The 8 best pick-ups you can buy in Spain

The 8 best pick-ups you can buy in Spain

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The pick up they are not very popular in Spain and you will surely have seen few on the roads. And it is that these vehicles so demanded in other markets such as the North American do not arouse much interest among Spanish drivers. These vans that have a more work approach (transport of goods), they allow traveling on all types of terrain with a level of comfort very similar to that of any 4×4 and offer qualities that are very difficult to find in conventional cars that occupy a large part of the Spanish car market.

Pick-ups are not considered SUVs, although it is true that they inherit some of the technical solutions that incorporate the authentic 4×4. Therefore, in addition to being used for sectors such as agriculture or construction, they are perfect for those users looking for a robust vehicle for leisure, nature and off-road driving.

Although it is a small segment in Spain, if you are thinking of buying a pick-up, then we will tell you what they are. the best models you can find in our country.


The toyota-hilux It is a classic among pick-up models thanks to its excellent off-road behavior. It was updated in 2021 to introduce more efficient diesel engines and improve its safety package. You can find it on the market with three different bodies: single cabin, extra cabin and four seats, although the best-selling variant is the double cab. Also, if you are an adventure lover, you may be interested in the Toyota Hilux BushCamper, the ultimate off-road camper to go around the world.

Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator It is one of the most brutal and radical options in the segment, as it has a robust and imposing aesthetic, worthy of a Jeep, and an excellent traction capacity that makes it a unstoppable vehicle off the asphalt. In the mechanical section, the Gladiator equips a V6 diesel engine with 264 horsepower and 599 Nm of maximum torque. It is also associated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Nissan Navara

The Nissan NP300 Navara It is another classic within the pick-up segment. Acquiring this model is to be on the safe side, since it has a large load capacity (1,000 kg), incredible comfort and excellent performance on all types of terrain Unfortunately, production of this ‘Made in Spain’ pick-up ceased at the end of 2021 after the closure of the Nissan plant in the Zona Franca (Barcelona). ).

Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 It was launched on the market in 2014, although in 2019 it underwent a deep restyling focused on its design that led it to adopt a front end quite similar to that of the Eclipse Cross. This pick-up adopts a modern look and is equipped with a diesel engine with 150 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This model offers a maximum payload of 1,080 kilograms and a towing capacity of up to 3,500 kilograms.

Isuzu D Max

Despite the long history of this model, it may be one of the least known pick-ups on this list. The Isuzu D Max It has a very attractive design and a very complete equipment. Is available in three bodies (single cab, extended cab or double cab) and is marketed with a turbodiesel engine with 163 horsepower which complies with the Euro 6 standard.

Mahindra Goa Pick Up Plus

The pick up of Mahindra It stands out for its excellent off-road behavior and is offered with two types of bodywork: single cabin or double cabin. The single cabin has two seats and the double cabin offers space for up to five passengers. In the mechanical section, the Mahindra Goa Pick Up Plus equips a diesel engine with 140 horsepower which is linked to a six-speed manual gearbox.

ford ranger

The ford ranger, the best-selling pick-up in Europe and the star of the segment in Spain, has just been updated, taking a leap forward in all aspects: aesthetic, technological and mechanical. With dimensions announced by the brand of 5.28 meters long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.85 meters high, the new Ranger 2023 will have a high load capacity, excellent dynamism and a wide mechanical offer, with three diesel engines, including a 3.0-liter V6, and a gasoline engine. The new Ford Ranger will arrive on the European market at the end of 2022.

Volkswagen Amarok

The second generation of Volkswagen Amarok will also reach the European market this year, although adopting a more premium air to stand out from the competition. This pick-up of 5.35 meters in length (almost 10 centimeters more than its predecessor), it will have a load capacity of 1,200 kilograms on the box and up to 3,500 kilograms on the trailer.

As expected in pick-ups, the mechanical offer of the Amarok will be made up of diesel models: three 2.0 TDI four-cylinder engines with between 150 and 204 horsepower and one 3.0 V6 TDI engine with 241 horsepower. However, also a 100% electric version of the Amarok is plannedwhich will arrive years after the standard versions.

The new Amarok 2023 will hit the market at the end of 2022 with five different finishes, still to be detailed.

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