Chris Froome and his Tour de Force: "I'm fighting to get back to being who I was"

Chris Froome and his Tour de Force: “I’m fighting to get back to being who I was”

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ORn untimely accident while recognizing the chrono of the Dauphin in 2019 caused a sudden change in the life of Chris Froome. Until then, the British star dreamed of winning the fifth Tour de France that would match the greatest. From that level they greet Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx and Miguel Indurin. But the fractures suffered in the right hip, femur and elbow, along with four ribs and the sternum, made the dream of equaling them or even becoming the largest vanish. “Having seen everything I’ve suffered, for me to be back in the Tour de France, the race that has given me so much, it’s already a great victory. But I don’t just keep that. I want to be useful and contribute, not be here for being”, he explains to Front Page in Denmark during the start of this Tour.

The recovery has been much more difficult than he himself imagined: “I have overcome more obstacles than I thought I would have to live through”. He returned to competition in 2018, during the UAE Tours. He stayed on the first slope. Something normal, I thought. More than two years later, the situation has changed somewhat. But he still can’t stand it with the best: “Before I enjoyed the mountains and now I suffer more. It is there, in the mountains of this race, where I will see my real level”. On Friday, during the opening time trial, which was another of his great specialties, it was Lampaert’s 112 at 1’16”. He didn’t want to force. Yesterday, as she was volata, she entered with the group. Even so, she is happy: “I had never felt what I feel on this Tour… and I mean that for the better.” She the approach to the French round, with some good performance in Romande, the Classic of the Maritime Alps or Dauphin, she offers you symptoms to dream.

“My good condition in recent weeks encourages me to continue fighting more and more,” says Froome, who leads Israel Premier Tech in France along with Fuglsang and Woods while Boivin, Clarke, Houle, Neilands, and Goldstein They act as luxury gregarious.

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The Briton feels sheltered within a group that does not stop growing every year: “We have a great team, the boss says that it is the best that Israel has had during its history in grand tours”. That strength, however, will not give them enough to fight for the yellow: “Those are big words. We have come here to look for stages, above all, without ruling out anything. On a personal level, above all, I know that the maximum would be a victory.” of stage. Right now the general is something very, very ambitious and complicated and we have to be realistic. I want to race without thinking about the next day or the general. I’m going to race like we did in LaVuelta last year, offensively. Every day we’ll work one for each other”. Froomy has internalized that, even in the early stages, he will have to act as a gregarious: “These first days I will have a role like that and I don’t care. We want to have a good race together and I will have my chance in the mountains. Alpe d’Huez it is a mythical place on the Tour. I love the atmosphere, the port itself, nothing else. As a promotion, I prefer the Granon.”

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The best thing for him is that he no longer feels pain: “Now I’m free from pain again and it’s something that helps me a lot, because it allows you to focus even more on what you’re doing without suffering from the distractions that you feel when you have discomfort and pain.” You spend time thinking about when they will go away or what you can do to feel less pain. Gone are those days when “I couldn’t even walk” and the first races, in which “sometimes I felt like a stranger because it was as if I wasn’t myself on the bike”.

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A new life

Now, finally, he feels at least like a cyclist again. Another thing is that he recovers his level of champion. “You won’t believe it, but my motivation is higher than ever,” he warns. The fact of competing normally relieves him. That is why he does not fully understand all those critics who recommend him, day in and day out, to hang up the bike: “I will retire when I think that I do not give the level I want, but I think I can still improve. Being optimistic is not a sin.” “. He wants to win, but he doesn’t think about it. He is content to be finishing the entire recovery process, which is what he promised himself when he was injured: “I think that all this that I am doing speaks a lot about how I am as a person and how my character is. For me it was not ideal to have retired after the accident, although I could have done it”.

He chose the one he thought was the right path, which caused him “to be almost happier with this Froome than the one who often won, because what I’ve done to come back has been even harder. I don’t live with nostalgia, just the challenges they change over the years. I’ve had a really bad time, but I’ve drawn strength from within like I used to do in the mountains.” His great challenge is to return to being what he was and, if not, “help people, my continent, with cycling, because not everything is winning in life”. The Tour, “my career”, facilitate any of his missions.

This is the spectacular project that Chris Froome boasts

The great project that Froome boasts

The Israel Premier Tech has changed its jersey, a trend in these new times, for the Tour. He has done it, yes, to help in a solidarity project in Africa. Its runners compete with a sky blue jersey for much of the garment with maroon and multicolor tints on the bottom of the jersey.

Thus, Chris’s team joins the ‘Racing For Change’ campaign and its ultimate objective: the creation of a cycling center under the name ‘Field of Dreams’ in the town of Bugesera, in Rwanda. With this operation they try to raise 300,000 euros for the construction of this cycling center that hopes to change the lives of many young people in Rwanda. “Being born in Nairobi gives me an even stronger connection to this

Project. This Tour helps me to seek change in Africa, where I was born,” says Froome about a new campaign by Israel Premier Tech, which with gestures like this aims to help the world through cycling.

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