Delta Aquarids 2022: how and when to see them

Delta Aquarids 2022: how and when to see them

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East July 30 will occur on peak of activity of the Delta Aquarids 2022. It’s a moderately active meteor shower that generally goes unnoticed in favor of the ever-popular Perseids. But this year the scenery it is different.

When can you enjoy the Delta Aquarids?

The truth is that 2022 is a bad year in terms of the great meteor showers. The Perseids will match the Moon in phase of full moon. That is, the brightness of our satellite will be a big problem throughout the night.

By hiding the fainter meteors, we will see fewer shooting stars than other years. To make matters worse, the geminids will match the Moon in phase of last quarterso we are faced with the same problem.

The Delta Aquarids 2022, however, they will coincide with the moon in phase new Moon, which will take place just two days before. So, although its activity is much less, it will be a good opportunity to observe the sky.

A Perseid, photographed in Egypt in 2017. Image source: Wikimedia Commons/Ahmed abd elkader mohamed

Under ideal conditions, Delta Aquarids can reach 25 meteors per hour. This estimate assumes that the observation is made under ideal conditions. That is, without any light pollution, with the moon in the new moon phase.

In addition, also with the radiant high in the sky and in the best hours of observation. If these factors change, we will naturally see a smaller amount. For all this, from Spain we can expect to see between 12 and 18 meteors per hour, approximately.

In the Iberian Peninsula we can expect to see around 12-15, depending on where we are. From the Canary Islands the figure will be closer to 18 meteors per hour. Of course, without any light pollution.

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