The Mad Cool puts the finishing touch to its latest edition with a record attendance

The Mad Cool puts the finishing touch to its latest edition with a record attendance

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Nathy PelusoSam Fender and Jack White have today put the finishing touch to the fifth edition of Mad Coolthe most massive to date and for which a total of 305,000 viewerss and more than a hundred participating bands that have colored Madrid with music between July 6 and 10.

After two years of hiatus due to the health crisis, the Mad Cool has returned this year to break a record of attendees that, although today on its last day it has been less than the previous days -25,000 people compared to the 70,000 per day that have hung the full capacity sign-, they have made this edition the most massive.

After hosting during these days a group of bands like Metallica, museImagine Dragons or The Killersthe turn has come today for the Argentine Nathy Peluso, headliner of a last day in which they have also performed Jack White, Sam Fender, La MODA or Natos y Waor.

With the torrent of energy that characterizes her, Nathy Peluso, with her rhythms between Latin and trap, rap and even electronic, has poured a parade of songs like ‘Delito’ and ‘Mafiosa’ onto the Mad Cool stage, before an audience that mostly gathered to receive Argentina as one of the most anticipated performances of the day.

Choreographies full of his magnetic power that discharge sensuality and strength in equal parts have accompanied a proposal that Peluso has poured with songs like ‘Puro Veneno’, belonging to his album ‘Calambre’, which has won a Latin Grammy in the alternative music category.

‘I love you Madrid, the only city in the world where I can walk without getting lost’, Peluso thanked arriving at the end of the concert singing ‘To live like this is to die of love’.

The British Sam Fender, considered by many heir to Bruce Springsteen for his energy and his lyrics, especially as a result of his latest work, ‘Seventeen Going Under’, has taken the main stage before Peluso at half past eight in the evening.

Before Peluso it would also have been the turn of the singer-songwriter Arlo Parks who, within hours of his performance, published on his Instagram the cancellation of it for a case of covid in his band. A situation that has also marked this festival in which there have been several casualties due to health reasons.

The day came to an end thanks to authors such as Jack White, former member of The White Stripes, who has flooded the festival with his rock in contrast to the rap of Natos and Waorwho has performed, among others, the song ‘Frost Sweats’, for which they have taken the stage to ‘Recycled’ which, hours later and alone, has brought the festival to an end.

With an edition that has quenched the thirst for festivals of an audience that has sold out tickets in four of the five days of the musical event, the Mad Cool will return in 2023 with more newsamong them and already confirmed, a new location: some land near the Marconi polygonin the district of Villaverde.

This location will be the third for the festival that, after starting in the Caja Mágica and later in Valdebebas, will take its facilities next to the El Gato estate and the Villaverde Industrial Factoryas announced by the deputy mayor of the capital, Begoña Villacís.

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It will do so to be located in a large location that is well connected to public transport, an aspect that has become controversial during this edition, in which mobilize a total of 70,000 people daily to leave the festival through an agreement with the Uber platform has been the pending issue, generating long queues.

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