the cancellation of the 2020 edition was good for you?

Of course. I wish we had gone in 2020, but we are super happy to have been able to resume it now that, without a doubt, we are in a better moment in life.

And what about Spain? You have a summer full of festivals… what do you have prepared for your next shows? What can we see from you at Bilbao BBK Live 2022?

Shows with more energy… Many things will happen on stage and, of course, a very fun party will be thrown!

Lulu Callejas: @lulu.streets

Images: Courtesy of Bilbao BBK Live

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