Lobato and Sainz's options: "This will not be the year"

Lobato and Sainz’s options: “This will not be the year”

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Formula 1 finished its first half of the year in Austria

With Leclerc ahead of Carlos, Ferrari will bet on the Monegasque in the second half

Antonio Lobato is clear: this will not be the year in which we see Carlos Sainz win the World Cup. The co-director of SoyMotor.com admits it after witnessing yesterday the fourth abandonment of the season by his compatriot, who he believes completely ended his options this year.

The abandonment of Carlos Sainz yesterday due to a broken engine leaves Carlos 37 points behind Charles Leclerc. Not so far away, it’s true, but this happens at a key point in the season: in Austria the first half ended and in France the second will begin.

This will be the point that Ferrari will take to see which of its drivers it bets on. The fact that Charles is ahead of Sainz after Austria indirectly means that Carlos loses his title options, since from now on the Scuderia will bet on Charles to try to win the drivers’ title.

This is not going to be the year. You can be clear. This is not going to be the year in which we see Carlos Sainz fight for the World Cup or win it”, commented our co-director Antonio Lobato in his section ‘Lobato’s garage’.

“It’s not going to be because I think this has been a bit of a decisive turning point in the Austrian Grand Prix for Carlos’s options, firstly because it comes to us after what has happened in the last two Grands Prix, where Carlos got the first victory and where I think a special tension has been generated within the team for the first time since England”, he added.

“Here in Austria it has been confirmed: Carlos is as fast or almost as fast as Charles Leclerc, which is beginning to be a threat and that generated some tensions, at least in the sprint race on Saturday,” he described.

“History could not be repeated, it was not repeated on Sunday. On Sunday we had many other stories. It was clear that whoever crossed the finish line first was going to have a strategic advantage”, he recalled.

“There was a preconceived plan that whoever was first would throw an undercut at Max Verstappen. Whoever was second Ferrari would throw an overcut at Verstappen, but all this fell apart because Verstappen was not even going back, he had a enormous degradation,” he shared.

“He had to stop earlier than normal and also Leclerc passed him on the track before having to undercut him. We were on a circuit that limits the rear tires, that’s where Red Bull suffers. When we go to circuits where the limit is on the front end, Red Bull is going to be strong”, he commented.

“Carlos had a very close pace, very close, to that of Leclerc, there were no longer tenths of a second difference. He was assured of second place, he was about to pass Max Verstappen because he was faster, he did not degrade as much and his strategy It was better than Max Verstappen’s,” he said.

Antonio Lobato believes that from now on Carlos Sainz’s role will be to protect Charles. Until this race, the man from Madrid had a chance, but those 18 or 25 points that he lost yesterday changed everything.

“At that moment the engine has exploded in a bestial, brutal way, just like the engine, that third power unit, I think that Carlos’s options to be second, the podium, the options even at the end have been blown up. of being able to have put the nose to Charles Leclerc, something that I do not think that Ferrari would have allowed and it has jumped, I think, the possibility that Carlos could be a rival for Max Verstappen in the fight for the World Cup”, he pointed out.

“Why do I say this? I have been telling you this for a long time. Carlos had to be close, as close as possible to Leclerc or ahead so that in the second part of the season Ferrari did not come and say ‘Carlos, no advance Leclerc, protect Leclerc’ because Ferrari at a certain point, would have to decide who was its best placed driver to fight for the Championship,” he detailed.

“After today, it is clear that the best placed is Charles Leclerc, not only because he has been faster throughout the season than Carlos, but also because of the circumstances of this race,” he added.

“It is Carlos’s fourth retirement and this puts him in a very difficult situation, very far from Charles Leclerc in points and I think that from now on there is no longer any doubt that Ferrari, when there is a race circumstance in which Carlos is in front of Leclerc alone, they will tell him to let him pass and when Carlos is behind Leclerc and can be faster, they will tell him ‘protect Leclerc'”, he explained.

“Let’s see, it’s going to screw us, yes, because we want Carlos to win and for Carlos to fight for the World Cup, but we won’t be able to discuss it because it will be logical. We’ll have to accept it. I think Carlos’ role this season will be that of lieutenant , of bodyguards, of adding things for the team, adding things for Charles Leclerc”, he lamented.

“There was a chance in this Grand Prix to have finished ahead of Leclerc and to have closed the gap further, but after this fourth zero, I think it’s over”, Antonio admitted to close.

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