5 bargains that you cannot miss on the last day of the AliExpress Summer Promotion

5 bargains that you cannot miss on the last day of the AliExpress Summer Promotion

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If you want to benefit from the offers of the AliExpress Summer Promotionyou’re on time, because today is the last day to get discounts of up to 70% on products, bonus discount of 10%, and enter a raffle to win a trip to Paris. Hurry up! Then you will no longer have the opportunity to take the various items from your website at an irresistible price. We show you some of the bargains that you can still take away, only until today!

Get the best promotions for this new summer season. Enter the AliExpress website and discover the different benefits of this promotion that is ending: bonus discount of 10%, offers on products up to 70% discount and the draw for a trip to Paris (5 winners – CityTour of 3 days and 2 nights worth €8,600 for 2 people). The promotional codes are: €2 discount €25 minimum purchase with the code: REBAJA2; €6 discount €80 minimum purchase with the code: REBAJA6; €19 discount €199 minimum purchase with the code: REBAJA19; €33 discount €330 minimum purchase with the code: REBAJA33.

Thin, in various colors and with a tempting design. The Poco M4 Pro 4G mobile is the one you should have now if you are going to change your device. Some of its functions stand out, such as its 64 megapixel triple camera, that satisfies creative needs from all points of view.

Its 90Hz Full HD+ auto exposure dot display is incredible, plus the high-performance MediaTek Helio G96 processor, LiquidCool Technology 1 Plus that maintains peak performance throughout the day; and a large capacity 5000 mAh battery – thin, light and exceptional. Its price goes from 339.55 – 492.17 to 234.29 – 339.60, with a 31% discount.

Buy on AliExpress for (€339.95) €234.29

You can choose between four different colors: white, blue, green and black, these headphones position the JBL brand as one of the most outstanding in its sector. This product, now in offer in AliExpress sales, It is the most complete: with wireless Bluetooth headphones, stereo function, it leaves us with bass sound, it comes with a microphone and much more.

Its price was 116.73 and it was for 26.85 euros, thanks to the 77% discount.

Buy on AliExpress for (€116.73) €26.85

For healthier eating, electric air fryer is the best product for it. This model is a 5 in 1 for its various functions. Carries MI-CYCLONE oven of 10L/12.7QT and large capacity LED Rotisserie dehydrator, in addition to an outstanding design in black or light gray.

Only today you get it 89% cheaper! Its price was 1,310.32 euros when today you pay 144.13 euros. Hurry up and don’t run out of it!

Buy on AliExpress for (€1,319.32) €144.13

The Braun brand is one of the most prominent in its sector. For this reason, with this electric shaver it demonstrates that each time it is surpassed by offering quality and diversity of functions.

Carries 3 flexible cutting blades, it is rechargeable, waterproof and omnidirectional. Can be used in both wet and dry environments without being connected to cables, this razor never interrupts shaving thanks to its long battery life.

It’s half price, thanks to the summer promotion that ends in a few hours. Its price was 235.10 euros and you have it at 117.54 euros.

Buy on AliExpress for (€235.10) €117.54

To work, listen to music, watch series or draw. AliExpress brings you the Lenovo P11 Pro Tablet. Among others, it stands out for carrying four JBL speakers, a sharp OLED screen 11.5-inch, plus 8.0mp (RGB) front camera + 8.0mp (IR) / 13.0mp (wide) + 5.0mp (ultra-wide) rear camera.

This Tablet is today 20% cheaper, with a price of 323.75 – 342.50 euros and today you get it for 259.00 – 274.00 euros.

Buy on AliExpress for (€323.75) €259

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