Penalties give Spain its second futsal European Championship

Penalties give Spain its second futsal European Championship

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07/03/2022 at 22:55


The women’s national team won against Portugal from 11 meters in a closely contested match

Silvia saved two penalties during the shootout

The success in taking penalties (4-1) and the inspiration of goalkeeper Silviagave the European Championship title to Spain against Portugal (3-3), who dominated the scoreboard for much of the match but were unable to stop their opponent’s reaction.


Futsal Euro Cup





Ana Catarina; Carla Vanessa, Catia Morgado, Ana Azevedo, Pisko -initial five-, Odete Rocha (PS), Lopes Pereira, Inés Fernandes, Fifó, Janice Silva, Sara Ferreira, Rocha, Pedreira and Ana Pires.


Silvia; Dany, Mayte, Peque, Ana Luján -initial five-, Marta (PS), Noelia, Laura Córdoba, Ale de Paz, Luci, Amelia, Samper, Sanz and Irene Córdoba.


1-0 M.11 Ana Azevedo. 2.0 M.19 Pisko. 2-1 M.20 Ale of Peace. 2-2 M.35 Peace Ale. 2-3 M.44: Maria Sanz 3-3 M.49 Pisko. Penalties: Peque (ESP): goal. Ana Azevedo (POR): fails. Amelia (ESP): goal. Carla Vanesa (BY): goal. Mayte (ESP): goal. Ana Pires (POR): fails. Irene Cordoba (ESP): goal.


Chlara Perona (ITA) alongside Damian Grabowski (POL) and Daniele D’adamo (SMR). She showed a yellow card to Irene Córdoba, Noelia, Mayte and Ale de Paz, from Spain and Ana Azevedo from Portugal.


final of the second edition of the European Women’s Futsal Championship played at the Gondomar Multipurpose Pavilion, in Porto.

Again in Portugal and again against the host team in the final, the record of the red women’s futsal is getting bigger. Second crown in a row for Spain, dominator of this competition that culminated its second edition in a final game full of alternatives, emotion and determined from six-meter shots.

This had nothing to do with the last edition where Spain overwhelmed its rival to claim the continental title. On this occasion and despite the fact that Claudia Pons’ team reached the decisive duel with nine victories to their credit, they were handcuffed by the local team who gave the sensation of having perfectly studied the champion.

He was uncomfortable from the start Spain. He had the ball but in inconsequential areas. The pressure from Portugal, insistent and orderly, complicated Spanish circulation. Worse yet for visitors. Every loss was a threat.

Goalkeeper Silvia became the savior twice, on clear occasions, hand in hand, with Ana Azevedo. But the Spanish goalkeeper could do nothing in the third. In the 11th minute. In a loss of the ball by Irene Córdoba against Azevedo, which was a lethal counterattack. She made the wall with Fifó and culminated the Portuguese captain who overtook her team.

Portugal extended its lead in the 19th, in a strategic action that was born in a throw-in. Janice Silva received and crossed to Pisko who, without opposition, scored the second.

A long shot saved Spain to revive their hopes for the second half. Seventeen seconds before intermission, Ale de Paz picked up a loose ball, lost by Portugal, to execute a shot that went past Ana Catarina. Claudia Pons’s painting minimized damage.

With conviction and haste, the Hispanic team broke into the second half. Shots by Irene Córdoba and Noelia that did not receive a prize and Portugal’s responses to the counterattack. Like the sticks with which the auctions of Ana Azevedo and Inés Fernandes were found. Spain also had one in a shot by Mayte.

Spain cornered Portugal supported by Ana Catarina. He looked for it with long shots, especially. This is how the tie came.

Again Ale de Paz, whom the Pons group sought when they had no solution. The game revived when a good action by Ana Luján ended with a cross to the area that cleared the local defense. The ball was loose and De Paz, from outside the area, got the equalizer (2-2).

With tight forces and the spirit of the goal, the Spanish team accelerated towards victory. Anyone could score but it was the moment of the goalkeepers. Silvia came to the rescue of Spain and Ana Catarina, in the last action before extra time, avoided the frustration of Portugal.

The match had an extra ten minutes to determine the champion and Spain brushed the title. Portugal wasted three penalties-corner and Pons’ team completed the comeback in the 44th minute on a corner kick by Ana Luján that reached María Sanz to take the ball into the net for the third time.

Desperately, Portugal avoided defeat. With a player goalkeeper in the final stretch, he equalized one minute from the end through Pisko, who took the outcome to penalties. Spain was impeccable. She marked the five that she threw. Silvia stopped twoto Ana Azevedo and Ana Pires who were definitive.

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