Grifols advances that its margins improve after overcoming the impact of Covid-19

Grifols advances that its margins improve after overcoming the impact of Covid-19

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Grifols conveyed to the investment market yesterday the idea that its results are returning to normal after the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a document sent yesterday to the CNMV on the occasion of investor day, the company advanced some semi-annual data, in which the improvement in income, plasma collection and margins stands out, which had sunk in the last half of last year .

Specifically, the Catalan multinational listed on the Ibex 35 revealed that the EBITDA margin on total sales will reach between 20% and 22% of revenues in this first half, compared to 13.6% in the second half of last year . In the first six months of the 2021 financial year, this margin had been 25.1%.

Likewise, the pharmaceutical company advanced to the CNMV that it expects to improve revenues by 5% this semester (the company does not present quarterly results, so the latest data is from December 2021). A year ago, those revenues until June were 2,537 million, but in the second half they dropped 9.8% year-on-year, to 2,397 million.

Grifols has suffered an impact on its accounts since the start of the pandemic, since due to health restrictions there was a reduction in the collection of plasma, the essential raw material to make its blood-derived medicines. The company estimated this impact on EBITDA at 503 million, staying at 961 million.

The laboratory also announced that this collection of plasma has already recovered the levels prior to the pandemic in week 25 of the year, after improving this collection by 24% compared to the previous year and 20% so far this year. Precisely about obtaining plasma, the pharmaceutical company revealed that by the end of the year it will have 442 centers, which means multiplying its number almost by three since 2014. The latest push has been given by the acquisition of its rival German company Biotest, which contributes 31 of these facilities.

No capital increase

The company also clarified to investors that it currently has no plans to strengthen its balance sheet. “At this time, the board is not analyzing any capital increase,” said Víctor Grífols, president of the company, in a statement read by Nuria Pascual, director of investor relations. The stock responded to those words by rising 6.15 on the session.

In recent months, the case of Grifols has run among those responsible for investment banking and venture capital funds to study an alternative that would fit the laboratory, with the aim of reducing debt.

The market punished the company harshly on Wednesday, with a stock market drop of more than 12% after learning of information citing a possible frustrated agreement with Hellman & Fridman, to increase capital by 20%. Financial sources reveal that private equity giants such as CVC and KKR are hovering over a possible operation. Cinven, Permira or EQT have also analyzed the alternatives, as this newspaper has learned.

The debt of the Catalan multinational has skyrocketed to 6,480 million after the reformulation of the 2021 accounts and the purchase of its rival Biotest.

So far this year, the laboratory’s shares have recovered 8%, although they are still almost 50% below the pre-pandemic price.

Greater industrial capacity

Grifols also revealed some of its industrial plans to continue growing. In Canada, it has a project to expand its factory in different phases, which will be completed in 2024. Likewise, by 2023 it hopes to have 20 plasma collection centers in Egypt, and by 2024 a fractionation plant in that country. and in 2025 another purification.

Thanks to the new plants that the laboratory run by the Grifols family plans to build in Canada and Egypt, the listed company expects its production capacity (called fractionation) to reach 26 million liters in 2026 compared to the current 22 million.

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