The James Webb telescope has already suffered permanent damage in space

The James Webb telescope has already suffered permanent damage in space

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While sailing in space, the telescope james webb has already suffered permanent damagewhich affect one of their Mirrors. It is estimated that small space rocks were the ones that produced this incident last May. Now the POT is worried about how this will harm the space telescope that so much economic inversion has received.

When we talk about the most important event that has happened at NASA recently, we have to name its James Webb Space Telescope. This took more than a decade to develop and cost $10 billion after multiple delays in the project. But ultimately, the project was a success and it was launched into space, where it has been giving us beautiful photos of the universe to a quality never seen before. However, they are now announcing that it has received permanent damage, which is worrying given the short time it has been in operation.

The James Webb Telescope has received a total of 6 impacts from micrometeorites

Just over half a year has passed since NASA sent the James Webb Telescope into space, a December 25, 2021. Even so, this one has already received numerous damages caused by small space rocks or micrometeorites. Specifically, a total of 6 impacts are recorded that have caused mirror deformities. Fortunately, 5 of these hits were minormaking NASA not give them too much importance.

These are considered expected accidents, since it was expected that the James Webb telescope would suffer damage in space that would degrade its mirrors. However, one of these 6 impacts has stood out above the others, as it has damaged the mirror C3one of the 18 golden telescope mirrors. Therefore, it was necessary to analyze it and, after an initial evaluation, the associate administrator of NASA, Thormas Zurbuchenstated that the mirror C3 worked fine and met requirements of the mission.

However, in a recent report, a “little effect on performance of the telescope“. This has set off alarm bells, since it has been described as permanent damagenot correctable” for the James Webb. In addition, it is not known in the long term how the damage to the mirror and the telescope itself will evolve, taking into account that it has only been in space for a few months.

The impact on the C3 mirror occurred in May: NASA will seek to avoid future damage

NASA James Webb Telescope Damage Solutions

Without a doubt, this impact exceeded the expectations of NASA researchers and staff. They did not believe that the impact of a single micrometeorite would cause permanent damage to the James Webb telescope, when the rest of the impacts were not a major problem. Because of this, the aerospace company has decided to invest more in research and modeling around the space telescope project.

They also state that they are not sure how many such impacts the James Webb telescope could withstand before suffering severe damage. that could disable it. Additionally, they doubt whether the hit in segment C3 was a rare event or is it the fault that the telescope has ended up being more fragile than the pre-release model. Having said this and, after analyzing the damage, they assure that the space rock hit the C3 mirror of the James Webb between May 22 and 24.

Although it may seem like the end of this, NASA assures that it is looking for solutions to avoid this type of impact in the future. According to the company, a possible solution is to limit the time the telescope is looking in the direction of orbital motion. And it is that, statistically, in this position, there is a greater number of micrometeorites and, therefore, a greater probability of being hit by them.

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