This is how this Jaguar I-Pace has been: pasture of the flames

This is how this Jaguar I-Pace has been: pasture of the flames

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    In the middle of June this year, a Jaguar I-Pace manufactured in 2019 was affected by a seemingly inexplicable problem that has led to its complete destruction. The accident took place in Florida, United States, while the electric model was quietly parked in the garage, charging its battery. It was then that everything went wrong and the flames became protagonists, leaving a stamp that the owner will soon forget and it is not for less because the car has been practically unrecognizable.

    Spontaneous combustion

    The Electrek outlet contacted the owner, Gonzalo Salazar, and he presented his story: “On June 16 I plugged in the car before going to bed. On the morning of June 17, I woke up and unplugged it. Later that morning, I set out to run some errands. I drove about 12 miles that morning before I came home and parked the car in the garage, leaving the garage door open. While I was doing things at home, I heard pops coming from the garage. I decided to go see where the sounds were coming from and upon entering the garage I was met by a thick wall of smoke. I immediately thought: ‘When there is smoke, there is fire’, and I need to get the car out of the garage of the house”.

    “I went back to the house to get my phone and also noticed that all the smoke in the garage had now filled my entire house because the AC unit is right next to the garage door. While trying to ventilate my house from the smoke, I called Jaguar roadside assistance to come get the car. When I finished the conversation with them there were more explosions, but this time it was followed by fire under the car. I then called 911 for help with the situation. But this was not a slow burn, once the fire started there were multiple bursts, and the car was quickly engulfed in flames.”, continues Salazar.

    Faced with this situation, the owner decided to take the vehicle out into the street in order to prevent the fire from spreading both through the garage itself and through the house. Once out, the explosions continued and the smoke turned into a visible flame that quickly engulfed the entire vehicle, burning a large part of the whole as only the front part escaped the flames. Apparently, emergency crews had a hard time putting out the fire and firefighters needed to use a special foam to completely extinguish it.

    Waiting for the Jaguar report

    Salazar also notes that the insurance company sent a forensic team to investigate the incident and declared the vehicle a total loss, and Jaguar then took it away to conduct its own examination of the wreckage. According to the owner’s testimony, the English firm has not really been of much help in this matter as it has not yet assumed any responsibility for the incident, although you still have to present the conclusion of your investigation.

    It should be noted that this is the fourth documented Jaguar I-Pace fire occurring under similar conditions, and the fact that this EV’s battery contains the same type of LG Chem cells that make up the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s pack, may be cause for concern. Therefore, we cannot rule out that Jaguar removes the I-Pace from the market, as Chevrolet already did.

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