This is the good (and the bad) that the color of your car says about you

This is the good (and the bad) that the color of your car says about you

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CEach manufacturer has its range of colors, generally about ten shades different between solid and metallic. And there are colors within the same brand that do not suit one model or another equally well. It depends on the body shapes, which may be less obvious with dark colors. or of the contrasting plastic elementswhich can be hidden by a very similar body tone and lose all their appeal.

In any case, the brands need to hit the nail on the head with the colors because the tastes of the drivers are very different and because the production of a car can take a long time. three or four years without experiencing changesso they cannot be subject to seasonal fashions.


But we all always have a color in mind that we would choose in case we had to buy a new car (or used car). And this preference is so strong that we keep it regardless of whether we are getting older, whether the market models are changing or whether we like one brand now and another later. We could say that almost accompanies us throughout our lives.

According to the Naturopathic professor Francis Perics“when we like the tonality of a car it is because its frequency (the space between wave and wave) causes a harmonic effect on our psycheand this harmonic effect is the one that acts on the emotions and leads us to say that a color is pleasant or unpleasant“.

This preference has to do with our personality, and not only allows you also suspect the personality of those who drive around you, but it is also like a ‘business card’ with which you are telling others some of your virtues. It simply defines you. And he also speaks to others of some of your possible flaws. But we insist this is indicative, not mathematical. That is, it indicates a tendency towards a certain personality, but nothing guarantees you 100% that the personality is indeed that and not another.

that’s how they are the personalities that hide behind the wheel of cars with these different colors:



If you like white cars you are a person practical and simple. I’m sure your car is pretty tidy, with no butts in the ashtray, no gum wrappers, and no empty soda bottles. You also have a general character cheerful and a taste for technologybut also a certain tendency to indecision which could become a problem in heavy traffic situations.



You’re a daring person if you choose a yellow car. Among other things, because there are few of this color and they draw a lot of attention. It also reflects a character optimistic and a certain ease when it comes to performing creative tasks… Which you will never be able to do behind the wheel.



No doubt you chose it because you are quiet and practicalbut also because you are possibly a shy personwho does not like to be looked at in traffic jams or that the neighbors know if you go in or out.



The normal thing is that you are a girl with a certain dose of romanticism and a high capacity ties. You don’t usually show aggressiveness at the wheel, but rather you are one of those who yield the lane to those who join.



You are a person impulsive, quite passionate and energetic. It is possible that you have a certain tendency to exceed the speed limits and it is not difficult for you to ‘bite’ behind the wheel. Considering this, you’re not the best kind of driver with whom to share the road.



You like modern and quite technological cars you don’t usually get upsetYou handle stress well and are quite stable from an emotional point of view. Surely you are the typical driver who is hard to see driving over the legal speed limit and who hardly minds when others whistle at him.



you can be a person quiet and with a balanced interior, but also fickle, introverted and with a certain tendency to materialism. If so, maybe you tried to buy a car at the limit of your possibilities.

Light Blue


Are empathicbut also decided. In other words, you could just as easily give way to other drivers joining the lane as take advantage of the small gap left by a driver in the next lane. If there is a problem with other drivers, you are quite objective.

Dark blue


You are the typical driver of strong character, very serious and sober and classic tastes. The driver who, in case of conflict or search for responsibilities, will not easily give up his arm to admit his fault.


Mercedes Benz.

Surely you want your car to look like elegance and even luxurywhich is typical of mature people, with character and decisive.

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