Fear of coronavirus is lost and the vulnerable remain at risk

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The The last four deaths from coronavirus in Ceuta were patients over 80 years oldspecifically 84, 86, 89 and 93 years old, and according to the head of the Service of Preventive medicine and Occupational Health Hospital University student, Julián Domínguez, among the last 19 people who have died as a result of the covid-19the youngest were 57 and 58 years old, being the exceptions, since the rest were over 60 years old, being “the average age of 81”.

From youngest to oldest, the ages would range from 57 to 93 years, remembering that surveillance at this time is still focused precisely on people over 60 years of age, immunocompromised patients, pregnant women and people who work or live in vulnerable environments, including social health centersand in this sense there is the risk that the relaxation of preventive measures by one group is affecting another, that is, those who are among those who are vulnerable.

Faced with this reality, Domínguez recalls, regarding face masks, for example, that “it is the concept that when I put on the mask it is to protect you; I don’t put on the mask to protect myself, which also works”.

He explains that “if I am sick, if I am infected, if I wear a mask, above all what I achieve is not to infect you”.

He insists that “the mask is a great element if you look at it from a humanistic, supportive, social responsibility point of view, it is an activity of mercy towards others, because I do not want to infect others.”

He says that we must insist on this in terms of prevention, making it clear that it is not about being alarmed or worried, much less, especially being in open spaces or that it will limit contact with other people, but rather care must be taken when being in the presence of unknown or vulnerable people, pointing out that in both cases “it is for them and for us”.

Taking into account all this panorama, the appeal to people who have not yet been vaccinated or have not received a booster dose is also important. “In Ceuta, 78% of the total has been vaccinated, and of those who are vaccinable, over 12 years of age, it does not reach 92%, there are 8% of people who can be vaccinated with one dose and 10.7% of people would be missing by vaccinate with two doses and with children, the pediatric population, from 5 to 12, we did not reach 30% with complete vaccination, it is 24.5%, which is the lowest in Spain after Melilla”, indicates the head of Preventive Medicine .

fear has been lost

“I think that people have lost their fear of getting sick, which sometimes is not very successful, in general it is mild but there are people who are having a regular time,” explains the head of the Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health Service of the Hospital University student, who insists that “it is not advisable to pass the disease”.

Domínguez recalls that with the three doses of vaccines certainly “tremendous good immune levels are achieved”, so that it is not necessary under any circumstances to have to suffer from the disease.

He adds that “if we pass the disease we will have more immunity, but this at the cost of being one of those people who have bad luck.” This is pointed out by the head of Preventive Medicine referring to patients who get worse and those who fail to recover.

Domínguez emphasizes that respect for the disease in general has been requested, to which is added the high ‘pandemic fatigue’, as people are already fed up with so many restrictions for so long, something that is not new.

On the other hand, he reports that the recommendation to continue wearing masks in closed spaces, which was raised by the Ministry of Health itself a few days ago, simply “is not having much success”, even less so in places such as theaters or cinemas, for example. , where it is “highly recommended at least as long as one supports it and is aware of it”.

Reached the deaths of the 6th epidemic wave

“Assessing that on some days there is more mortality than on others does not make any sense, because there can be ten deaths in a given period and all be on the same day, then you can think that there is going to be a rise and it does not have to be that way” , explains the head of the Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health Service of the University Hospital regarding the four deaths from covid-19 that occurred between the weekend and Monday.

However, what stands out is that the number of deaths from the sixth epidemic wave has already been reached. “If the lethality is approximately the same because it is a similar variant, more transmissible, but it is still omicron, very few patients enter the ICU and when one dies in the ICU it is because they are a vulnerable or very old patient, the issue is that if we have four thousand and something in this ninth epidemic period, we are in an endemo-epidemic period because the variant has not changed and those that are being modified are similar, with greater transmissibility, but similar to the previous one in severity and lethality”.

“The gross lethality has equaled that of the sixth epidemic wave, despite adding approximately a third of patients, as a result of the national strategy aimed at priority surveillance of those over 59 years of age and vulnerable”, is what was highlighted in the latest Preventive Medicine report on the daily monitoring of covid-19 outbreaks as of 07/11/2022.

Domínguez indicates that with some four thousand cases and the same deceased, the conclusion is that not all cases are declared and by not doing so, they are underreporting, by changing the declaration system, being only mandatory for vulnerable patients and those older than 60 years. “Still, it seems that there is also a relative underreporting,” emphasizes the head of Preventive Medicine. On the other hand, Domínguez reports that with the most recent data, we are about to peak in the third wave of this endemo-epidemic period. “One finished on March 24, another ended on May 12 and another is entering the peak on July 11 as well,” he clarifies.

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