The dangers of Charles Leclerc for having the accelerator broken in Austria

The dangers of Charles Leclerc for having the accelerator broken in Austria

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    Ferrari had within reach a double that would have been a serious blow to its rival Red Bull. First for beating him with two cars at his house. And then get much closer. But they could also lose everything. Finally they took a hard and narrow victory in the middle of the tension of Charles Leclerc who reported problems because the accelerator did not work correctly.

    A weekend that was ruined, although they saved the furniture

    First, Carlos Sainz was forced to retire due to a fault in his power unit that caused up to two explosions, setting the car on fire. And, after Leclerc saw how a problem in his F1-75 put in clear danger his leadership and his almost assured victory, the ghosts of the past in Barcelona and Baku returned for moments in his head. Those accelerator problems cost him laps of suffering and constant dialogue on the radio with his engineer Xavi Marco, but what really happened to that accelerator in the final laps?

    The Monegasque explained that something was wrong, since when he released the accelerator pedal and pressed the brake, the car continued to push minimally. The pedal spring had partially broken and would not return to its original position, so it always stayed a little raised and prevented the engine from being completely cut off.

    The accelerator pedal in a Formula 1 car works with a “long travel” spring. The pilot can accelerate progressively and, at the same time, decelerate in the same way. However, explained like this, the only thing that could cause is a loss of performance or time, but no, what can happen is abandonment for various reasons.

    The gearbox could be damaged

    At Ferrari they did not quite believe that a double could go away empty-handed with two dropouts in 15 laps. In the end it was not like that, but at times they feared it. They didn’t even want to look, that’s what Ferrari boss Binotto did for the last three laps. The tension and ridicule exceeded the heads of mechanics and engineers.

    The most probable of all could have been gearbox breakage. Leclerc struggled to downshift through the high-braking corners, having to push the lever many more times than usual in order to engage the gears and downshift as many as he wanted, something that could easily have ended the life of the gearbox. , receiving so many impacts.

    On the other hand, the engine was also another part that could have been damaged, the accelerator pedal spring had broken and would not return to its position. Having to push so hard would have raised the revs and even the driver himself couldn’t brake the car in the corners.

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