Everything you need to know to take care of your nails

Everything you need to know to take care of your nails

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What are stretch marks on the nails?

Although they could also be due to a alteration in the nail matrixthe longitudinal lines or striations are, in general, a sign of the passage of time. They are the “wrinkles” of the nails.

those of the hands they turn finer, brittle, with single or multiple striations and the replacement of the normal pearlescent color to a tone what about the white or gray to yellow. Instead, those of the feet they turn thicker and curved.

can appear on all nails or only on somewith more or less intensity until producing a notch break.

To improve these changes it is necessary to carry a proper dietrich in foods containing cystine (whole grains, eggs, fish, dairy…), avoid repetitive dives in water, wear gloves for homework and apply emollients on the nail plate and surrounding skin.

You have to go to your dermatologist if that longitudinal line runs through the entire nail and is dark.

Can having brittle nails be due to a deficit in the diet?

Maybe yes. The hardness of the nails is due to their high content of sulfur and substances such as cysteine ​​and keratin. And in that, food has something to say, of course. It is estimated that 20% of the population has brittle nails, and affects twice as many women as men.

However, the causes are very varied. Sometimes that fragility It may be due to the abusive use of enamels or, in the hands, contact with abrasive substances, such as bleach or ammoniawhich cause nail injuries.

As for diet, the deficit of certain nutrients, among which sulfur stands out fundamentally (found in onions, cabbage, eggs, cashews…), can also cause it.

On the other hand, called Beau’s linesnail horizontal lines on the nailsappear due to zinc deficiency (in chicken, oatmeal, clams…), but also by the existence of a peripheral vascular disease or uncontrolled diabetes.

Can I strengthen my nails naturally?

Sometimes, some brittle nails can indicate nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, it is important that you analyze if your diet is complete and balanced. But apart from monitoring your diet, you can resort to these natural alternatives to strengthen them:

  • Nettle: It is a tissue revitalizing plant thanks to its rich in B vitamins, iron and other minerals. That is why it is a good option if you have weak ones. It is used in the form of baths for nails. Prepare it in decoction and soak it for 10 minutes 2 times a day for 2 weeks.
  • Castor oil: Sometimes the nails they open because they are very dry. You will notice it because whitish lines appear on its surface. With this oil what is achieved is hydrate them deeplywith what they are more elastic and it is difficult for them to break. Pour 3 tablespoons into a bowl and soak your nails for 5 minutes each day.
  • Horse tail: It has a high concentration of minerals, but it is especially rich in siliconvery important for the health of elastic tissues of the body like nails. Prepare it in a decoction, which you can drink twice a day or soak your nails in it for 10 minutes once a day.
  • Rosemary: Baths from the decoction of this plant strengthen brittle nails. In addition, it contains antiseptic substances that help keep them healthy and infection-free. Use a tablespoon of plant per glass of water to prepare it and add 10 drops of lemon juice. Dip nails 2 times a day.

If the brittleness of your nails is due to lack of iron or calciumI recommend that you take the following supplements:

  • Chlorella: Freshwater algae rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It is very beneficial in anemia situations that can affect the nails. The dose is 2 to 3 g per day, between 1 and 3 months.
  • Sango Coral: This marine coral is the main option in case of weak nails due to lack of calcium (osteopenia, osteoporosis, menopausal disorders). 2 g per day are taken, from 2 to 6 months.

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