Djokovic analyzes Sinner: 'I see a little of myself in his game, I know what awaits me'

Djokovic analyzes Sinner: ‘I see a little of myself in his game, I know what awaits me’

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A Novak Djokovic He still had twenty minutes left to add his fourth victory in this Wimbledon 2022, a triumph of which the how was never feared, if not the when. The rule says that after 23:00 you can’t play at the All England Club due to neighbors’ complaints, so the Serbian put the direct against Tim Van Rijthoven to give himself a new bath of glory, he was even able to extend his interview at the foot of the track. Already in the quarterfinals, the Balkan will meet the Italian in two days Jannik Sinnerbut before that he briefly stopped by the press room to tell us about his last hour.

A hard-fought victory against a dangerous opponent

“Going onto the court I knew I was in for a tough and challenging matchup against Tim, someone I had never played with. Yes, I had seen him play, he has a great style on grass, something that he has shown again today. It was a great fight, especially in the first two sets. In general, I think I played very well, I was solid from the bottom of the court and I got into a rhythm very well with his serve, little by little I read it better during the third and fourth set. I’m satisfied with how I finished the match, although I lost a bit of rhythm with my serve”.

Eternal journey at Center Court

“We know that Wimbledon always respects tradition, which is why the start times of the two main cinchans have not changed for many years, although I did hear some people talk about the option of changing the times. Honestly, I don’t see any reason why you can’t start a little earlier, especially now that there are interviews on the track, which there weren’t years ago. Also, if you get the last turn, you know that you will probably end up indoors, which changes the conditions, the style of play and the way you move.”

Objective: advance schedules

“Of course today was a special occasion, I think it was necessary to celebrate the hundred years of Pista Central, for me it was an honor to be present, happy to be part of this. It is one of those unique moments that one can experience as a tennis player, I will cherish it for the rest of my life. However, I think most players would agree that we all wanted to start games earlier on this very court. Why not move it half an hour, or an hour earlier? I think it would be quite useful to finish all the games without the need to use the ceiling”.

His son Stefan, a tennis lover

“He likes to play a lot, he likes to intimidate me on the court finishing the swing from the blow up, you know I don’t particularly like that. I’m trying to teach him to finish with his hand down, over his shoulder. Whenever he makes that gesture he ends up laughing, he knows it, we have those funny moments on the court. I try to take as much time as I can to play with him, now he is completely immersed in tennis, he is always watching how the game is played, analyzing matches, we talk a lot about these things. Last night before putting him to bed he would ask me about the size of the heads of the rackets, the strings and the tensions, the typical things that generate curiosity. Now he himself is in love with tennis, it was always his wish to be there”.

Jannik Sinner, his next rival

“I only have good things to say about Sinner’s game, we all know how talented he is, he is already an established top player. I have seen him play on many surfaces in recent years, he is maturing in each scenario, I think he does not feel much pressure for places, something that can catch you when you are young. He is very confident, he believes that he can beat anyone, in any stadium, which is important for someone like him. Also, he already has experience, he has won big matches and he knows what it’s like to be in the top 10”.

What game do you expect in the quarterfinals?

“I saw him play today, it was a dominating performance for the first two sets, after that the fight was closer, a great fight. But, somehow, he always had control of the match. He is very solid, he has all the shots in the game from him and he is constantly putting pressure on the opposition. I see a little bit of myself in his game, what he does at the back of the court, playing the flat backhand and putting pressure on his opponents with that constant movement. I know it will be a challenging match for both of us, he is playing fast, he loves that pace. We have trained here a couple of times, I know what awaits me, but I will make sure I am ready”.

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