Victoria of Sweden's struggles to become queen (including being rejected by her father, the king)

Victoria of Sweden’s struggles to become queen (including being rejected by her father, the king)

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The princess Victoria, heiress to the Swedish throne, that this July 14 turns 45, is undoubtedly one of the royals Europeans who biggest obstacles has had to face, both health, sentimental and institutional, in his race towards the throne. Firstborn of King Carlos Gustavo, and the German stewardess Silvia Sommerlath, their parents staged a controversial love story, Silvia was a commoner, something that at that time made her marriage unviable.

Since she came into the world on July 14, 1977, Victoria was the center of controversy, as gynecologists warned her parents that Queen Silvia could not have more children. Carlos Gustavo then undertook a uphill battle so that her daughter could become sovereign, since in Sweden the solic law was in force that separated women from the succession. Having achieved her goal, the great surprise is that against the augury of the doctors, Queen Silvia became pregnant again and gave birth in 1980 to a boy, Carlos Felipe, who was proclaimed inheritor just when the repeal of the Silica law was about to be processed. The monarch, who preferred that the heir be his son, his son, tried to that Parliament reconsider its decision, but pressure from feminist groups prevented it, so Victoria, current Duchess of Vastergotland, was confirmed as future Queen Of Sweden, fourth woman in the history of that country who would hold the Crown in the future.

Victoria of Sweden and her father, King Carl Gustaf.GTRES

Being heiress against her father’s wishes and the more conservative elements of the Court probably subdued Victoria, who swore the Constitution with 18 years, under great pressure, being the anxiety a constant in her life, as she had to prove that she was suitable for that role. I studied in public schools and then graduated in French at the Catholic University of Angers in France, after which, in 1997, the Swedish royal house made public that the 20-year-old princess suffered from anorexia. It was not his only health ailment, as it has also been revealed that I suffered from dyslexia as a childso to reach the level she arrived half an hour earlier to class than her classmates, some of whom subjected her to bullying for their learning problems. and also suffers birth prosopagnosia, a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for her to recognize people’s faces and even her own in a mirror, which for a future head of state is a challenge. serious inconvenience.

His parents decided take her away from court to relax and overcome his eating problem, so in 1998 they sent her to the United States for a stageConnecticut, where he studied political science at Yale University and later I worked at the UN and at the Swedish Embassy. He also did an internship in 2003 with the Swedish Army.

your sentimental life has also been an obstacle course for her, because after break up a relationship of eight years with the filmmaker Daniel Colet, in 2001, already back in his country and convalescing from his anorexia, I met Daniel Westling, owner of the exclusive Swedish gym chain Master Training. He became his personal trainer and later his partner, and despite the fierce opposition from Carlos Gustavo to their relationship, he was Victoria’s emotional stronghold, unwilling to give up the man she had fallen deeply in love with.

after a long courtship of nine years, where they faced several breakups and reconciliations, Victoria and Daniel, who followed an intense learning course in advanced English, protocol and history to become a spouse, said “I do” on June 19, 2010 at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Stockholm. That’s the princess, what she was a happy bride, wore a dress by the Swedish designer Par Engsheden and on her forehead the crown jewel, the same diadem of cameos that her mother used, Queen Silvia at her link. In February 2012 she came into the world her firstbornPrincess Estelle, current Duchess of Ostergotland and in 2016 I was born Oscar, Duke of Scania.

Currently, both Victoria, who has become the best ambassador of the swedes, as Daniel and his two sons enjoy great acceptance among their fellow citizens, perhaps aware of the great efforts their princess has made to overcome the obstacles that have surrounded her since she was a child. The endearing videos where she appears with Estelle and Oscar are already a tradition baking cookies in the living room from Haga Castle, his residence north of Stockholm, while Daniel reads a book by the fire, or they both slip sledding with their children around your residence. With an image always close and without losing her smile, the princess has managed, based on will, to become a worthy successor and build a happy family, despite the fact that last February rumors of a marital crisis circulated that were denied by the royal house. “There is no crisis and there will be no divorce,” categorically assured an official spokesman for the court.

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