How updates ransomware works

How updates ransomware works

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There is no doubt that ransomware is one of the worst security threats out there on the web. A hacker has the ability to encrypt your files and systems and then demand a ransom in return. This means that we must take precautions and protect the systems at all times. Now what is the updates ransomware? It is a technique widely used by hackers. We will explain what it is and what to do to avoid it.

Fake updates to sneak ransomware

Cyber ​​criminals always look for ways to attack the victim through different methods. They carry out strategies with the aim of stealing passwords, infecting the system or, as in this case, sneaking a ransomware. In this case, what they do is use fake updates that will contain malware.

What kind of fake updates contain ransomware? Can be of different types, but one of the most frequent is from browsers. The attackers send false messages telling us that our browser is out of date, has a problem or we need to update it to make it work properly. The victim clicks on that banner or link and downloads the supposed update.

However, once they have downloaded that file, what they are actually doing is download malware. When they open it, the ransomware runs. That’s where the problem begins, since it is going to take care of encrypting the files and the system. That is the goal of cybercriminals with this type of malicious software.

But this not only affects browsers like Chrome or Firefox, but also with other programs or even windows updates. You may be browsing a web page that has been created maliciously and come across information indicating that your system is in danger and you should update it as soon as possible. The victim can fall into the trap and download a supposed update that is actually the ransomware.

How to avoid it

Avoiding falling victim to this problem is not much different from avoiding any variety of malware. It is essential the common sense, do not make mistakes and always update the system and any program from official sources. You should never download any file you find on the net, even if it is a supposed improvement for your computer. You should always make sure that it is really necessary and download it from safe sites.

But beyond common sense and not making mistakes, it is also essential to have security programs. A good antivirus will help us solve certain problems that may appear. In case of downloading a dangerous file, like a fake update in this case, it could alert us and remove it before it compromises our security.

It is also important to have the updated systems. But install safe, legitimate updates. Some security threats will take advantage of vulnerabilities that may exist. They will exploit them to sneak ransomware and achieve their goal if they detect any flaws. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep it updated.

In the case of Windows, to update it correctly you must go to Start, enter Settings and click on Windows Update. There it will show you possible files pending installation.

To update Chrome safely you have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Help and click on Google Chrome Information. This will allow you to have the latest version available without compromising security.

Update Google Chrome

In short, as you have seen the updates ransomware It is one more of the strategies used by hackers. In this case, they are based on trying to sneak in the malicious software through a false update and thus be able to encrypt the files and then demand a ransom in return.

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