The Board will offer patients tools to increase therapeutic adherence

The Board will offer patients tools to increase therapeutic adherence

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Corridors of the Hopsital de León.

It is also proposed as a way to promote co-responsibility and autonomy of each person in the control of the disease | The medical history can be consulted from a mobile application


The Regional Health Management has embarked on a project that facilitates the development of software and an application or system with the ability to integrate into the electronic medical record, for consultation by the patient both from a computer and in a format adapted to ‘ smartphone’ through the corresponding app. Its implementation starting next year will allow the development of tasks that will have a direct impact on the general objective of improving adherence and monitoring of the prescribed pharmacological treatments that are part of each patient’s therapeutic plan.

A patient’s therapeutic plan includes the recommendations of the different health professionals who attend to him, on lifestyle, diet, self-care and pharmaceutical prescriptions adapted to his situation, characteristics and environment, all as a guide to achieve the better results in your health.

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It is also proposed as a way to promote the co-responsibility and autonomy of each person in the control of the disease and in their own care, so that low adherence to prescribed medications decreases the effectiveness of this therapeutic plan.

In a population such as the Castilian and Leonese, with a high prevalence of chronic pathologies and a high number of polymedicated patients, the lack of adherence to pharmacological recommendations is around 40-50 percent, which is why the Health Service de Castilla y León has spent years promoting activities to improve therapeutic adherence within the framework of chronic care programs.

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In this context, the experience acquired by the Community’s public health system has shown the need to provide instruments that facilitate the implementation of therapeutic plans with regard to medication adherence, and it does so from a dual perspective: providing patients tools for better control of their disease, more information on therapy that helps improve adherence to their treatment plan and more information shared with the professional; and providing health professionals with means that allow them to improve information on the adherence of patients to their treatments and that promote adequate communication in the healthcare environment that facilitates review of the therapeutic plan.

Consult the medical history in an App

The project contemplates integrating a tool capable of optimizing the therapeutic plan into the clinical history by reviewing and detecting medication-related incidents; record the activities carried out by professionals to evaluate and improve the adherence of each user; add complementary information adapted to each person to the medication sheet; make notes, by the patient, both of the administration of the medication at the time of taking it and of the self-measurement parameters; provide patients with quick access to the prospectuses of any available medication and other information of interest; support the patient in their adherence to treatment through calendars, notices, color codes, alert system, notices addressed to the patient as reminders of actions to be carried out; have messaging for communication between the different professionals who assist the patient, to facilitate and speed up the performance of actions for the benefit of information and patient adherence and develop the care guide management system to improve follow-up and adherence patient therapy

This project, which has partial funding from the European Union through the Regional Development Funds (Feder), already has its corresponding software development and is currently undergoing tests, with the forecast that it may be operational over the next year.

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