Diario cazador Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Diary of a hunter: my day to day with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Yes, I’ve already embarked for Elgado! In fact, I am installed in my new floating residence, a boat!, with the fear that the saltpeter will damage my precious weapons and armor… luckily this is a video game! That sure won’t happen. Before I can get to the analysis of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, my focus at the moment is to soak up its gameplay, discover all its secrets, see the good and the bad of this monstrous expansion… to see if it is what Capcom has been promising us.

In this kind of diary I’ll collect some of my hunting days with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, before writing the review. I am very excited about your arrival! Of course, and as usual, I have many feelings, some mixed, as well as doubts, the result of the mystery behind this expansion. How many monsters will add to the experience? And maps? Will the gameplay evolve enough from Rise? Will there be too many monsters left to dish out in updates??? That last one pisses me off a bit. Of course, it is something that helps a game to be enjoyed over the months… first, we have to find out what’s inside this expansion!

So… let’s get down to business! Below you will find my daily sensations with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, ordered by the most current.

Diary of my trip to Elgado

DAY 1 (06/30/22):

It has been waiting, but finally it is with us! It is the promised “monstrous expansion”, of the game that I already lead more than 400 hours, most in streaming. How could he not be so anxious?

After finally leaving the Kamura village and its people, I head towards Elgado. The beginning, well, as always. Lots of new things, others to discover. Characters here and there. Elgado seems to me a curious place. It’s nice, I like it as a new area to start hunting. Secondly, there are too many invisible walls… and the water, UGHHH, the sea water… made in Capcom on a Nintendo console… this is not 3DS!

OKAY. It’s a western place. With Sunbreak, Capcom wanted to break with the Japanese air of Kamura. But on the other hand, the hunters continue to feed on dango… and hey, goodbye Kamura? The exciting boat trip, which took us to new things, must not really be such a long journey. I have met Arlow, who is specifically the sand master of Elgado… where there is no sand! Instead of building one, they’ve reused Kamura’s, and traveling between the two is a matter of fast traveling and teleporting.

Galeus, Luchika, the blacksmith Minayle, princess Chichae… Well! I’ve already talked to too many people… it’s time for the missions, let’s go for the first one! But what… where is the new? Yeah I’m walking through a new map the Jungle, original map of Monster Hunter 2 (the last time we saw her was in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate). What memories! But yes, with my fully upgraded Crimson Valstrax armor, my Conqueror switch axe, and my well-matched talismans and adornments, there is no monster that coughs me up…although, from what I see, any armor I forge with the materials of these old acquaintances from Monster Hunter Rise waaaay so strong that my Valstrax armor was upgraded to the max! Sure, okay. We are talking about Master rank armor. It’s just that the monsters are still no match for my High Rank gear.

Let’s go for an afternoon of online Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Online afternoon! We advance several missions together with other hunters in the community. Poler, Porta, Linder, and Nica join laterwho still has to do the first missions. LINDER IS ON A MISSION AGAINST A MONSTER IN THE BASTION! I haven’t gotten to that map yet, I haven’t played as much as I would have wanted… It doesn’t matter, Garangolm, we’re coming for you!

This confrontation is my first contact with a really new monster, with one of the novelties of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Yes, prior to that I’ve tried the new chordopter types, the ability to switch between two chordopter techniques, and a few other things. My first feeling with the Bastion is good… but… it’s not the huge map I expected. It is impossible that there are not more maps! And this first fight against one of the great “lords” of the area… well, the “bug” is cool, but the combat has not been epic, let’s say. In fact, I find that my equipment is still useful against him… In fact, It doesn’t take much for us to defeat Garangolm. Don’t worry: this has only just begun!

Conclusion: I need to see more. Sunbreak does not seem to me, for now, a playable revolution, compared to what was played in Rise. My feeling, for now, is that I expected more from the expansion in this section… but beware! On the other hand, I’m really liking what I’m seeing, and I haven’t seen practically anything! I can’t wait to get my hands on him at the helm again!

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